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Ring Floodlight Cam Motion Activated Security Camera, Wired, Black £184.99 @ The Electrical Showroom
Posted 22nd JunPosted 22nd Jun
My first deal posted. I was buying one myself and I found this to be the cheapest price. Hope it helps someone.
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Excellent first post. Good find, thanks for posting and welcome to hotukdeals @iainmartins


superb piece of kit! had one around my place for a few years - couldn't be without it now


The Ring Floodlight Cam has floodlights, camera, two-way audio, siren and person detection all built into a single unit. I have 5MP Reolink cameras myself and although mine record audio, they do not have two-way talk, a siren or person detection. I don’t even bother turning on push notifications for my Reolink cameras because there are so many false notifications from bugs, shadows, reflections, cats, foxes and rain. My Ring Pro doorbell (not the floodlight camera I know, but uses the same software) has person detection on and I get absolutely zero false notifications. Although CCTV is good, these Ring devices including the cloud subscription which is extremely reasonable offer great value for those wanting an all in one single device.


No, you cannot use these as a siren with the alarm.

andyc1976 So supposedly it's something to do with the fact that in some states in the US, external sirens are illegal. Ring already localises some features though so we'll have to just wait for them to do this. The request for this function in the UK had been logged with support many times.

Ring Video Doorbell Pro, With Camera, Wi-Fi Enabled, Plus Ring Smart Chime £164.99 at The Electrical Showroom
Posted 16th JunPosted 16th Jun
Free 48 hour delivery for orders over £25 Ring Video Doorbell Pro, With Camera, Wi-Fi Enabled, Plus Ring Smart Chime
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Thanks for confirmation. I ordered today. Even the flood light cam is good price.


Yes they was fine ordered and received within a day or two.


anyone got this delivered? Any issues from electrical showroom?


Thank you :)


Hey @carl_broderick nice find! I've added some more info there for you ;)

Nest IQ Outdoor Camera & Google Home Mini £268.49 @ The Electrical Showroom
-158° Expired
Posted 8th MayPosted 8th May
Been looking to get a Nest IQ Outdoor Camera for some time and this seems to be the best deal that's currently around. The Camera alone is £309 in Argos/John Lewis so seems a pre… Read more
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Totally agree and the thing is, it's so utterly stupid! Why have a 4k sensor and motion tracking, and not meld the two? What you said should have been correct, I can only assume it is some lazy development on the software side. The zoom is the faux zoom, basically taking the same initial image and cropping it. As you say, the marketing implications are that you get 4k imaginary, if it was an Apple product they would be getting absolutely slaughtered in the media outlets for the suggestive claims. Not quite sure how Google gets a pass.


Good feedback. I have the Nest Hello which I like a lot. I also have a couple of UCam247 cameras which are a bit rubbish (I bought them as they record locally hence no subscription). I do think that Nest are bordering on false advertising by plastering 4K all over the Nest IQ series. I think most would expect a 4K recording and not 1080p.


Not technically correct. The only time it uses the 4k sensor to it's ability is if you select an area to zoom in on and set it to that area. When it auto tracks people it doesn't enhance the image at all. I have two and frankly Elvis could walk onto my drive and I wouldn't be able to tell for sure. The quality is poor, very poor. Some of the functionality however is pretty good, like the zoning. Still waiting on Google and their new Nest Aware sub as well. Coming "Early 2020", apparently.... (annoyed)


Our internet isn't great here, maybe about 5mbps upload speeds which is a significant reason why it didnt work for us, I should have looked at the forums and specifications before jumping in feet first! We didnt keep them long enough to see anything regarding video quality reduction at specific times but there are people on forums that have said it can reduce the quality which would be terrible if it was when you needed it the most. We noticed our internet getting snail like, even uploading emails etc. If you have good stong upload bandwidth you will have no issues I'm sure, or if you are only using one or two cameras.


