ELC Big City Garage with free cars reduced from £55 to £40

ELC Big City Garage with free cars reduced from £55 to £40

Found 11th Dec 2010
This set has not been included in the 20% off deals due to the free cars unfortunately. Has just been reduced though by £15 in the last week,

Which is typical as I bought it at full price last week

Hope this helps some people out there, quite a lot of other things reduced looking on their website.

Deal is in store and online


hi, it was included in the 20% off 3 day deal in our local elc/mothercare we bought it and got the cars free too was £44 so this is a good price hot from me.

SpudGunner, take your receipt in to them and ask them to reduce it. I bought the dino track for £40 a few weeks ago from mothercare and last week it was reduced to £20. I took my invoice in and they reduced it for me and a friend took her receipt to ELC and they did the same. Just say you are going to return it and buy it at the cheaper price so it saves them the bother of a return.

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okey dokey vampiress44 thanks for that, no harm in trying I guess! Will let you know how I get on...
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