Electric Garden Tiller and Cultivator (plus free electronic sudoku game) - £53.94 inc p+p

Electric Garden Tiller and Cultivator (plus free electronic sudoku game) - £53.94 inc p+p

Found 13th Sep 2006
1/2 the weight of other Mini-Tillers!

It digs, levels, furrows, burrows and weeds plus a whole lot more! No more heavy digging breaks up the toughest ground with ease! Perfect for weeding flowerbeds, allotments and vegetable patches. Digs holes for plants and shrubs quickly and effortlessly

This amazing Electric Garden Tiller and Cultivator will make light work of the hardest tasks in your garden. Whether you need to level an area, prepare new ground for planting or just generally break up the soil surface in amongst your borders, the Electric Tiller and Cultivator will do the job in half the time it would take you using a spade, fork or rake.

Comfortable to hold and simple to use, it’s unique design cleverly places the weight over the front end of the machine for just the right amount of pressure on the four special cutting blades or ‘tines’ as they are called. A powerful yet quiet 280w motor drives the blades round with ease and a clever single speed gear with slip clutch stops small stones from snagging in them as they rotate.

Its compact cutting width of 150mm also enables the Tiller to reach into those tight and difficult corners. And, for complete safety, the Electric Tiller has two ergonomically designed handles, a cable tidy and body contoured blade shield. Simple, sturdy and a real delight to use you’ll find the Electric Tiller and Cultivator spends more time out of your garden shed than in it!
Dig holes, level ground, clear weeds, work in fertiliser, prepare furrows for sowing
Fun and easy to use
Weighs less than 11lbs
Attractive ergonomic design
Additional side handle and cable tidy for extra safety
Powerful yet lightweight 280w electric motor
Single speed gear with slip clutch helps protect against snagging stones
4 strong vertical metal blades cut through the toughest ground at 330rpm
Compact cutting width of 150mm
Up to 5" cultivating depth
Quiet, low vibration action
10 metres of outdoor cable
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Thought 'weight' was an important feature really otherwiuse will just skip'n' bump rather than hack'n'hew unless much pressure is applied by the operator....
SORRY.... just noticed this topic is 17 months old!!!!

Came across it after searching for the Aldi cultivator...

Apologies again for raising the dead!
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