ELC Wooden Rescue Centre Bargain on Mothercare £80

ELC Wooden Rescue Centre Bargain on Mothercare £80

Found 1st Dec 2011
Been looking at this for a while but so expensive at £140 - its reduced to £100 on both ELC and Mothercare - tried loads of codes on ELC but none work on sale so thought id try Mothercare - Got as far as checkout and it knocks extra £20 off and adds free delivery without adding a code??? Not really sure but ive bought two at different times today and worked and just checked again and same happened!!
I know it wont appeal to everyone but anyone like me who has been waiting for a price reduction will find this useful!

Now £70 (+5% Quidco) at Mothercare for pre-order to deliver in Jan, OOS online at ELC.
- panddda
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grrr seems my link hasnt worked
Linmk works fine for me. Just tried adding to basket and can confirm that it also reduces to £80 delivered at checkout. Don't need one so won't order, but heat added as looks good for the price if you are after something like this :-)
Oopsies, I mean

Link works fine. Too much Baileys chocolate :-D
We have been after this for a while but thought we should wait until it is at least half price. Not sure if i should get this now or wait and see if the price drops any more after christmas and then give it for my boys birthday. I fell in love with this when i first saw it, i dont have any girls so cant get them a dolls house but this is such a great alternative for boys x
Showing as £100 for me.
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Nailsy- have u gone all way to check out? It comes up right at the end just before you click pay now.

Beet0611-I saw it for the first time in the shop today and was so impressed with the quality I've been waiting so long for any price reduction I didn't want to chance it!! It's his bday feb so I'll save til then and avoid price checking it til then lol!! It's also my dolls house fix!! :-) x
Yep, I'm on the final screen after you pick delivery options etc. It knocks off the delivery cost, but the price is still £100.

Thanks for posting this,it looks like you got in just in time.
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It's still working?! Have u put card details in? Try playing around with it like store pick and home delivery it's definitely still working!! I've added a few things to basket I need then gone to basket no discount then when added one of these £20 taken off x
I've added card details and tried changing from store to home delivery.

I wonder if it's something to do with the additional items you are adding to your basket?

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it worked when i had just that in - you can get it for £80 from ELC now by using code SANTA at checkout - hope that helps x
Thanks! I've just ordered from ELC. There's going to be a very happy boy on Christmas day now!!

Did you know you can get accessories and extra people for this through Amazon? If you search for Kidkraft Everyday Heroes on there it will bring up the Rescue Centre and then further down the page there are links for more firemen, and a police car, etc. amazon.co.uk/Pin…g_c
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Ooh thanks for the tip you can never have enough extra bits!! Mines arriving Monday can't wait x
also the code 'christmastree' and code 'santa' works as extra 20% off even reduced items and free postage if over 50 = just got the station for £80 and free delivery much better than £140 and even if it does go half price after xmas its just a £10 lost (much better than £40 or £70 any day
Worked for me too - thanks!
Just ordered this from ELC for £56 delivered in the half price sale and using one of the many 20% voucher codes. (+ 5% quido too)
We've been looking at this for a while instore at ELC but couldn't stomach the £100! Just tried to order it online and it's now showing as reduced to £70 but completely out of stock at ELC, and out of stock but available for pre-order to be dispatched by 6th Jan in Mothercare. The 5WDS code for 20% wouldn't work with the pre-order though. So have pre-ordered it for birthday in March and if it returns to normal stock and will accept a code in the meantime I'll do that instead, but at worst it's £66.50 after the TCB.

Wish I'd seen these 5 years ago, my elder son would have loved this - he loved playing with girlfriends dolls houses, but hated them because they were all pink!
I've just tried to order one of these with the 20% off code but it won't accept it now... :o( so is still showing as 70 quid so still not a bad price for the whiole thing but an extra 20% off would have been nice!
Mine arrived today despite it saying it was out of stock and on ore-order for Jan delivery when I ordered it a few days ago (£70).

Dilemma now is, do I give it as yet another Xmas pressie or save it for bday!
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