Electric hedge trimmer 520w @ Tesco Direct now reduced to £18.90

Electric hedge trimmer 520w @ Tesco Direct now reduced to £18.90

Found 23rd May 2014
Usually the princely sum of £27, they've 'trimmed' £5.50 off the price (I'm here all week, etc etc). Available for click and collect.

EDIT 19 June 2014 - further reduced to £18.90

Seem to be pretty good reviews on the website for a cheap and cheerful hedge trimmer.

A lollipop to the first person to crack the standard joke about the wife....

With a cutting length of 49cm and 520W of power, this electric dual-blade hedge trimmer makes light work of overgrown hedges. A 6m cable gives you plenty of range when you need to cut back overgrown hedges. For safety, an automatic cut out switches off the hedge trimmer once the trigger is released.
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Mine is great, a cut above the rest and don't hedge your bets on other makes, every little trimming off the price helps!
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I bought this when it was £15. It works fine just like I imagine the other cheaper brands do which are dearer than the OP's.

Voted HOT.
Thanks ordered as i've been looking for one of these at a reasonable price. I hope it lives up to it's expectation! Heat added!!
*insert wife joke here for free lollipop*
I once bought a cheap 'no name' hedge trimmer and from the first use teeth started 'pinging' off in use - potentially quite dangerous. I hope this one is better!

*insert wife joke here for free lollipop*

Worked OK on our bush

Worked OK on our bush

I agree, your wife looks much better now.
There's nowt like a nicely trimmed bush, is there?

There's nowt like a nicely trimmed bush, is there?

With the World Cup on soon. There could be a lot of Brazilian Themed bushes cropping up.
I bought one of these last year. Did 20m of hedging both sides and worked like a charm.
Honestly these are great cut my hedge twice without any issues

*insert wife joke here for free lollipop*

Bought this for £14.75 couple of months ago. Husband used it for first time this week and says it is great
The branch manager said they were on offer
sorry i cant buy it as too many people bought it for £15...
Missed this when it was £15 a while back..... been waiting for it to drop again. Wont buy it until it does.
I'll use my hand shears until price goes back down.
just what i need bought! thx
Ordered one. Thanks
Very pleased with mine - made mincemeat of my native wildlife hedge which my neighbours were complaining about. Nice bit of kit and not at all cheap and nasty
currently £18.90

currently £18.90

Yup, just ordered one myself at this new lower price and came back to check the deal.
Excellent, make a good backup to our petrol jobby and be easier for a quick trim when you don't want so much noise.

currently £18.90

Thanks mate - updated title
Just been out with one of these i bought last week.

Surprisingly powerful and only jams with branches around 1.5 cm thick. Certainly more powerful than my old black and decker battery pack one was. only downside is the flex seems fairly thin... more like an indoor appliance...would be careful to always use an rcd i case it snags.
My order delayed as Tesco say it's been damaged in transit. Now oos.
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