Electric Insect Killer @ Aldi £6.99 1st July

Electric Insect Killer @ Aldi £6.99 1st July

Found 24th Jun 2010
* Plug-in Insect Killer has a 3 watt UV lamp for 4,000 hours of continuous use
* Attracts flying and biting insects and destroys them quickly and hygienically
* For indoor use only
* Black or White

Special Buy 1st July
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I don't get this, why would you need it indoors?

I don't get this, why would you need it indoors?

Useful for kitchens, especially during the summer when you leave windows open
speaking from experience over the years with these, don't bother with piffling low wattage units, they catch almost nowt at this size & the plastic moulding ensures it's only small fry unless you get lucky!

..However in our kitchen & elsewhere, since last summer we use several maplins 30 watter (2 tube, all metal with a good size electric zapping cage which doeas kill anything daft enough to alight near it, VFM very little sprays used since as they all end up getting zapped by the big unit.
I agree with MR GUS. I have one that I got several years ago - it's useless. The only insects it's ever killed were ones that flew into it by accident. Even then, they smell disgusting while they're burning up.
Either get a large, commercial sized unit or a can of fly spray.
If these are anything like the ones they were selling last year, which I think they might be, don`t bother, they were rubbish!
should mention when bought last year the big one was around £24.00
only caught the odd fly in ours , fly papers seem to work better.

I don't get this, why would you need it indoors?

Easier to kill the few flies indoors - lots more outside!
they are useful
We have a pet parrot, the fruit we give him attracts fruit flies, I have bought this in the hope it works as they breed very quickly ....
Total rubbish, caught a couple by accident and when l opened it they flew out, doesn't attract them or zap them
Got one of these a couple of months ago and since it didn't catch anything for a couple of days I was going to return it as rubbish, however I left it in the kitchen for a couple of weeks and when I opened it there were about 40 small and medium sized insects in the base and about 10 larger ones stuck on the grid so now I am after a couple more when they next have them in.
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