Electricity Switch to First Utlity - Santander Customers Only* potential £92 cashback

Electricity Switch to First Utlity - Santander Customers Only* potential £92 cashback

Found 13th Aug 2017
Hey folks, appreciate this is not a super cash saving deal, but with the energy prices appeared to have shot up this year, I thought this deal would help some who have an energy switch coming up before 1st week of September.

Every little helps.

Offer applies only to Santander Bank Account Customers
(i am a Santander 123 Current Account Customer, not sure if offer applies to other account types as well. Worth a try)

To get the cashback;
* Login to your Santander Bank Account online, click Account Services, then Offers and save the £50 cashback for switch to First-Utility. [£50 Cashback]
* Switch your energy to First Direct via Top Cash Back [£42 Cashback for dual fuel & £26.25 cashback for single fuel]
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Be careful, First Utility allow you to make significant changes to your account just by an e-mail being opened.
This was confirmed by a member of staff when I queried why I have been on a contract for the last 4 years with them when I can only remember signing up for them in 2013!
My view was that it was too low a threshold to sign someone up for something that made such a big impact on someone financially and that errors could occur. e.g. child opening e-mail, phantom presses when in pocket etc.
I was refunded the £750 that the worse tariff had cost me but I feel that this is a practice that should be investigated further perhaps by Martin Lewis or the like as they insisted that OFGEM had signed off on this being an ethical way of signing customers up to energy contracts!
First Utility is the worst company ever. Had dispute with them for over a year! Horrible customer service!
Contrary to the above, I was with FU for a year, no issues joining or leaving and no customer service problems, but they just couldn't come close on price at the end of the last year so I've moved.
I have a 123 account, but my Offers section is, as usual, empty. It seems they base offers on what you use your card to spend on. And I never buy anything, using 123 solely as a savings account and DD payer.
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