ElectrIQ HSL600 Horizontal Masticating Slow Juicer (HSL600) - £64.97 @ Appliances Direct

ElectrIQ HSL600 Horizontal Masticating Slow Juicer (HSL600) - £64.97 @ Appliances Direct

Found 18th Aug 2014
The ElectriQ horizontal slow juicer cold presses fruits, vegetables, grasses and leafy greens and can also create delicious nut milks. The low speed auger masticating technology extracts the healthiest, most nutritious juice and you can also get a 6 in 1 accessories pack that turns it into much more than just a juicer!
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Did you say masticating?? Just checking!!!!!!
This copies the much more expensive (£300+) Omegas so I wouldn't think they're as well made. U have to push the produce down quite hard and even the well built ones can break so beware. They also copy the vertical juicers (again mega expensive Hurom etc) so same to be aware of.
While I doubt it has the Omega's build quality or warranty I am interested in how efficient it is for juice extraction; the video has the pulp coming out very dry looking which is good, these types of units extract much more than the conventional high speed rotating ones it seems (this is a key thing for me) - I don't know anything about this brand or potential build quality, has anyone any experience with it?
I contacted the company and had them email me the manual - it looks to be similar to the Omega 8000 series in how its cleaned though its filter system is simpler. The video clip online shows the pulp to be looking fairly dry but hard to gauge really, there is also an offer of this thing with the optional extras kit at £74.94 - http://www.appliancesdirect.co.uk/p/bun/hsl600/68854/electriq-bunhsl60068854-juicer

So far it looks to be ok, I was going to go for the Omega J8006 but I think I'll try this one out first to see if I can get used to juicing on a regular basis (I've been using a NutriBullet for blending but want to extend this with vegetable juicing). I might go for the Omega at a later stage, it's savagely overpriced in the UK though (it's roughly double the US price, not sure how they're managing to do that).

The optional attachment pack seems to extend its usefulness to moderate scale food processing which can be handy, it can also make sausages and pasta which should be a novelty for a little while.
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