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Samsung UE65NU8000 65" 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV £979 @ co-op electrical
Found 8th JanFound 8th Jan

Went for this deal. TV arrive Friday.. absolutely blown away by it. Picture is fantastic


We considered the XF9005, but Android TV killed it for me. Give me a Sony Soundbar, that's a different matter.


And the moral of the tale is to buy a Sony


13 year old Philips 42" Plasma off here in 2006 via john lewis .... still going strong.... (y) (kiss of death now i know it)


My mam's 40" Samsung was 10 years old, sold it on Gumtree for £80 the other day lol. Still going strong, like you say luck of the draw but I'd honestly only go for a TV with extended warranty

Sony KD55AF9BU 55inch 4K HDR OLED Master Series Smart TV £2044 @ co-op electrical
Found 8th JanFound 8th Jan
Sony BRAVIA OLED KD55AF9 Master Series 55 inch 4K HDR Ultra HD Smart Android TV with Google Assistant Built-In, YouView and Freeview HD. Discover Sony’s BRAVIA OLED 55AF9 UHD TV, p… Read more

good tv! Cheapest price for this right now


Awesome TV. Well worth the price for what you get as long as you pair it with decent content. No point unless you’re going to watch UHD.


Great TV but hugely overpriced


I've got a Sony A1 oled and don't have issues with brightness at all.


Google sony oled ABL

Sony KD65XF9005BU 65" 4K HDR Smart LED TV - £1394 with code @ CO OP Electrical
Found 7th JanFound 7th Jan
Product Description Sony BRAVIA KD65XF9005 65-inch Android TV 4K HDR Ultra HD with voice remote, YouView and Freeview HD in black. The Sony… Read more

Thanks for that madmal


I have this TV.... It replaced a B7 65 oled which I found hard to live with. Too many issues. Banding, image retention and its motion handling were all very frustrating. Happy with the Sony, the OS is a non issue if you tweak a bit a turn off the bloatware. The picture is not that far off and in some respects better. Obviously not total black but good enough even for a dim room. The risk of screen burn is very real... I listen to music on my AVR and the menu is pretty basic and has bright text, with this TV I don't care about screen burn. With the OLED I'd always have to be careful and dim it or turn off the screen when listening to music. It only takes a few times of forgetting and leaving a still image in the screen and your 2k OLED is ruined. Id be gutted if I fell asleep on the sofa with the AVR menu if I had a OLED.


This or the LG OLED, I can't decide. This, bad O/S, slow, outdated Android. That, very dim This, fast for games, good upscaling. That, great O/S. My room is bright in the summer. I could black out the windows. I stream everything. PS4 Pro occasionally gets used. What would you buy?


Update use TV100 to further reduce the price to £1344.


I agree that 40 dimmings zones vs 800,000 dimming zones isn't a huge difference. I owned an LED for a few weeks before OLED, and don't like how LED's have to go really bright to deliver there contrast as it leads to eye strain and poor sleep. I also have a bright living room and have no issues with brightness, eye strain or sleep with the OLED.

Hisense H65U7A - 65inch 4K Ultra HD HDR Smart ULED TV - £744 (with code) @ Co-Op Electrical
Found 6th JanFound 6th Jan
Hisense H65U7A - 65inch 4K Ultra HD HDR Smart ULED TV

No expert but I would say the Hisense 65u7a.....this model is 120hz (Philips is 60hz) both are VA panels so will offer good blacks but the Hisense should offer better motion handling for watching things like action movies or sport... Here is a link I use when comparing tv' £744 I'd go for this model...I watch alot of sport so a TV that is less likely to blur with fast moving objects is important...


This or Philips 65 pus7303. Has anyone have opportunity to compare them?


Think hisense is 2yrs just have to go on their site with serial number and register it


Think they only offer 1yr warranty but £744 for a 120hz 65" screen is hard to beat!;)


What would the standard warranty be with coop? I can see the option to pay for 3/5 years extra but not the standard given with the TV?


Jusy catching up with this thread... As an apparent coffee 'snob' (enough people around here choose to throw that at me quite regularly), I completely agree with you. It's why I tell people they can get by very well with the sub-£100 Delonghi pump machines that regularly pop up; very forgiving machines which when matched with a good (comparatively priced) grinder and a high quality bean will produce espresso as good as a high end machine like this one would. Still, as high end bean to cup machines go, this is the best you can get. Dubious that the reviewers even know what they're talking about.


As long as your minimum spend is 399 that is :)


I avoided the milk caraffe idea all together too. Bit bought a bean to cup with a steam wand. Can still heat and foam my milk but without the hassle of washing various boxes pipes and accessories which will no doubt deteriorate over time faster than regular machine parts.