I think that you missed the part in my message about local storage. My ezviz cameras store locally on SD cards (hopefully soon to update to a ezviz hardrive which uses local network) and I review the recordings from them each remotely, I dont use their cloud service so I can stream 1 camera at a time but the recording are all stored. When the 4 nests were uploading to the cloud the internet became unusable for us. We wanted high resolution and the possibility to record 24/7 if needed and these didnt work for us. Here's a snippet from google about "maximum" upload speeds needed. I'm sure it wont be running full all the time but our upload speed where we live is fairly low maybe around 5mbps so having all 4 uploading ground everything to a halt. It can also I believe having looked at other forums at the time lead to poor recordings. Its horses for courses, as I said it didnt work us. Someone with hugely fast internet or using just 1 camera might be perfectly fine (y)

Google Chromecast Ultra 4K streaming device - £59.99 with free tracked delivery @
197° Expired
Posted 1st MayPosted 1st May
Google Chromecast Ultra 4K streaming device - £59.99 with free tracked delivery @
£59.99£69.9914% Free P&P Free
Decent price for the ultra version of the Chromecast. Product features Stream 4K HDR content to your TV WiFi Works with Google Assistant Catch-up TV &… Read more

FYI I have managed to get Stadia working without a CC Ultra. It works on various phones (I have a pixel 3a) and works perfectly with a dualshock4 controller as long as you have a decent stable internet connection. Also, if you have a windows or Linux device plugged into a HDTV you can play Stadia as it just needs the chrome or chromium browser (y) 🏻 currently there is a 2 month free pro sub with 14 games available 8) 🤟🏻


Google I/o annual conference was due mid May but obviously cancelled so i imagine the new version would be released in a matter of weeks and with Android TV as well as Chromecast built in. I'm hanging on for that with a remote too


Do you mean the power brick that also houses an Ethernet (wired LAN) port. A very useful feature, especially if you want to use it for more robust 4k streaming and Stadia gaming (vs. the inbuilt WiFi)?


I really think all deal images for this device should include the massive ugly power brick it needs to be attached to in order to work


Its only needed if you want to play on the TV, which would then also require the Stadia Controller. I can't imagine this is the reason they're pushing it, as mentioned above a new version is imminent and is based off of Google TV which is going to be interesting. I'm imaging essentially a 4k Chromecast like device that allows casting.

Yale Sync Smart Home Alarm Starter Kit - £188.99 delivered @ electrical-showroom
209° Expired
Posted 18th AprPosted 18th Apr
Yale Sync Smart Home Alarm Starter Kit - £188.99 delivered @ electrical-showroom
£188.99£21914% Free P&P Free
Hope it helps someone :D The Yale Smart Home Starter Kit features everything you need for additional protection and security that you may not already have. Have full control of … Read more
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I did the hue test by putting the siren in a pile of towels, couldn't hear a peep, the hue lights flash for 20 seconds and the siren still goes on, yes iv spent many hours resetting ect, even with yale on the phone, they say its impossible for the tags not to work, they then get me off the phone,


Nipped out again lastnight and got home and the app had removed all my login info and would not login, had to get in the back door and reset the password, getting beyond a joke now this.


I don't have the conexis L1 but I do have the sync smart alarm and hue and am really pleased with it so far. Haven't really tried leaving the alarm sounding for 10 mins to see if the hue lights flash for the full 10 mins, as don't want to annoy my neighbours but when I have time to mess around with it I will check it out and mute the sirens. With regards to your problems, have you tried resetting the system and starting from scratch and see if the alarm works ok on it's own before pairing it to the conexis lock and hue? Once paired to the conexis, if your tags don't work have you tried adding them again to your system?


You do have a point, people are lured into a false sense of security by Cameras and most arent even aware of ICO regulations regarding their use. However Cameras can act as a deterrent if placed correctly. Most will send motion notifications to the user which will be at the forefront of a thief and another tool in the box to alert you something is wrong But yes a combination of both is the way forward, with a nice discreet camera put into the mix somewhere


I disagree. 1. It'll notifty you and any one else you choose by text/email/push notification instantly, so you can respond personally. 2. My neighbours would check if our alarm went off and vice versa. 3. it's really loud and can also make any installed Phillips Hue bulbs flash (red for some reason!), which I'm pretty sure would be a very good deterent. You'd have to be pretty confident/stupid to continue robbing a house whch is flashing bright red and "sirening". Obviously cameras too would also be good, but in terms of deterent effect, I think a lot of low lifes just hide their faces with a scarf or whatever and continue when they're up to no good.

