Electric Light Orchestra - All Over The World: The Very Best Of ELO (MP3 Album) (20 tracks) £2.49 @ Play

Electric Light Orchestra - All Over The World: The Very Best Of ELO (MP3 Album) (20 tracks) £2.49 @ Play

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Found 23rd Feb 2010Made hot 23rd Feb 2010
1. Mr. Blue Sky
2. Evil Woman
3. Don't Bring Me Down
4. Sweet Talkin' Woman
5. Shine A Little Love
6. Turn To Stone
7. The Diary Of Horace Wimp
8. Confusion
9. Hold On Tight
10. Livin' Thing
11. Telephone Line
12. All Over The World
13. Wild West Hero
14. Showdown
15. Ma-Ma-Ma Belle
16. Xanadu
17. Rockaria!
18. Strange Music
19. Alright
20. Rock 'N' Roll Is King


great deal this...ELO rock .

Excellent price and band.

You just cant beat them, fav son - Wild West Hero

A good price for a great album.

cool thanks

my 6 year old was learning "livin thing" at school since the start of term - presumably for a concert at a later date. Brought back the memories! Plus of course the shock of dad knowing their new tune. I will have to get all my old ELO cds out andget them on the MP3.

I remember having "out of the Blue" on blue vinyl and swapping it for the cassette version - I must have been mad!

A good introduction to a classic but surprisingly neglected band. Jeff Lynne never quite got the credit he deserved.

Great !

Recommend the Showdown mailing list to keep up to date on ELO and Jeff. eskimo.com/~no…tml

Looks like there's a new Jeff Album on the way this year too.


Alan partridge likes this band.

totally underated band, stunning songs.

Nothing better than Blue Sky cranked up to max in the car on a summers day.


Sad I know but I like them . Got loads , mostly original .

Must say, great deal....

has anyone had problems downloading. Mine says processing on the download tab???

Ever wonder what Jeff's been up to whilst out of the limelight. Gardening!


It just wen't up to £3.99


It just wen't up to £3.99

Indeed it has. Marked expired.


Alan partridge likes this band.

Indeed I do. In fact this album only comes second to The Best of the Beatles. Lovely stuff.

Rosie Vela.

I picked up that album brand new from tescos for .......................... 1p lol
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