ELECTRIC GUITAR £49.99 @ Netto
ELECTRIC GUITAR £49.99 @ Netto

ELECTRIC GUITAR £49.99 @ Netto

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electric guitar with amplifier for 49.99 full size
Great xmas deal in stores now. Just got my son one, god help me xmas morning!!!!


Where is the electric guitar???

Yeah eBuyer deal has been around for a while and is slightly more expensive with delivery, but a good deal all the same :santa:

Thanks..yes I know about the ebuyer deal but witha NETTO about 5 miles away I was thinking of paying a vist to see if they had the guitar.

Can't see the Netto one advertised on their site, but for what it's worth, I can vouch for the EBuyer one - it's perfect for beginners. Lets face it though, they probably both came out of the same chinese sweat shop...

Thaks for the feedback Kallisti
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