The code works on all other bean to cup machines on the website 👌🏾


Have bean to cup machine but I warm the milk in Nespresso warmer, much quicker and easier to clean.

Samsung QE49Q6FNA 49" 4K Ultra HD Smart QLED TV - £809 @ Co-op Electrical
Found 4th JanFound 4th Jan
£809 you need to use code TV50

Yeah seen them, the Q9 is something else! Was expecting more from the Panasonic's 750 and 802 tbh. Thought the E and C8 from LG were stunning too. I was particularly impressed with the Q7, now I see Richersounds are doing the Q8 for the same price, it's the FN tho and not the DN, but still?? I'm even more confused 😩 (embarrassed)


Yes, best move is to see them. The Q9 is amazingly bright if HDR is important to you - I prefer it to OLED. Guardians of the Galaxy 2 is a recommended test.


I wouldn’t touch Oled for a good few years until they find a better way of dealing with burn in/image retention, I know there’s been debates about burn in on here a lot of people say they never have etc a week down the road they could have it, the possibility is higher than a normal lcd/VA panelled tv, and for the money and the main fact it’s not covered by warranty your running the risk of being left with a worthless tv and £1000 down the drain. If covered by warranty I would have one 100%!


People “say” but there isn’t actually any official evidence from Samsung no specs or anything for the 8070 it’s like it never existed to them :o just someone on a forum prob same one you read on google saying it is, I didhave a live chat to Samsung and they said it’s exactly same spec as 8000 but a different coloured stand more greyish that was it.


I bought the 49" nu8000 saw both the nu8000 and 49 q6fn side by side at john lewis. Asked for the remote put both on same channel and same settings. The q6fn was slightly more colourful but thats all i could tell from it. Even still if it wasnt for the stand id have got the qled but wanted a central stand so got the nu8000. It is a brilliant tv so the qled would be just as good.

Samsung UE49NU8000 49" 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV - £599 (with code) @ Co-Op Electrical
Found 4th JanFound 4th Jan
Good tv add code TV50 to drop price to £599

This was £549 in curry’s today in Staines on offer!!!!


Considering it went to 389 I wouldn't even consider it unless it was close to that. New range will be out in March so may drop then


Apparently not, phoned back twice now and got the same answer. 49NU8000 model has 1 in warehouse only, and price is £949.00. guy I spoke to even told me I'd be better ordering from Curry's as it's cheaper there... :/


That's the 55 inch I imagine. The 49 is still in stock in Liverpool I am pretty sure. The 55 inch is currently 729 on the Samsung website


Just spoke with my local Samsung expierence store and they are quoting £949.00 for this same model :(

Sony KD49XF7003 for £429 at Co-op Electrical
Found 4th JanFound 4th Jan
I know it has been available for less recently however my sister was slow to act so missed out on it at £399 from and nobody I know had a time machine. By all accounts a d… Read more

Panasonic TX49FX700B on at £529 at Co-Op Electrical. Use the BT30 discount to get it for £499, plus £4.99 delivery. Then register at Panasonic promotions for 5 years warranty. Bargain and great TV - I have the 55 inch.


i hope Sony would be better.


At this price range, probably Sony


Can't decide between Panasonic and Sony..


I missed out on the Sony 8505 deal for £499 now its over £600. Just hope they repeat it, will definitely buy.

SAMSUNG UE65NU7100 65" Smart 4K Ultra HD HDR LED TV £719 @ Co-op Electrical
Found 3rd JanFound 3rd Jan
The Samsung UE65NU7100 65" Smart 4K Ultra HD HDR TV displays all your favourite films and shows in superb quality - just as it was made to be seen. HDR and Ultra HD Dimming mean… Read more

Yes I am afraid the remote is basic, if you do find a smart one that works with this please let me know


Happy days! :-) One thing I will have to look at though is a new remote my current tv has a smart remote (Wii looking) which I love but I believe the 1 with this tv is bog standard


Got the TV today - and no faults at all, amazing picture quality especially in 4k!! Local Dimming makes the blacks look awesome - and for the price its perfect


Super stuff, you are getting yours first, so let us know how it is


Just an update - managed to get them to price match with the voucher code thanks to you (y) having it delivered tomorrow - can't wait!!

LG 65UK6300PLB 65 inch ultra HD,  HDR smart TV. £639 @ CO-Op Electrical
03/02/2019Expires on 03/02/2019Found 3rd JanFound 3rd Jan
Use code TV50 to get £50 off to get price of £639. Product features 4K HDR Ultra HD Certified with HDR10 Catch-up TV & 4K Streaming with Google Assistant Picture quality: T… Read more

Ohhh, sorry I think I mixed up my mind set haha. Try calling and see what they say.


