ELC Uxbridge - Closing Down Sale 50%
ELC Uxbridge - Closing Down Sale 50%

ELC Uxbridge - Closing Down Sale 50%

ELC Uxbridge is closing.

50% off most items instore from tomorrow. How do I know? Well they've been at 20% off till today and have now gone too 50% off too try and clear their stock.

No idea what they have left but if you want to grab a bargain I suggest getting their quick.


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Forgot to say their address is :

22 Market Square
Uxbridge, Middlesex UB8 1LH
01895 272 762

They're at the back of the Pavillion shopping Centre.

Thank you for this, i am going straight there in the morning!

I think they open 10.30 - 4.30 on sundays rather than 10 - 4 like it says on the website. Might see you in there

Did anyone go. Is there much left?

why didn't we learn about this earlier?

Didn't get a chance to go today, but they will still be open until all stock goes, so will try to make a visit in the morning.

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They've still got stock left however atleast half the original stock has now been sold. Plenty of deals to be had there though so get down there A.S.A.P before all the stocks gone.

Tamworth & Lichfield are closing down too. Tamworth had 30% off stock, but not in addition to other reductions, so no great deals at the moment.

Hi - anyone been down there this morning? Is it worth a trip? Thanks

If its like when my local one closed to move into the local mothercare recently the day before they closed all that was left went down to 75% off!

was nothing left when i was there, more people than stock

prices were still high £1.50 for a plastic small spade.nah there wasnt much left just 4 staff in tam branch huddling together like spare parts:(O) are they moving elswhere or not enough sellage haha
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