ELC Tower of Doom Caslte £48.00 from £75.00 plus free monster pack
ELC Tower of Doom Caslte £48.00 from £75.00 plus free monster pack

ELC Tower of Doom Caslte £48.00 from £75.00 plus free monster pack

Buy forBuy forBuy for£48
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Normally priced at £75, has 20% off and a further 20% off at teh checkout for the next 3 days.
You also get free monster pack


My son plays with this all the time at his friend's house. He really does love it. I can't justify another Christmas present for him as I've bought loads but what the heck. If he's happy I'm happy. Shame Mr Mastercard is rubbing his hands too.

I can't get a discount code to work but if you add something for over £2.60 (try the craft bit but remember it's 20% off so a two quid thing isn't enough) delivery is free so saves £4.95. It's slow though - mine is coming on Monday the 29th.
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My son really wants this , can i justify a new batcave, a dsi and all his other stuff AND THIS, oh noooooo!

Bought this yesterday , it was on display in ELC, its really really good quality very sturdy and very easy to slot together, well worth the money. X)

Have they left the pigs in for us Christians?

We've had this for years, its a fab toy, my son loves it!

We have a different version of this and it has lasted yeeeeears! I cannot justify buying it, mine dont really need it, shame heat from me though, awsome bargain!

Got this when it was on offer last Christmas for my son and he loves it..I checked out lots of castles at the time and this certainly had more going for it..takes a while to build the first time following the instructions but mine has stayed up ever since..good quality.

Make sure they have pleanty of knights and monsters to get the best out of it..ebay is good for extra knights.

Looks like a great deal....got me thinking now...

Good find, thanks OP. I might get this for my two boys. Don't forget Quidco (7% cashback).

Is my 8 and half year old too old for this ?

No not at all my son is 7 1/2 and loves it


Is my 8 and half year old too old for this ?

Thanks, he loves things like this , Ive got him the lego harry potter castle which he wanted but have a feeling he'll love this more (am trying to justify buying him both !)

Cheers been waiting to justify the purchase of this. Heat & rep.

I am trying to persuade my hubby - I KNOW ds would love this, but he's already got too much!

If you order this at mothercare not ELC, its £48 delivered, as their delivery is free over £29.99.
Mind you, saying that, it doesn't mention on the mothercare site the free monsters so prob best to order something else small from elc to push it over the £50, sorry!
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Santa got this for my son last Xmas when he was 8 and a half. Unfortunately he's never really played with it much even though he loves figures and having pretend battles etc. It's very heavy and quite big when built up, would sell it on Ebay if the postage wasn't going to be so much!

edit - it was £50 last Xmas instore
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That's great, thanks OP.
Was considering the Playmobil Dragon Castle at around £85 for my 4yr old, but this looks bigger and better, so just ordered. I often think elc's price are a little over inflated but this looks like its worth its original £75 RRP. So with the free monsters thats £90 worth of goods for £48 with a few more quid to come back from quidco hopefully! Nice!

Can't understand why this isn't way hotter, it doesn't get better than a tower of doom & free monsters of darkness! I mean errr my son will love it. How do you add rep again?

bit misleading offering free monsters but showing pics of big monsters which aren't in the pack

elc.co.uk/Mon…tml It's the 4 smaller ones at the front of the main pic

Bought this today in ELC £48 with the free monsters, great quality!!! I was planning on buying the castle of courage but this is alot better value. Cant wait till xmas now to see my little ones face!
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