Google Nest Protect 2nd Generation (Smoke & Carbon Monoxide) Alarm - (Battery or Wired) + 2 Year Guarantee- £78.99 @ The Electrical Showroom
393° Expired
Posted 18th AprPosted 18th Apr
Google Nest Protect 2nd Generation (Smoke & Carbon Monoxide) Alarm - (Battery or Wired) + 2 Year Guarantee- £78.99 @ The Electrical Showroom
£78.99£8911% Free P&P Free
Good price for the Net Protect .... (y) Nest® Protect 2nd Generation Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm (Battery Version ) Nest® Protect 2nd Generation Smoke & Carbon Mono… Read more

I have one of these and I love it. £80 over ten years is no problem. My favourite feature that people rarely seen to mention is the night light. So useful. I used to have one plug on the landing permanently taken for a night light but that is now gone.


It states 5 years. I have had mine for 4 and a half years and they are still working so hopefully it is accurate.


How long do the battery powered ones tend to last?


These are excellent. I have 4 in the house. Yes they are expensive but what cost do u put on a life? For example if there is smoke downstairs in the living room it will warn you through the speakers in the alarms upstairs that there is smoke detected in the living room. Could give you vital seconds knowing where the fire is and what route to take to exit the house.


The self test alone is worth it. Even though everyone is meant to test their smoke alarms, they don't. At best, once or twice a year. Additionally, if you have a Nest thermostat, and it detects CO2 then it *turns off the boiler* to stop CO2 production. Yes, the alarm should wake you*, but it's not a given, and some people (like babies) are more sensitive to CO2. *I know some who can sleep though fire alarms, some naturally, some due to medication. Not great if there's a fire, but CO2 at least..

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Google Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera - £132.99 Delivered @ Electrical Showroom
247° Expired
Posted 14th AprPosted 14th Apr
Google Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera - £132.99 Delivered @ Electrical Showroom
£132.99£14911% Free P&P Free
Standing watch 24/7. Rain or shine. You don’t want a security camera that sleeps on the job, takes a rain check during a storm or makes your house look unwelcoming. Nest Cam Outdo… Read more

USB-A, not Micro.


I currently have oldish analogue cctv with shotgun cable... Could the power cable be used to power these somehow?


I've been doing research on these cameras whilst waiting for the new Google Nest Aware subscription which will make them worth buying (£100/yr for any number of cameras). Couple of pointers: - You'll need a 20mm drill bit for the hole through the wall. - The alternative is to get an electrician to wire into your mains but my local sparky declined due to the type of transformer they have (basically a pain in the ass to wire in). - I would not advise buying through this store. Check out their trust pilot reviews. Lots of recent ones saying items not turning up, many think they've gone bust but still taking orders.


word of warning, these operate purely on WiFi which can be easily disrupted


Gone for the iq cos of the too big a plug to out through wall . Also nest outdoor can be nicked magnetic base where as iq much better design

Nest® Hello Video Doorbell - £164.99 delivered @ The Electrical Showroom
188° Expired
Posted 21st MarPosted 21st Mar
Nest® Hello Video Doorbell - £164.99 delivered @ The Electrical Showroom
Description Google Nest Hello lets you know who's there, so you'll never miss a visitor or a parcel. It can tell the difference between a person and something else, and then alert… Read more

Anyone signed up to nest aware via the usa site ?


AO refused to price match for me, but they did price match for £10 more AO was claiming that any website saying "Covid-19 we can't guarantee delivery on the option you select" that means you might not get it for weeks so it doesn't "match" with AO's guaranteed delivery still so won't price match. I suspect The Electrical Showroom is going bust as I tried to reach out to them myself after reading some of the reviews of the site and no luck.


