electriQ 65" 4K Ultra HD LED Android Smart TV with Freeview HD £527.97 @ Appliancesdirect

electriQ 65" 4K Ultra HD LED Android Smart TV with Freeview HD £527.97 @ Appliancesdirect

Posted 21st Nov 2018
I have been looking for the cheapest possible 65" 4K TV for a while and this is the cheapest one I can find. It's £527.97.

Not everyone's cup of teas as its not Oled/Qled, but price per inch is good

Not actually purchased this brand before however the reviews are generally pretty decent for such a budget TV!

Also its an android TV so you can get loads of android apps!
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Also a cool feature of an android TV is that you can download airbeam.tv and mirror the screen of your Apple Mac product to the big screen without the need for Apple TV!
Why is this going cold
The worst TV money can buy
extonjoe21 s ago

The worst TV money can buy

Haha but cheapest too
Since I dont like to cold vote without saying why..

Very mixed reviews

As always, ignore the 5 star "isnt it great value"!! reviews and concentrate on the 1 star reviews.

BTW, this is nothing new for the brand, quality control has been shocking since the day they were launched.

Not sure if it is still the case, but "Badly made in Turkey" stickers should have been applied to their other tat.
*Screams eww then grabs a 10 foot barge pole and pushes this tv away*
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Why you expire there the same company just change your post info.
sam_of_london5 m ago

Voted hot for 65 inch 4k screen . No HDR

Not so bad for size
What a price for 65"! HDR is very poor on tvs that cost less than £1000 anyway and with the scarcity of content, you are not losing anything et all.
Good TV make !

Got the 50 inch TV from appliancedirect when my TV gave up during the world cup ..
Nightmare to say the least.
England was playing Columbia the same day too.

Looking at smart TVs I came across these electriq TV.

5 month in and find the TV brilliant no problem.
Could say budget price but can get everything you need with being android TV and got amazing picture.

Loads good apps on it to showbox etc all works fine
All in all top TV
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