ELC bugs jumbo playmat @ Mothercare £8.40 with code

ELC bugs jumbo playmat @ Mothercare £8.40 with code

Found 28th Jun 2013
Giant (100x150cm) playmat perfect for laying young babies on for tummy time or normal play.
Comes with a handy bag for holidays and taking to the park or friends' houses.

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Was £35! Great price :0)
Ordered Thanks!
Alright for £8.40 as I can see why nobody would pay full-price for this mat.

It is pretty useless, not any different to just putting baby down flat on a changing mat or on a blanket.

When a baby is laying on it, they can see nothing, as all the toys are flat on the mat, so it is likely they will not be able to do much til they can pull themselves up on their tummy which could be around 5 months. I think a mat with dangling toys that they can see above them and try to hit is much better
thanks OP - plenty in stock too (240)
Price has gone up to £10.50 for me.

EDIT: I need to read the description
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Tried to order this last night but it said it was out of stock! Got one now tho
Ordered! thank you
got this last time it was on offer - brilliant mat for the price
definitely hot!
useful for babies from as little as 1month + as tummy time each day is encouraged! Spending time on their stomachs while they're awake is important not only because it gives a baby a different view of the world, but also because it encourages an infant to lift its head, a movement that strengthens the muscles of the neck and upper back.
Don't buy it. I've got it and it holds so much dust and dirt.
ordered thanks
Heat added even tho I don't need another. Not sure about the negative comments above! These are great for tummy time. Plus there's not that much dirt / dust in my house to collect on them!!
Just ordered one thanks
Thanks OP, ordered
I love this. Bought when it was on offer last time. Fab for tummy time
code doesn't work. Heat added anyway for the price
We have this and LO has used it from being a baby up until now at 17months it's still being used where he puts his toys on. Very good price
You're welcome;)

Try to use code Y7CX

You're welcome;)click1234Try to use code Y7CX

Y7CX can only be used for orders over £15, other codes can only be used once per account so maybe better to use a different e-mail add.
Out of stock
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