Thanks for the reply. Sorry I meant using a student card. Can't see anywhere for it.


I haven't worked for the Co-op for a long time (thank god) I afraid. If I remember, you just use your Membership at the checkout and as long as it's a employee membership card it will work.


any idea how to use it online?


HDMI Connections 4 USB connections 2 Ethernet Port Yes on the spec's (flirt)

Linsar 65UHD520 Black 65inch 4K UHD LED TV with Roku Streaming Stick £549 @ Co-op Electrical
Found 31st Dec 2018Found 31st Dec 2018
Product Features With 4 times the number of pixels of Full HD, enjoy the best in picture quality with stunning 4K Resolution Catch every detail with the exquisite 65inch screen for… Read more

Not a bad deal but dealing with co op is a nightmare, customer service is terrible


lol just would love to see the AVForums review of this


Where's that then? 55"under £800 but 65" still over a grand.


To be fair no current TV can fulfill even the basic HDR10 spec, and we're at least a decade from maxing out Dolby vision. The £400 LG or Toshiba set labelled as HDR compatible won't be any better than this.



Hisense 50inch ULED U7A only £419.00 after discount code (£423.99 delivered) @ co-op electrical
Found 31st Dec 2018Found 31st Dec 2018
Cheapest I've seen for the U7A ULED model

I don’t know as I’ve never had to upgrade the firmware on my Samsung. I’ve had it ten years now and it’s still going strong, even though it wasn’t as smart as it was supposed to be when it came out. That’ll teach me not to be an early adopter again. I’d imagine that Samsung/LG would be better, but I can’t say for sure... :/


I picked up a 50inch from Argos with the eBay 15% so only paid 279. Am impressed for the money but can't seem to turn the Anyview Cast off so stepsons iPad YouTube keeps appearing on screen. Apart from that can't fault it for money


No sense buying hisense. Dreadful quality control


Is Samsung/LG any better at firmware support?


Be aware, however, that support from HiSense is extremely poor. 18 months after I bought my model, HiSense stopped releasing firmware upgrades for it, and several key issues have been left permanently unaddressed. This seems like a good price, but since HiSense is such a poor company to deal with, I won’t be buying another HiSense television.

Price Crash 2018 @ CO-OP electricals when you spend £249 ore more
Found 29th Dec 2018Found 29th Dec 2018
Plus, as a Co-op Member you can take an extra £20 off when you spend £249 or more. Enter your membership number and promotional code JAN20 at the checkout. Quidco has some c… Read more

If it was still £499 I would buy it straight away. No hesitating this time.


Tell me about it. It was actually £499 too after an additional code was applied.


I don’t trust his businesses any less then I trust the rest to be honest. Primark have found themselves in the papers on a number of occasions for sweatshops. What about Nike? Boots certainly used to have zero hour contracts. Those beloved Pound shops are able to sell those items so cheap for a reason. Tesco’s deals / pricing!? BHS....well! Once you start to moralise, you rapidly run out of places to shop. What about prime minister, Bono and the Queen being accused of tax avoidance, at a time when the hard-working people of this country are being told that it is right to pay their taxes and do their bit? Perhaps you place your trust in politicians, or the police, or bankers? He’s just a figure-head of a system that is rotten to its core.


Was going to buy the Sony 43" 8505 posted the other day for £515 from them, but left it too late it is now £629


Hope not another store that I will boycott. :D :D


Can someone link me to a good 1600 spin 7kg plus washing machine please 😙


I have one it's great.


Turkish Delight


I wouldn’t buy anything Beko again - dish washer has packed up three times in 18 months and 2 in the last two weeks - appalling customer service


My Beko has lasted 10 years! Will definitely get another

Samsung 65" TV 4k UE65NU7100 at Co-op for £719
Found 27th Dec 2018Found 27th Dec 2018
Product Features 65” 4K Ultra HD screen features higher contrast, vibrant glowing colour and brighter images thanks to High Dynamic Range (HDR) Keep up with the action thanks to Au… Read more

Just ordered from Currys with price match £719 with 5 years guarantee (y)


Now £719 with code.


Yeah I saw that and missed it.


Only 60hz


What hz is the panel on the 65"?

