Electric dodgems- was £100 now £29.98

Electric dodgems- was £100 now £29.98

Found 19th Jan 2008
Now THESE look like fun.

Ride-In Electric Dodgem Car

All the fun of the fair at home
Electrically operated with a top speed of 2mph
Non-marking foam bumpers protect the car and the environment around it
Suitable for 2 to 6 year olds
Dual controls for authentic movement
Up to 40 minutes'' driving time on each charge
Supplied with rechargeable battery and charger
Adult supervision required during use
Spare battery available, order code: N33FR
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Haha! What a craking idea! You would only need to ride in them a few times to break even against ***** fair prices!
These Were £129.99 In Toys R Us B4 Xmas
Was looking fantastic until the 2 - 6 year old part :x :-( :cry:
oh wow, fantastic and a great price, voted hot
These were this price before christmas.
I bought my son this before christmas for £40 from maplins, hes 2 and loves it, fairly easy to control!!!
i'll save you all a lot of money if you're above say 12 years old and won't fit, just go to waitrose and use the shopping trolleys, fun when pissed, not so fun the morning after but oh well.
they cost £1 a go so not a bad deal either
These look so cool, love the way the kids just spin round and round in them! maplin.co.uk/Med…wmv

Voted HOT!
This looks great, just ordered one, can't wait to see my little one's face when she gets it.

Thanks! :-D
I saw these today, they look cool, my nephew's daddy would kill me if I bought it for him though
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I'm gonna buy my niece one....just to annoy my sister who lives with her in a studio flat.
The motor and battery alone should make a fair compromise. Perhaps there's someway of getting more "oomph" from the motors. This is a cracking idea. I don't weigh very much, so perhaps, gliding along the uni boardwalk...
Fab price, voted hot
boo the link doesn't work anymore
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