Yep just got it price matched from AO :) Cant wait (y)


Yeah but better option would be to contact AO and give them the link. They'll price match it.


is this site legit? never ordered from them before lol

Google Nest 3rd Generation T3010GB Learning Thermostat - £175.99 (Free P+P) @ The Electrical Showroom
86° Expired
Posted 10th MarPosted 10th Mar
Google Nest 3rd Generation T3010GB Learning Thermostat - £175.99 (Free P+P) @ The Electrical Showroom
Been keeping my eye on a Google Nest thermostat for a while and I Just moved house a few weeks ago and found there was no Thermostat on the boiler so I decided to take the plundge … Read more
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oh nice! ive been waiting for installation quotes before i pulled the trigger. might have another drop before i get some back...


It's 167.99 at City Plumbing


Different generations


What's the difference in model numbers?

Nest® Cam Security Camera - Internal £114.99 @ The Electrical Showroom
-137° Expired
Posted 6th MarPosted 6th Mar
Nest® Cam Security Camera - Internal £114.99 @ The Electrical Showroom
Best price I have found for a while for the Nest Cam Indoor, Electrical showroom, free 48hr delivery over £25. Next best price I can see is from at £127.98 wit… Read more

Have 2 and they suck! Have a 150mbps link here with a very good WiFi setup but it fails a lot with their servers! They are just amateurs to manage their infra.


Or even Neo smartcam


YI home camera 3. Now available on amazon for £27.99 with voucher. I have one and very happy with the features.


What's the best alternative?


A lot of money for an indoor camera

Black/copper Nest thermostat twin pack at Electrical Showroom for £349.99
65° Expired
Posted 4th MarPosted 4th Mar
Black/copper Nest thermostat twin pack at Electrical Showroom for £349.99
Good price for the coloured version of these. The silver is usually cheaper but these are usually around the £200 mark each. Will probably go cold but I have ordered as this is a… Read more

The point I was making with the article I posted was that Google seem to have been "burnt" and are not really showing an interest in smart home technology despite their multi-million pound investment! As jonetheridge mentioned they seem a tad expensive, I never considered the cost of install either - I guess that is the going rate though!


I’d need 11 for my house :


I love my Nest, getting another installed tomorrow in my new house. I can’t be without it. having said that I do think it is overpriced. I think if you can wait there are better deals to be had though. Will it get dropped at any point in the future? Possibly, but smart homes are the future and I can’t imagine the demand for these things is declining. I’m disappointed a new version hasn’t been released, this version (3rd gen, not colour) has been around since 2015. Some may argue that this shows that google isn’t that interested in the product. i can’t self install unfortunately and I’ve found install costs have increased from £60 to £90 which gets my goat.


I suggest checking with a current, accurate article rather than this one published in May 2019 and inaccurately predicting a whole bunch of stuff. Alexa and Philips Hue is working just fine for me, despite what the article predicted..


I really don't understand why these are so expensive considering the development was already done and the chips are pennies... Heat added as I haven't seen these models cheaper (but wow, the mark up is shocking, especially when you consider they could drop support for them!) Actually scratch that, Nest is officially dead: I understand that Nest & Google Nest (3rd generation) have different support (Google having bought Nest), but I think it makes my point that you are the mercy of the manufacturer when it comes to support - what is the lifetime of these? The point is no one knows, Google could decide to drop support tomorrow, I guess that is unlikely, but it's not out of the realms of possibility. I use Alexa to control my open source (DIY ESP8266 & SONOFF) devices. If I had to throw them all out tomorrow I wouldn't be out of pocket by anywhere near £100, never mind £349.99+!

Google Nest Protect (2nd Gen) Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm - Battery or Wired versions £78.99 The Electrical Showroom
1031° Expired
Posted 4th MarPosted 4th Mar
Google Nest Protect (2nd Gen) Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm - Battery or Wired versions £78.99 The Electrical Showroom
Nest® Protect 2nd Generation Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm, Battery : N… Read more
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I just got mine too. June 2019. In two minds whether to raise with ES... It is a bloody expensive fire alarm as it is, so feels a bit of a kick to have the reduced lifespan to boot. Did anyone else get in touch with them?


