Electric Pole Hedge Trimmer £59.99 @ Aldi

Electric Pole Hedge Trimmer £59.99 @ Aldi

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Found 5th Apr 2015
I've been looking for one of these for some time at a price that's right.
Seems to be a high powered motor and is good bit cheaper than others on the market. On sale tomorrow


Got one myself a few years ago. Used plenty and still going strong.

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Good to hear, looking forward to tackling my overgrown privet tomorrow

Over 18s only, contains Adult material

Got one last year just used again today very good comes apart for storage and makes easier for getting in car. Brother getting one today as its so good.


Over 18s only, contains Adult material

If you are not careful with one of these it may contain some of your own 'adult material'.

Thanks for the heads up - got one earlier today

Thanks bought one today. Quite a few in New Malden store.

This is really good quality. Also the motor is at the operator end which makes a significant difference in ease of handling. Powerful too. Good Kit.

Looks to be a variant of this one, except the Aldi has an extra section to be used with or without.

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Thanks for the comments, glad some people found it useful. I'm seriously impressed tbh. Very well built, powerful motor and seems to go through anything!

Thanks for the link shedloads. nice to know I got a bargain as you say it's exactly the same just with an extra section

Thanks for posting this, picked one up in York today. They had two or three left.
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