43" SAMSUNG 4K Smart UHD TV £324 CoOp Electrical
Found 26th Dec 2018Found 26th Dec 2018
Title says it all! you can also pay an extra £50 and get the 50" Real 4K UHD resolution With 4K UHD TV you enjoy sharp, clear images. 4K UHD TV has four times more pixels tha… Read more
Get dealGet deal

I could never buy one of these modern lightweight TVs without at least a 5 year warranty. Bought 2 from John Lewis 4 years ago and one screen just died so got a replacement as it was still covered. My older heavy 46” LCD Samsung is 13 years old, cost a grand and still going stong. The telly weighs around 3x the weight of a modern TV so it shows they were made a lot better when they were more expensive.


Old TV has 5 HDMI ,any new ones got this many as only seen up to 3 and this has 2 !!


Or for those with one close, Richer Sounds have the same model for an extra fiver, but you get 6 years warranty!

 Sony KD43XF8505BU 43" 4K HDR Smart LED TV £514.99 @ Co-op electrical
Found 26th Dec 2018Found 26th Dec 2018
Full 4k 43" TV 100Hz Native Panel 4K HDR Processor X1 = More detail, more natural, more real. See everything you watch come to life with greater depth, detail and texture thanks t… Read more

Hmm, I was going to hit buy on this but the IPS puts me off, our living room is quite dark and washed out blacks annoy me.


Depends if it's a higher spec and you're fine with an IPS panel. Better viewing angles but blacks are not nearly as good.


I’ve got a 8088 model 2 years old About to be replaced under warranty Dead pixels It’s being replaced with the 8096 Which is an ips panel But my model is va panel Should I be asking for a different model ?


With the co op vouchers it gets below 500 for a 100hz telly. Ok it's IPS but really cracking deal.


I can’t believe this hasn’t got hotter the model below is £549 at most other places

Samsung UE55NU8000 55" 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV - £699.00 @ CO-OP, £669 after code
Found 26th Dec 2018Found 26th Dec 2018
Hi, its my first post here:) Initial price £699.00 - £30.00 cheaper that John Lewis After code BT30 price dropped to £669.00 :) Couldn't find better price for this model anywhere… Read more

49 q6 £480 55nu8000 £420


And that's not even the same model..


Wasn’t that for the 49” though? This is for the 55”..


Yes bought one too Q6 £480


Not sure how is there now

Samsung QE55Q9FNA 55" 4K Ultra HD Smart QLED TV £1,688.99 @  CO-OP Electrical
Found 24th Dec 2018Found 24th Dec 2018
Product Features 55” 4K Ultra HD screen features the latest in HDR 2000 and Ultra Black Elite technology for even brighter colours and the best in blacks Enjoy the best in screen… Read more

Because the Q9FN is commonly considered the best 4K screen money can buy at the moment. It beats OLED in a number of areas. AVForums review said "The Q9FN is the best HDR display I've seen to date and really demonstrates the full potential of the format."


Actually in dark scenes the Q9FN shows more detail.


Good price. But that offer flying around a few weeks ago was incredible. I got the 65” for £2159 with 5 year guarantee through Samsung employee portal that someone top lad on here generated for me. Sold the free Note 9 for £659. Top TV for £1500!!!


Yeah most places put then up to over £2K then John Lewis went fractionally below it.. I wanted this TV and through Samsung it was at £1600 with the free phone.. went to order next day and out of stock came back in stock and they went upto just over £1900 I passed... it will come down again now the phone isn't an incentive(well after Samsung finish the new deal of a free blue ray player) I did buy the Note 9 for £699 then got the £150 cashback so £550 in total can't complain..

kilboy There's really not a lot in it with this TV. In bright scenes it has the edge. In dark scenes the OLED has it. But they're both stunning.

Sony KD43XF8505BU 43" 4K HDR Smart LED TV £529 @ Co-op electrical
Found 24th Dec 2018Found 24th Dec 2018
Sony BRAVIA KD43XF8505 43-inch Android TV 4K HDR Ultra HD with voice remote, YouView and Freeview HD in Black.Discover the stunning 4K HDR picture quality and sleek design of Sony'… Read more

Capital letters sorry BT30


Not working for me


Add bt30 and get an extra £30 off making it £499

Samsung UE55NU8000 55" 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV £649 @ Co-op electrical  (50£ off with TV50 )
Found 24th Dec 2018Found 24th Dec 2018
Samsung UE55NU8000 55" 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

incredible deal in the samsung stores atm. If I'd known about the vip popcorn deal I may have bought 2xTV's and flipped one.