What's a reasonable timeframe? 10 years from manufacture date is max lifespan. Say 2 months factory to door, so what, 9 years 10 months is a reasonable expectation at best. Based on 10 year lifespan these cost 66p ish per month. Absolute worst case you've lost 7 months (9 months minus a little bit of shelf time as you can't get a full 10 years).....equivalent to under £5 'loss' over a period of nearly 10 years.....not exactly worth stressing over.


My 2 orders arrived absolutely fine, one within 24 hrs, other within 48hrs. One small problem (with the courier not providing tracking details) was resolved quickly over the phone and they were very friendly to speak to. I'd happily buy from them again.


Let me know what you get out of customer service. Will check mine when home


The 'replace by' date is printed on the underside of the unit

Google Home Mini Smart Speaker - Charcoal or Chalk £24 at The Electrical Showroom
-117° Expired
Posted 19th FebPosted 19th Feb
Google Home Mini Smart Speaker - Charcoal or Chalk £24 at The Electrical Showroom
The Google Home Mini in Charcoal is small and mighty helper that assists you on your day to day life. Just by using your voice, get the latest weather, traffic, finance, sport, ne… Read more
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Cheers Both, ordered through My memory but would not have found the link without this one so heat from me


£21.99 @

Tado Smart Radiator Thermostat Starter Kit V3+H £56.99 delivered @ Electrical Showroom
154° Expired
Posted 24th JanPosted 24th Jan
Tado Smart Radiator Thermostat Starter Kit V3+H £56.99 delivered @ Electrical Showroom
Horizontal and Vertical available at the same price Next day delivery if ordered before 3pm The Tado Smart Radiator Thermostat Starter Kit – V3+H (V3P-SK-SRT01HIB01-TC-ML) is … Read more
bigst you might wanna read the comments on this before ordering from these...




Wasnt there many problems with electrical showroom when a tado deal was on before...


Yes worries me, but I suppose if a system lasts a good number of years, I’m not worried. Same with my phone, never upgrade unless it’s on its last legs


Lately there are tons of great deals on tado°... such a feeling that they try to eliminate all the stocks before releasing a new version

Tado Smart Thermostat - Starter Kit V3+ (Thermostat, Bridge, Cables, Screws, Batteries) £99.99 @ Electrical Showroom
173° Expired
Posted 14th JanPosted 14th Jan
Tado Smart Thermostat - Starter Kit V3+ (Thermostat, Bridge, Cables, Screws, Batteries) £99.99 @ Electrical Showroom
Good price for the bundle delivered for this price, nice kit for £99.99 :) The Tado Smart Thermostat Starter Kit – V3+ (V3P-SK-ST01IB01-TC-ML) is a simple solution to controllin… Read more

Thanks very much. I wasn't aware Tado room thermostats work with Nest through smart things. I will explore that bit, I am just starting on hassio and I hope it has got an option too. With Google closing the works with Nest option this might be a bit tricky now.


Is there a reason tado stuff seems to be getting major discounts seemingly at many retailers?


Expired, thanks for the heads up.


I posted a deal for the Electrical Showroom before Christmas. Mistakes do happen so not saying not to go for this but wanted people to be aware of problems people have had.


The room thermostat (they call it the Smart Thermostat) is "supposed" to replace the Nest in your scenario. It also includes a programmer and so it controls the boiler directly. If you have wired connection to your boiler already from a previous room thermostat, then you can just use that connection. If you don't and you need a wireless connection to the boiler, then you also need the Tado Extension Kit. I say "supposed" to because there are ways to use Tado TRVs with the Nest thermostat, and therefore avoid using the Tado Smart Thermostat. For example, you can do that with SmartThings, but it's a bit more comlpex.

Nest® Protect 2nd Generation Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm, Battery - PACK OF 3 £229 @ The Electrical Showroom
328° Expired
Posted 30th Dec 2019Posted 30th Dec 2019
Nest® Protect 2nd Generation Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm, Battery - PACK OF 3 £229 @ The Electrical Showroom
Works out at £76.33 each which as far as I can recall is as low as these have been. Also 2 year manufacturer guarantee so retailer not important. Supplied in this handy pack of th… Read more
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Only Battery ;(


Looks like the price has gone back up to £249 now :(


Very good price, I got three of these, paid £99 each.


