Unfortunately, this deal is no longer valid
Electric Chainsaw £54.99 at Lidl
47° Expired

Electric Chainsaw £54.99 at Lidl

£54.99LIDL Deals
Posted 26th Jul 2012

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

On offer at lidl from today. Comes with 3 year warranty.

Gentle, jerk-free chain start-up with Soft Start
Easy adjustment of chain tension - no tools necessary
For horizontal and vertical sawing
Smooth, low vibration and self-lubricating OREGON® chrome chain
Large, OREGON® bar, length (cm): 46
Includes protective cover and 180ml bottle of bio chain oil
High safety level with immediate chain stop (less than 0.1 secs.)
With oil level window and oil tank cap
Cutting length approx. (cm): 40
Powerful, high performance 2200 watt motor
Max. chain speed (m/s): 13.6
Weight (kg): 5.9
Cable length (m): 10
3 year manufacturer’s warranty
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Finally I can do my Patrick Bateman re-enactment piece! And for 55 notes, happy days indeed!
£59.99 instore here.....[NI]

Glad now I bought from Clas Ohlson when on offer recently at £47.99 with free delivery...


Might 'only' be 1800 watts but a bit lighter too at 5.5Kg. I'm happy enough
Identical spec as the Tesco one offered 2 weeks ago at £39 (then £27).
Picture leatherface with this and a very long extension cord lol still very useful
Typical Northern Ireland rip off. £59.99 here!!

Identical spec as the Tesco one offered 2 weeks ago at £39 (then £27).

Did anyone manage to buy one at £27 ???
These are never as powerful as petrol ones. I have an electric chainsaw. It could barely cut any wood I tried.

Did anyone manage to buy one at £27 ???

I did - chuffed to bits with it.
Thanks OP!
Earlier in the evening I bought the cheapest chainsaw from Screwfix for £80, then I saw this. So I stopped past Lidl on my way back to Screwfix to return their chainsaw. ;-)
I was all set to go and buy the Screwfix one too, then I saw this yesterday and decided to have a look, not really expecting to find one a week and a half after this deal was posted. But I managed to get the last one in the store, and a pair of decent chainsaw gloves for 6 quid too. The chainsaw is excellent, I've sliced through a pile of logs, including a foot thick beech and some hard knotty apple tree that's been languishing behind the shed for two years! I went to Screwfix anyway to buy some chainsaw oil.
Got one of these, plan to hack a giant fir tree down in my garden tonight.

If I don't post back on this thread then you'll know what's happened to me ...
Tree whacked!

This thing is brilliant, if a little on the dangerous side!

3 times the chain came off, watch that tension needs adjusted after every 5 cuts when new, so says the manual.

Easy enough to put back on, just like a bike.

Whilst breaking the dismantled tree down and placing in skip, I ran dry on chain saw oil. This makes a big difference!

Bought 1L out of B&Q for £9 (B&Qs own make).

Hope this helps!

No-one else using this tool yet?
bought this for 59.99 and used it and it is brilliant. uses up a lot of oil so will need to top up. can't go wrong with 3 year warranty :-)
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