(y) (popcorn) (strong)


I bought nu 55nu8000 from Richer Sounds, with the Samsung ubd-m7500 player free, and also bought the Samsung Hwms650/u sound bar. This has excellent reviews (at £550!) and sells for £339 but I managed to get the shop display one for £275, altogether £1004 which he kindly reduced to £1000. The advantage of getting the player and the soundbar in the same purchase is thAt you qualify for the Samsung gourmet popcorn and movies offer for 6 months, so 6 of the latest 4K DVD’s and 48 bags of gourmet popcorn over the next 6 months. nice to have their 6 year warrNty as well


Just a tad over my budget £729 plus ebay prob full of them BR players (lol)


You can have it with a 6 year guarantee for £729.00 with a free Blu-ray player worth £190 at richer sounds which you could sell on eBay (y)

CO-OP AEG IKB64301XB 60cm Electric Induction Hob in Black - £245 (with code and membership) @ Co-Op Electrical
Found 24th Dec 2018Found 24th Dec 2018
Induction cooking is becoming an increasingly popular choice for the discerning chef and this AEG IKB64301XB hob with it's fast, precise and controllable settings will meet all you… Read more

Hard wired.


Great match with the Currys AEG oven they have on offfe


Anyone know if this needs to be hard wired or has plug attached


Nice, I just registered as a member and it also worked for me :) FYI: I found these upon registration.


Worked for me, i have ordered it. You need to have membership. Im sorry should have mentioned that in topic

Beko WTG721M1S 7kg Washing Machine (Silver) £169.99 @ CoOp Electrical
Found 23rd Dec 2018Found 23rd Dec 2018
Washing Machine - 7kg - SIlver - washes pants (and more). Price quoted includes the 4.99 delivery and 10.00 discount (code LT10) Possible another 5 percent via quicdo also (but le… Read more

I had the same problem and also my friend that has the same one. It died last month, we had only had it 3 years! Had bushes repair last year and now barings which cant be fixed due to sealed drum apparently. Wont buy beko again.


Bought one about 4 yrs ago and still going strong


Any big purchase like this I'd always go to AO. Even if it did cost a few quid more:


I has beko washing machine 8 yrs. Not one problem until it died last month. Replaced with a beko


A little more on the matter...

Beko KDVF90X 90cm Dual Fuel Range Cooker in Stainless Steel £70 off!.
Found 21st Dec 2018Found 21st Dec 2018
£70 off this range cooker. Best price I can find. Was able to get it for under £500 earlier in the year using eBay code and discounted on coop electrical eBay shop but this is the … Read more
Get dealGet deal

I bought for £579 last year. Happy with the cooker and it looks nice and has a countdown timer which is handy.


I'm holding out for that too. Been keeping an eye on the price as I'd like an nice reasonably priced range. Watch this space if it drops again. Currently £580 on co-op.electrical on eBay, if it drops again and the 10% code re-appears it'll be close to the £500 mark.


Well they can keep it then, I'd be interested under the £500 previously priced.


Digihome 49UHDHDR Black - 49inch 4K Ultra HD HDR LED Smart TV £259 for members w/code @ Co-op Electrical
Found 19th Dec 2018Found 19th Dec 2018
49” 4K Ultra HD screen gives you four times the detail of a standard Full HD TV High Dynamic Range (HDR) offers more vibrant glowing colour Enjoy box sets on Netflix or catch up wi… Read more

No worries, thanks for your comments about panel, hope the one I've bought is okay.


Sry I have an older model it has 2 HDMI slots. Nice that they upgraded.


Just bought one! Fingers crossed.


Spec says 3 HDMI ports



SAMSUNG UE50NU7020 50" 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV £359 w/code @ Co-op Electrical
Found 19th Dec 2018Found 19th Dec 2018
50” 4K Ultra HD screen features higher contrast, vibrant glowing colour and brighter images thanks to upscaling High Dynamic Range (HDR) Natural and realistic images thanks to PurC… Read more

Weakens the argument? that argument was stillborn the moment the likes of Bent Banks and Filcher Farage even tried to fool the brainless with it... Are we really deluded by half-century obsolete claims of British superiority and supremacy? I detect a rude awakening in the offing..


I read your links, and they don't entirely seem to support your position: "[WTO President Azevedo] acknowledged that an FTA with the EU would be the best outcome for Britain, given that trading under WTO rules would result in some UK-EU tariffs". A FTA is effectively what we currently have by being in the EU, and by dropping out, unless we can agree a new FTA, we would incur new tariffs." The fact is that we are already free to trade with whoever we wish to trade with, and by being in the EU, other countries are keen to trade with us because it gives them access to the whole EU. I don't see how we can arrive at any better position by being outside the EU. Lol UK companies are able to trade with the EU because we're in the EU. Once that's gone, those companies will not have the option of exporting to the EU under WTO rules - EU regulations will apply, just like it currently does for China and every other outside country exporting into the EU. Except they used to be able to sell the UK too, and after Brexit they will need a separate agreement with the UK, meaning more paperwork for every country trying to sell to the UK. There is no scenario in which this creates lower costs for them, or lower prices for customers in the UK. The best outcome now would be to cancel Brexit entirely. I don't want to continue this conversation off-topic from OP's deal so I won't be responding to any further reply from you, sorry.


