ELC 30% off (Barnsley Store only)
ELC 30% off (Barnsley Store only)

ELC 30% off (Barnsley Store only)

Store specific I'm afraid, but the Early learning centre in Barnsley is closing down, and currently has 30% off all stock instore, there is loads left.
Might be good for those who live nearby to stock up on christmas pressies :-)


nowhere near me but its good of you to post.

WATFORD harlequin store too has 30% off


Be careful not to create new merchants when they already exist on the HUKD database
ELC were already there and by creating a new company called ELC can cause lots of problems
I have deleted your new merchant and replaced with the existing ELC

Original Poster

My laptop obviously doesn't like the new way of submitting deals, it wouldn't find any other companies
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