Electric Garden Cultivator £46 @ Lidl

Electric Garden Cultivator £46 @ Lidl

LocalFound 23rd Feb 2009
This electric cultivator takes a lot of the hard work out of gardening
710 watt
Max. working width (cm): 36
Max. working depth (cm): 18
4 hardened steel blades
Speed (rpm): 230
Mains cable length (m): 10
Foldable for easy transportation and space-saving storage
Includes practical belt clip to help keep the power lead out of your way
3 year manufacturer's warranty
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Great price , but it could put your local Chiropodist out of work and make your local A+E very busy !
do they also do a cheap generator so i can take this down the allotment

I thought about posting this as I got the email a short while ago but I can' see it being all that great. Not voting either way as I'm unsure about it.
I saw this advertised but wondered if it would be powerful enough for anything other than the lightest of digging jobs.

It is fitted with a 710W electric motor (which is about 1HP)
This type of equipment is usually fitted with a petrol engine of at least 3.5 - 4.5HP
I've not used one of these but I'm voting cold because I don't believe this would be powerfull enough (or heavy enough) on anything but sand.
Hmmm I saw this and thought about getting this...
This year I have to sort out the garden it is totally out of control and I wanted to use this to turn over some untreated waste land, would this be able to dig it over or would I need to do this by hand? Sorry I am a bit clueless when it comes to gardening so any advice/tips would be good.
Was going to use this then eventually put turf down.
Have been using my Lidl rotorvator for about 12 months on fairly heavy soil which has been in regular cultivation with excellent results. This weekend we have been tackling a field that has been untouched for more than 20 years. After roughly the skimming turf the Lidl m/c performed brilliantly chopping up clods of soil and after 2 passes has resulted in a lovely tilth. Surpassed expectations.
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