I feel you must just be unlucky. On our second Samsung TV. First one we had for 6 years before passing on to my wife's mother. Our current one is nearly 4 years old and no problems so far.


Can any TV guru tell me if this or this option ( is better for a PS4 Pro?


Hello guys I just want to say. I have now used the tv for two days. I was watching a few movies on amazon video. The uhd is amazing and you can really see the hdr. A tv of this this magnificence at this price is a real steal.

Samsung HWK850 Black 360W 3.1ch Dolby Atmos Soundbar with code DE25 @ £424
Found 19th Dec 2018Found 19th Dec 2018
Sound bar on launch was around £900. Don't forget you get cashback from Quidco on this too. Which? verdictYou won't be disappointed This is a mighty sound bar that comes with the… Read more

It’s OOS


What do you think of the LG sk9y soundbar? I’ve found it at a German sellers website that delivers to UK for £413. Currently sells in the uk for around £699. I believe you can buy rear speakers too.


For Dolby Atmos, a minimum of 2 upfiring speakers in a 5 channel setup is required for 128 object based sound mapping. the zf9 is only a 3 channel, meaning I cannot actually recreate all these objects. So its like in the same way a 2 driver pair of headphones can be "5 channel" by using software. So although better, isnt true atmos, which is why I dont like this use case of the term. LG are especially bad for it saying their TVs have dolby atmos speakers, when they're 2.0 40W speakers. Like, what?


Interested in either - what is true atmo


Forgive my ignorance.? Can you explain?

Philips QP2530/25 OneBlade with 4x stubble combs in Lime Green and Charcoal Grey, £29.99 at Co-op
Found 17th Dec 2018Found 17th Dec 2018
Or 2 for £49.99, £10 off at checkout. Latest model with Li-ion battery.

expired unfortunately...


Post it (y)




MAN UP ! Wax it .... (strong)


£26.37 @ Philips 14% code

Linsar 65inch 4K UHD LED TV with 4K Roku Streaming Stick + 5 Year Warranty - £488.99 w/code Delivered @ Co-op Electrical
Found 14th Dec 2018Found 14th Dec 2018
With a 5 Year Warranty, the Linsar 65UHD520 UHD 4K resolution screen and its 4K ROKU Streaming Stick take you to the next level of viewing experience. With four times the number of… Read more

I got something similar: Thank you for your recent price match enquiry. In order to apply a price match on a purchase, the request needs to meet the criteria in our Never Knowingly Undersold policy. We’ve reviewed the request you’ve submitted and on this occasion we can't price match because Co-op Electrical doesn’t match all or parts of our policy. For a price match to be successful, we consider the following: That the product is available through a high street competitor, rather than, for example, and online-only companyThat the product is the same make, model, size and colourThat the product comes with the same conditions of sale, delivery times, and service conditions we offerFind out more about our Never Knowingly Undersold policy here. Please don’t hesitate to submit another price match request should you find a competitor offering a product on a like-for-like basis, and which meets our Never Knowingly Undersold policy conditions. Thank you for considering us for your purchase, and for bringing this to our attention. Customer Services team John Lewis & Partners If you have any questions or want to find out more, visit our support pages here.


This is the email they sent. I don't think there is really a way to dispute it! Shame! I guess if you have any advice? I feel like it's a situation where their no is final.


John Lewis is going bust


They were purchased by Tempo and over the last 2 years or so, have become massive in the corporate, hotel, business, education sectors, with their range of TV & TV/DVD combos, good panels, 5 year warranty (real!) and silly cheap (y) Odd, as they price match with the Co-op, the co-op electrical section have in store departments, so they should, not sure why as JL have the exact same set in stock on line and in store!! :/


John Lewis did not price-match. Asked them...

Hisense H55U7A - 55inch 4K Ultra HD HDR Smart ULED TV - £539 @ Co-op Electrical
Found 14th Dec 2018Found 14th Dec 2018
Hisense H55U7A - 55inch 4K Ultra HD HDR Smart ULED TV With the perfect blend of picture, style and features, the Hisense 55U7A is a talented all-rounder. Local Dimming for superb… Read more

There isn’t unless a great deal comes up in January sales. That’s my point, you can’t spend this amount and expect to get functional HDR - the technology isn’t cheap enough yet. I think the Samsung NU8000 is the minimum anyone should get but even that has problems.


