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Google Nest Wifi Router - £119 @ The Electrical Showroom
Posted 10th JanPosted 10th Jan
These are usually £149. The nest Wi-Fi router blankets your whole home in fast reliable Wi-Fi and eliminate buffering in every room Intelligently works behind the scenes to mak… Read more
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Expensive for a router that's not wifi 6 compatible .


Mesh works in any house. You just need to buy an appropriate amount of APs and arrange them properly.


So it works in your house. (y)


I’ve got a mesh which runs in a daisy chain of three devices, sending uncompressed 4K HDR Blu-ray rips from the back of my house to the front. And gaming with about 15ms of ping. Using netgear Orbi kit.


Is it worth to pay this amount of money ? Before i had tplink c7 and it wasnwhat i expected. Then it was a sale on tenda ac12, only paid <£30 on AliExpress, but wireless signal improved by atleast 200% and its much easier to control connected devices.

Nest IQ outdoor camera - £264.99 @ The Electrical Showroom
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Posted 20th Nov 2020Posted 20th Nov 2020
Best price for the Nest IQ camera I've seen in the last few months. Other cameras in the nest range available too with good discounts. The IQ is normally £329.00 plus delivery … Read more

The Nest Outdoor IQ camera is superb in operation, especially night vision. I don’t think you need a floodlight with IR night vision. Expensive Yes but you won’t be disappointed.


Two years ago it would be. Lotta competition out there now, and the Nest Iq stuff is expensive. I have the Hello doorbell and can honestly say its one of the best tech purchases I've made in recent times, but even I baulk at the IQ camera prices, even at this discount. Should be under two ton. I do wish Nest (Google) made a floodlight cam like Ring do. I'd pounce on that to replace an existing PIR light at the back of ours.


Surely this should be hotter, it’s a decent discount off the standard price?


You can make this argument for most premium purchases.


For this price the camera must be decent enough to take pictures and video while traveling!

Google Nest Audio £64.99 delivered via The Electrical Showroom
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Posted 18th Nov 2020Posted 18th Nov 2020
Google Nest Audio £64.99 delivered via The Electrical Showroom£64.99 Free P&P Free
Nest Audio for £64.99 + Free Delivery...thats still £5 cheaper than what Google Store and Currys are selling them for, so its a good deal. This is for all my friends out there who… Read more

My 2 are setup. Unreal sound quality and features for the money spent.


Good spot. Picked up one from Google last week but seems rude not to add a second to get stereo sound in the spare room at this price.


If anyone wants two, BT are selling a bundle of two for £125, slight saving!


Bought, cheaper than the 1 I bought from Argos which I'll return, save some money.


That's my plan one day, I have two of the Gen 2 minis paired and they are used daily, also think you can pair the new Chromecast with Google TV to the Nest speakers now. That would be perfect.

Google Nest Hello Video Doorbell - £139 @ The Electrical Showroom
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Posted 18th Nov 2020Posted 18th Nov 2020
Google Nest Hello Video Doorbell - £139 @ The Electrical Showroom£139£1497% off Free P&P Free
John Lewis have it for £10 more if you’d prefer to buy from John Lewis, especially as Electrical Showroom don’t have a great reviews.

Yeah I’m going more towards the nest hello. Plus seems to have more free features than the Ring. Wiring is not a problem since father is an electrician but we normally just do the plug adapter route less mess and time since the plug is right by the door haha


Nest Hello is better. You can get this wired in fairly easily and cheaply. You can get a transformer adaptor for £10.


Ring Pro or Nest Hello? I'm stuck since I own Alexa devices (echo dots) and Home Hub. From my understanding, the Nest won't chime on my Alexa devices unless they've a display - which the echo dots don't. But my Google Hub is in my room so won't benefit the house members - and would need a third-party chime? I've no current wired doorbell - so the ring did attract me with the plug-in adapter for £139 as I can't find anything for the Nest Hello adapter wise. (Other than a broken Google store link - guessing its US plug and third-party ones on ebay/amazon) Have heard Ring is slow on push notifications and have often gone by the time it's delivered but 1080p resolution vs 1200 Nest. I tried to get the Ring Pro + free Echo Show 5 or whatever it was last years BF but missed it. Seems this year no Echo :(


No, it’s hardwired only


Do these not work off a battery? Seen a post that needs hard wiring?

Google Nest Hub Max £159 @ Electrical Showroom
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Posted 18th Nov 2020Posted 18th Nov 2020
Google Nest Hub Max £159 @ Electrical Showroom£159
I've been wanting this for ages - and this is the best price I've seen so far. x

He means electrical showroom


Google own Nest


Yes I'm having issues returning a faulty Nest Cam IQ Outdoor. Won't touch again with a bargepole.


Lots of very bad reviews for this company. I'd rather pay an extra £10 to buy direct from Google.