I use the Nest app on my iPhone and I get notifications regularly (well, when needed). I was at work a few weeks ago and my Watch pinged to tell me it was about to do an alarm test. Opened the app and it gave me the option to cancel it if necessary. So, no issue with integration there. I do wish it was Apple HomeKit enabled though, but I know that’ll never happen.


This is a good deal as far as price goes. But would warn people to stay away from Nest Protects until Google can sort out their 3rd party integration. Google pulled almost all support for 3rd party integration with the former nest products when they acquired nest. The Nest Protect integration is currently limited to turning off your heating and mobile notification, that's it; you can buy £20 smoke detectors that do that. You are no longer be notified through e.g. ifttt or smartthings, there isn't even integration into actions in the Google Home app. Google have promised to update this, but so far have failed to deliver anything. I would wait until they do, if they do at all, before purchasing any Nest products. Just until we know what will be supported.

Google Nest IQ Outdoor Camera at The Electrical Showroom for £229.99
-71° Expired
Posted 27th Dec 2019Posted 27th Dec 2019
Google Nest IQ Outdoor Camera at The Electrical Showroom for £229.99
The Google Nest Cam IQ outdoor security camera has sleek, clean lines and is perfect for the modern, security conscious family. It is thoughtful about how and when it alerts you, u… Read more
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yeh about time as their subscription service cost was a joke and stopped me buying the cameras as £4/month to £24/month PER device is a joke. So, if you have 3 cameras, 1 doorbell, 1 smoke alarm and wanted 5 days storage thats £20/month, for 30 days storage thats £120/month WTF! I would need 4 outside cameras and 2 internal cameras too!


my nest hello works fine. We had some issues intially as it struggles to connect to our Netgear Nighthawk router as it was in another room, solved by getting the excellent BT whole home disks


I would recommend avoiding this retailer. Various people on here have had incorrect items sent out and then not been given a refund when they've sent them back.


Lots of news places covered it, but here’s the official info from google.


Lots of news places covered it, but here’s the official info from google.

NightSearcher Micro 1000 Rechargeable LED Work Light, 1000Lm £22.23 + £3.95 postage @ The Electrical Showroom
220° Expired
Posted 20th Dec 2019Posted 20th Dec 2019
NightSearcher Micro 1000 Rechargeable LED Work Light, 1000Lm £22.23 + £3.95 postage @ The Electrical Showroom
Magnetic rechargeable light, best price I could find although you need to add a few quid to the order to get free delivery.
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Battery isn't big enough


Is it the light output that makes this good?


Pity about the £3.95 delivery.

Nest 3rd gen copper £146.99 @ electrical-showroom
196° Expired
Posted 2nd Dec 2019Posted 2nd Dec 2019
Nest 3rd gen copper £146.99 @ electrical-showroom
Seems like a good price for the Copper model. 3rd gen model. Been looking for the copper version for a while and it’s usually out of stock or expensive. They also have black, whit… Read more

gone up to £175.99 already



Google Nest Hello Doorbell @ Electrical Showroom £139.99
273° Expired
Posted 29th Nov 2019Posted 29th Nov 2019
Google Nest Hello Doorbell @ Electrical Showroom £139.99
Nowhere near as good as yesterday's shortly lived deal at City Plumbing (who are now selling this at £145), but still the lowest out there. Hoping it gets closer to £100 today!

Best of luck wiring it...


Great price! I paid £149 a week ago, should have held out to today. I'm goign to use a simple plug for mine £15:


I have the Ring and a Canary cam. I'm going to switch as the Nest Aware sub will be good value for money and the Ring app feels a bit blunky.


one is still good enough! and with so many deals of ring on amazon you will be covered. still undecided.


I think its only covered for 1 stolen camera which i suppose is one more than Nest . Coverage of this theft protection is limited to one (1) replacement only for each Ring camera or doorbell product that you have purchased. Theft protection does not apply to any products purchased from third party sellers on eBay and other online marketplaces .