What TV do you recommend at this price range which offers better HDR then?


Don’t expect an impartial answer from someone who has already bought it. This tv cannot display anywhere near full HDR. If you’re ok with that then it’s good.


Unfortunately a 55 inch will look very odd in the corner where I have placed the TV! 50 inch is the maximum I can fit in!


Yes but obviously the refresh rate is important on such a big tv and why I wouldn’t get the 50.

Linsar 55inch 4K UHD LED TV with 4K Roku Streaming Stick + 5 Year Warranty - £383.99 Delivered @ Co-op Electrical
Found 13th Dec 2018Found 13th Dec 2018
With a 5 Year Warranty, the Linsar 55UHD520- UHD 4K resolution screen and its 4K ROKU Streaming Stick take you to the next level of viewing experience. With four times the number o… Read more

LG Smart UI is great. The only problem I have is with iTunes purchases, but that’s probably because of Apple being such a closed ecosystem.


Each to their own (especially if you want everything in one place), but I’m of the opposite opinion. Having a Samsung TV which is still perfectly fine in terms of core functions, but with laggy (and in some cases, discontinued) smart apps, I’d rather my money was going on screen, sound and reliability rather than any smart stuff. I’m just going to plug something into the TV for smart stuff anyway.


I prefer the smart sticks over actual smart tvs i purchased a hitachi smart tv its absolute rubbish wish i hadn't bothered don't use the smart part of it have a stick inserted instead much better


Not sure why to bother buying a modern tv without built in smart. Sammys always works fast for me


Oh yes ha :D

Samsung UE50NU7020 50in 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV only  £374 @ CoOp Electrical
Refreshed 14th Dec 2018Refreshed 14th Dec 2018
50” 4K Ultra HD screen features higher contrast, vibrant glowing colour and brighter images thanks to upscaling High Dynamic Range (HDR) Natural and realistic images thanks to Pu… Read more

7100 with 3hdmi and analog connectivity, 49 inch 399 richersound


Get the Samsung. Just to put it into context I paid approx £750 for an equivalent model just 18 months ago and I dont regret it. This price is just silly for the standard youll receive (y)


Yep, ordered it, waiting for it to be delivered today :{


In what way is this toshiba better? I've not seen a good quality toshiba tv for years. They're usually terrible quality. So I doubt this budget one will be better


Thanks ordered :D :D

Hisense H65A6200 Black - 65inch 4K UHD HDR Smart LED TV (2018 Model) - £634 @ Co-Op Electrical
Found 12th Dec 2018Found 12th Dec 2018
The new 2018/19 Hisense range offers a tv experience like never before. Hisense 4K resolution Ultra HD (UHD) TV. With 4 times the detail of Full HD see every detail with stunningly… Read more

It's showing as in stock for me


The deals dead as it's out of stock . I mite of bought one for my brother if they had any left.


I think LG would need to learn how to build quality good tv's and honestly they should make people aware about what they exactly offer in their adverts.


well for one thing they are not kiddy on 4k as these hisense arent rbgw ;)


Very hot for the excellent price. No LG or Samsung TVs can match this price with the picture quality that these offer. Super HOT. People who dont know about this TV, go and have a look at AVForums review.

Panasonic TX55FX550B 55" 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV - £474 with "DE25" code @ Co-Op Electrical
Found 8th Dec 2018Found 8th Dec 2018
Same as the Black Friday deal but with a new code. Beats Argos deal by £25 :) Previous code was revoked :(

Welcome :D


Lol it says £873 for me. Bizarre!


Not that I'm aware of, looks like a cracker for the money.


Found the 55" Samsung NU7100 for £500 at John lewis - Any reason I should avoid that TV?


Hisense also manufactures SHARP in America, and I heard from 2019 onwards, Toshiba will also be manufactured by Hisense. Though it doesn't mean they are necessarily the same quality. Sharp sues Hisense in America coz they found out Hisense uses graded and inferior panels on Sharp, and apparently there are differences in terms of quality between Hisense and SHARP BY HISENSE. All in all, Panasonic 550's so called fake panasonic. Very possibly, the same Turkish worker also assembles DIGIHOME and BUSH, which cost about 150 pounds cheaper. So your choices will be 1. if you want a low end 4k tv, go for Hisense. After all, there's no such thing as fake hisense. 2. if you like the brand Panasonic, buy a genuine one, 650 series or 700 series for example. 3. if you are okay with the quality of Vestel panel, buy a BUSH for 150 pounds cheaper. You get exactly same thing. For the purpose of vanity, you can peel off the label and replace with a Panasonic, then even professionals have to open up the back of tv to tell the difference. Oh, wait, it's still same

