Electrical & Gadget Clearance Sale @ Morrisons
In Morrisons Heckmondwike today just as they were putting out more clearance stock. Rather than do seperate posts for each item, I thought I'd just list what I saw. Some items have already been posted, so looks to be nationwide. Worth checking your local Morrisons fairly regularly at the moment, as Heckmondwike store had been re-stocking almost daily this last week. Multiple stock, not one offs. All new/boxed.

Compaq 702EA netbook £160 (was £230)
Samsung ES15 10 MP digital camera £30 (was £60)
Kodak Easyshare C142 10 MP digital camera £29.98 (was £60)
Samsung Steel L810v Vodafone mobile phone £39.98 (£80)
Nokia 2330 T-mobile mobile phone £14.98 (£30)
Nokia 2730 mobile phone £34.98 (£?)
Creative Zen Mozaic 2GB MP3 player £19.98 (£40)
Oregon EW96 Clock £9.98 (£25)
Oregon RRA320 clock £12.98 (£25)
Oregon EW93 weather station £9.98 (£25)
Barbie Three Muskateers Learning Laptop £9.98 (£30)
Mio Navteq M300 Sat Nav & M30 Sat Navs £40
Binatone Style 1800 digital cordless phone £7.98
Binatone Style 1800 twin cordless phones £12.98 (£25)
BT Synergy 4100 Quad pack cordless phones £29.98 (£50)

There were also reduced various Cruzer memory sticks, walkie talkies, Toshiba Laptop (£250 from £330 but didn't see the model number). I also saw some cameras marked down from £120 to £20 but they didn't make it past the unloading staff, so don't know which model it was.


wish we had some clearance stock in morrisons near us...voted HOT

"they didn't make it past the unloading staff" = genius.

Heckmondwike, that's fun to say (_;)

Shifting a lot of stock currently. Continue to post please people; had a great iPod shuffle deal with them last week.:|

my local Morrisons had a few Satnavs yesterday for about £40. can't remember the makes as I already have one.

The Tosh laptop is the L300-2C.

stuff-uk.net/p-3…spx? Only place selling it I think.

Saw this today., Alarm clocks etc arent worth the tenner. Other things are ok. Not as good as the ipod clearance.

Seemed to be stockinc up on 37inch LCDs to clear too...


The Tosh laptop is the L300-2C.http://www.stuff-uk.net/p-389527.aspx? … The Tosh laptop is the L300-2C.http://www.stuff-uk.net/p-389527.aspx? Only place selling it I think.Saw this today., Alarm clocks etc arent worth the tenner. Other things are ok. Not as good as the ipod clearance.Seemed to be stockinc up on 37inch LCDs to clear too...

They were / are selling Toshiba laptops at 5 Lane Ends Bradford for £200, looked very similar to the above but had Vista Basic sticker on it.

my morrisons had an ipod shuffle 4gb £85 reduced to £39.99 & they all sold!!!!

Picked up the £30 Samsung 10Mpx camera, pretty good deal!

IIRC the camera reduced from £120 to £20 was a Canon of some sort, but I'm not aware of anyone actually been able to buy one.

These deals (or most of them are in my local as well Morpeth)

yeah saw these myself in hecky on saturday they had a few stuff in glass counter

got a compaq CQ60-305EA laptop for £135 on weekend

link to what it is on old offer


Has anyone been to Redcar Morrisons?? I might be going through that was tomorrow, but it would mean extra travel on top of a 60 mile round journey anyway, so any info appreciated :o)

they have at least 4 of the mio navman satnavs a tbirmingham Small heath on display in the glass container. didnt notice any of the others as was close to closing time but they had a camera on display too

I know my local Morrisons has some of the cameras, Mothers Christmas Present, check.
Dads christmas present, check
Brothers christmas present check

Anyone been to Derby? Wish id made the effort earlier now

not a great deal in caerphilly e.g. nanos are reduced to only £110

i got the cannon e470 reduced from 120 to 19.99 bargain at the newquay store in cornwall wished id have know about the ipods they were all gone when i got there,if anyone does go to a morrisons and see any electrical stuff ask them to price check it because my camera was marked up at 120 but scanned at 19.99 also sandisk 2gb mp3 player was priced at 29.99 but scaned at 9.98 bargain

I wonder how much of the stuff never made it to the shop floor for the PUBLIC but will make it to Ebay's shop floor.

Darlington north road store had the sat navs in last night as we bought one.
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