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BG Nexus Stainless Steel Double Plug Socket Switched , £4.31 at Electrical Counter
Posted 11th SepPosted 11th Sep
Good price, also with black inserts here The Soft Satin Brushed Stainless Steel Plate (Brushed Chrome) Is Gently Curved With Rounded Corners for A sleek, Low Profile Ap… Read more

Obviously. But presumably if you have a problem they'd probably replace it with another OpenReach one and charge their standard £150 or whatever callout fee for it. Low risk / high cost / pays your money etc. :)


BG Nexus are good quality and this price is good. I've used a load of the USB sockets in the last few years too. As someone else said LAP are not good quality and none of their products last long. Cheap electrical components are false economy. MK are great stuff and hence why their vintage stuff still works and are expensive to buy used if doing a vintage restoration... Yes brown bakelite sockets and switches are £££s


BG are great value. Don't have many problems with thier products. LAP are generally poor quality and to be avoided. MK used to be a real cut above in quality terms but are now overpriced for the quality. Although I do like their grid switch range of accessories. Schneider do DBs and associated switchgear. News to me.




Easy to do though... Its not like it's mains voltage. Have at it, if it goes wrong, tell them the kids damaged it. ;)

Nexus METAL Black Nickel 2 Gang 13 AMP switched plug socket for £4.39 at ElectricalCounter.co.uk
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Posted 16th AugPosted 16th Aug
RRP seems inflated but selling for £9.97 on Amazon. Currently replacing some of mine so these seem like a good price to me. BG Electrical NBN22B - A 25 Year Guarantee On This Sl… Read more

Had this also, was very disappointed.


Hi all - we're sorry that the email went out with the incorrect image displayed. Hopefully some members would have seen the correct image when clicking through to the merchant but if not, we're sorry for the confusion. We're just trying to get to the bottom of how this happened. One thing is for sure though is that this is not the fault of the merchant (Electrical Counter) so we would ask our members to be totally understanding of this.


This looks like it's still active, dont really understand why it says its not :/


Cancellation email received this morning. Pfff.



BG double switch - works Alexa from Electrical Counter for £13.57 (£2.46 delivery)
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Posted 14th JunPosted 14th Jun
BG double switch - works Alexa from Electrical Counter for £13.57 (£2.46 delivery)£16.03£19.9920%
I have them installed at home don’t need hub works with Alexa and google assistant free post on £90 spend These are brilliant I have changed 50% sockets at home with this it’s so e… Read more
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Shame they dont do other finishes like stainless steel/chrome. Although this may interfere with signal.


Funny you mention networked printers; I have a Ricoh SP213W WiFi printer, it consumes way too much power when idle and stops responding after being left on for a while, so I use one of the tp-link plugs to turn it on and off, also set on timer to turn it off at night in case I forget to. Now I can turn it on remotely, print remotely and turn it off. Perhaps the other chap has the same printer issues.


Y'all a bunch of nerds on this post. I love it. Heat added.


You replied to something that didnt mention automation, and was talking abaout things that are turned on and off at the socket. If you really want to hardwire sockets in that will possibly be out of date in 18 months then knock yourself out. Its a little like all those putting USB A sockets in, just as USB C starts to become the norm. Or those that bought Clocks, speakers & Stereos with Iphone connectrors, just as lightning came out. Much easier, and future proof, to put a plug that corresponds to your chosen home automation system. Not voted either way, as I'm unsure about the deal aspect, I just think this type of socket is fairly pointless in teh long run.


I am thinking replace all of sockets on this. Is it worth as 5G is coming?

Satin Chrome And White 2 Gang Double Switched DP Socket Outlet 13A - £3.09 Delivered @ Electrical Counter
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Posted 6th JunPosted 6th Jun
Satin Chrome And White 2 Gang Double Switched DP Socket Outlet 13A - £3.09 Delivered @ Electrical Counter£3.09 Free P&P Free
SATIN CHROME AND WHITE 2 GANG DOUBLE SWITCHED DP SOCKET OUTLET 13A £3.09ea - free delivery Selectric LG9096SC Satin Chrome and White 2 Gang Double Switched DP Socket Outlet 13A … Read more
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Didn't even let me but one at that price says none left at our special price so we've added at our standard price, pffffft what a blag


Tried to buy 5 but charges a higher price! (confused)

BG Nexus Stainless Steel Double Plug Socket Switched (2 Gang), £4.39 delivered at Electrical Counter
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Posted 21st AprPosted 21st Apr
BG Nexus Stainless Steel Double Plug Socket Switched (2 Gang), £4.39 delivered at Electrical Counter£4.39£512%
Good price and quality socket also with black or grey inserts, might suit someone.

niceic approved contractor never earthed a socket back box in my life and been doing this for 25 years Theres no excuse for shortcuts again show me the reg that says you have to earth back boxes Belt and braces lol i would wipe the floor with you self rightous idiot AGAIN SHOW ME THE REG THAT SAYS YOU HAVE TO EARTH BACK BOXES ARE YOU STUPID Why would you do something that is not required by the regs are you mental


It's called belt and braces. Every decent and competent electrician will always attach a fly lead from the back box to a metal faced socket. If you rely on a machine screw to earth a back box and a metal face plate socket, then you are basically cutting corners regardless of whether it's in the reg's or not. There's no excuse for shortcuts.


Please show me the reg that says metal doesn't have to be earthed fellow expert.


Nonsense about earthing the backbox.. and do NOT try to replace yourself, takes one wrong label on fuse board to kill you. Its really that simple. Hire a proffesional.