Premier 6ft Christmas Tree Starter Set Red/Gold or Gold/Silver, includes 200 multi function lights + decorations £19.99 @ Co-op Electrical
Found 8th Dec 2018Found 8th Dec 2018
Christmas tree starter set includes a 6 foot artificial fir tree, 200 multi-action lights and 50 shatterproof tree decorations 8 different light effects to choose from including co… Read more

The Red and Gold one is still in stock


OOS :(


Does anyone know if it’s battery or mains? Doesn’t say in description!


Ordered thanks


Does anyone know if this tree is hinged branch's or individual branches??

Hisense H55U7A - 120 Hz 55inch 4K Ultra HD HDR Smart ULED TV - £559 with code @ Co-Op Electrical
Found 5th Dec 2018Found 5th Dec 2018
Use the code MS40 to bring this price to the cheapest I've seen it. The H55U7A is a well regarded mid-range Hisense 55 inch 4k TV with 120hz panel for smoother motion (very unusua… Read more

I bought this TV and I can't emphasise enough how fantastic it is and what a huge upgrade it was over a 9 year old Toshiba 40". This appears the TV with the most bang for the buck a at this price point. Enjoy.


the 120 hz means the screen will refresh 120 frames per second,compared to 60 hz the screen will refresh 60 frames per second,hence the 120 hz panel will give the impression of more fluid motion,and less motion blur.however some people are not sensitive to motion blur,and others like me are, so a 120hz panel would be better for me,but in itself ,is really only one part of the solution to the problem.manufacturers also include 2 more methods on tv panels called frame interpolation and black frame use those 2 methods effectively you need a 120Hz panel.this tv like most 120hz tv panels,supports 1080p @ 60hz at 4k resolution.yes its a 120hz panel so the 1080p/60/4k signal will be frame doubled,hence giving a more realistic fluid movement onscreen.i dont think anyone broadcasts a 120hz signal at the moment,i stand corrected on that point.yes hdmi 2.1 would supports 4k at 120hz,when implemented.i bought this tv pre world cup and IMHO is the best bang for buck tv of 2018,BTsport 4k looks lovelly and my 4k uhd disks look fantastic,this tv really punches well above its weight and i payed £599 for it at the time.have some heat op.


do you mean if does 1080p@ 120hz?? I doubts it The one you should go for and the best for gaming at a badget price is the Samsung nu8070(not the nu8000) it will also do 1440p@120hz, I recently bought the 65" version to replace a 55KS9000(QLED 2016), totally better and motion is been improved, very happy but blacks are not as deep


Does anyone know if this "120hz" is an internal frame doubler, or is it only supported at 1080p perhaps? The screen only supports HDMI 2.0 as far as I can tell, which is limited to 60hz at 4k, hence my wondering how the 120hz is achieved or supported.


Apologies. You're right. Corrected my original comment (y)

Panasonic  55inch   4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV only  £459 ( with code ) @ CoOp Electrical
Found 3rd Dec 2018Found 3rd Dec 2018
This is even sweeter deal i posted earlier on from Argos.Thanks to @01234 and @speric07 and devinn for the code for mentioning the code in my other post Panasonic 55" FX550 Se… Read more

Yes but the code BT30 will take £30 off


What did the code expire????


This is cheapest price online i guess.



Thanks very much . Added accordingly.

LG 65UK6300PLB 65inch 4K UltraHD HDR Smart LED TV in Black £634 with code @ Co-op Electrical
Found 3rd Dec 2018Found 3rd Dec 2018
Immerse yourself in a world of entertainment with the LG 65UK6300PLB 65" Smart 4K Ultra HD HDR LED TV . Featuring 4K HDR technology, the TV expands the colour and contrast ratio, … Read more

Thank you.


Just bear in mind that if the Hz number is ever higher than 120Hz, then it's fake for when you have all the bullshit settings applied. Even the real 120Hz panels are quite rare, usually reserved for LG's OLEDs and a few others. And I feel you in regards to anxiety about a new TV, mine's been so reliable, just itching for that 4K HDR upgrade.


Yes i found it from your link before as i said the 200hz is what they used for the crystal clear led gimmick but this tv is so good im scared to get rid of it :S



Thanks says 200hz crystal clear led guess that's what you on about, i'm still not sure i can better it unless i spend the same amount £2000