This is the cheapest I have seen these even with my discount at the wholesalers I would pay around £4.50 plus VAT for these

Brushed Stainless Steel Light Switch Plate - Single 1 Gang 2 Way £3.14 Delivered @ Electrical counter
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Posted 1st MarPosted 1st Mar
Brushed Stainless Steel Light Switch Plate - Single 1 Gang 2 Way £3.14 Delivered @ Electrical counter£3.14
It turns your lights on and offable.

I always wire the brown to the metal outer connection, gives me a good buzz. Love offable C-S.


I used one of these the other day, 10/10 would use again.


dont you earth?


Neah, still on the dark side (y)


Bet you live on the wild side

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Brushed Stainless Steel Double Plug Socket Switched (2 Gang) £4.00 delivered @ Electrical Counter
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Refreshed 7th MarRefreshed 7th Mar
Brushed Stainless Steel Double Plug Socket Switched (2 Gang) £4.00 delivered @ Electrical Counter£4
Update 1
Further Price reduction from £4.46 to £4.00 with free delivery
Was on the hunt for some and found these :) White inserts here: https://www.electricalcounter.co.uk/products/Switches+&+Sockets/Nexus+Metal/Nexus+Metal+Brushed+Steel/Metal+Br… Read more

Seems to be back on offer


good deal


FFS about to order and offer is gone now at 23:45. Thought offer went at 00:00 ffs. Hope this comes back with free del...


Thank you. Sorry for the confusion - because I also added some items that didn’t qualify for free delivery, it was charging me some P&P. I made 2 orders (free p&p items and chargeable ones) to keep the p&p to a minimum! ;) (y)


Ordered, Thanks OP, voted hot. Only £4 paid inc. delivery

GU10 IP65 fire rated polished chrome downlight £5.94 Electrical Counter
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Posted 28th Jan 2019Posted 28th Jan 2019
GU10 IP65 fire rated polished chrome downlight £5.94 Electrical Counter£5.94£8.3829%
Just purchased the GU10 downlights from wickes which were IP20 but purchased these for the bathroom from electrical counter too! BG Luceco EFRDGUIPPC Polished Chrome GU10 LED Co… Read more

Thank you.


This was a pretty good offer: https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/philips-hue-colour-and-white-ambiance-starter-kit-3-x-65-w-gu10-7999-amazon-3105049 https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/philips-hue-gu10-starter-kit-with-3-colour-led-bulbs-8999-at-amazon-2737658 £79.99 - 89.99. It does come up every few months so it's definitely worth waiting for.


Thanks for the info. So by my calculations.... A standard halogen GU10 bulb is 53mm Hue colour GU10 is 72mm Difference = 19mm bigger My existing downlighter external size 100mm These ones 130mm Difference = 30mm Hopefully internal size should also be about 30mm bigger. I think I will just order these and see, but I'm waiting for a good offer on 3 Hue GU10 colour bulbs. Anybody know what the worst and best prices to expect on Hue GU10 colour bulbs?


I can't personally see any point in fitting GU10 fittings nowadays. You can fit LED replacements to them of course but there are many other types nowadays which are not to bulky and have similar properties.


IKEA Tradfri GU10s fit in standard fittings too, they're not much larger than standard bulbs. However, this does have a depth of 130mm so it should fit the 72mm Hue bulb easily - but that's just judging by the specs listed.

BG Nexus NBS22G Metal Brushed Stainless Steel Double Plug Socket Switched (2 Gang) £4.58 incl Free Delivery @ Electrical counter
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Posted 5th Dec 2018Posted 5th Dec 2018
BG Nexus NBS22G Metal Brushed Stainless Steel Double Plug Socket Switched (2 Gang) £4.58 incl Free Delivery @ Electrical counter£4.58£5.5517%
This is slightly cheaper than the Amazon one of £5.55 posted yesterday. PRODUCT DETAILS + Top quality Brushed Steel finish - lightly lacquered to prevent finger marks Matching … Read more

These are not flat plate and fit in a standard 25mm box


If you Look at standard white socket its around 8 to 10mm thick so the internals of the socket fit into this so less sticks out at the rear. The flat plates do not have anywhere for the internals so they stick out slightly further at the back. They sometimes are a struggle to fit in a standard 25mm back box especially if there are 3 cables in if the socket has been spurred off of. Also if your walls are not perfectly flat sometimes the flat plates wont sit flush and can bend if over tightened.


What does this mean? Will they replace a standard white double socket facia?


With metal sockets, when something is plugged in they look ok (if that's your thing) but with nothing plugged in the plastic pin shrouds make them look very fussy.


Just be careful when fitting these, they easily get scratched.

White 4 Gang 2 USB Chargers Compact Surge Protected Extension Lead 1m £10.96 @ Electrical Counter
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Posted 27th Jun 2017Posted 27th Jun 2017
White 4 Gang 2 USB Chargers Compact Surge Protected Extension Lead 1m £10.96 @ Electrical Counter£10.96
Hi I was looking around for extension cable when I came across this 4 gang with 2 USB slots lead. It is only 1m in length but I use it for my bedside so it fits my phone, fitbit, b… Read more
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Showing £13 on the Sainsbury website, can you post the link? Thanks


Does anyone know if the plug can be removed? I need to pass the flex through a hole in a unit.


If I recall correctly, it's only 1A shared across both sockets.


This looks identical to one I have by Masterplug. The pamphlet on that one says: 2 x Type A USB - 5V 1000mA output http://www.masterplug.com/uk/contact


Does anyone know the power output of the USB sockets?