Electrolux EDI 96150 condenser dryer @ £199 Currys *in store*

Electrolux EDI 96150 condenser dryer @ £199 Currys *in store*

Found 3rd Jan 2009
Someone may find this useful ...

As it happens - we were in the market for a tumble dryer and had a few recommendations for this model from friends. "Iron Aid" thing being the point of high praise and recommendation. So we have been looking at it for a while in Currys waiting for the January sales.
Today we found that it is discontinued by Currys and the display models and stock ones being sold for £199. We bought the display model immediately at other half's delight.

Cheapest we can find it elsewhere is at least double what we paid,so someone else may find a trip down to Currys asrewarding.

In store only, can't find it on Currys' website..Here is a B&Q link for the same product for a *LOT* more:

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wow that is hot.....I am in need of a new tumbler and was waiting for the John Lewis Indesit one to come back in stock however this looks hot!! Is the water holder on the top or the bottom though??
Water holder is top left draw. This is also where you fill up the water for steam which I must admit we have never used yet.

Good being a condenser dryer so no plumbing needed.

Think we paid £350 for a graded (slightly dented model) over a year ago.
Cheers.....I'm waiting to head down there. With a new baby on the way this is most definately what I need. I wonder if B&Q would price match if they have it instore??
or john lewis for that matter......its £575 on there website. Out of interest which branch of currys was this at??
Hi all.
Sorry, I forgot. to meniton. it was Edinburgh Craigleith (and it was the last one that we got). The Currys guy checked on the computer and said that other Edinburgh stores had display models in stock... I thought it may be nationwide as it seems they have discontinued selling this model.
just bought 1 from Bolton (reebok) shop price is 249.97. they wouldnt budge on the price, but managed to get free delivery and they take my old 1 away.

Thanks for this. Great price.
Manchester have 4 instock from what i saw on the screens. none in at preston.
Got one at £249 at Glasgow Forge as well. That was the price and they wouldnt budge but the guy did say that they were selling it for circa £600 earlier this year.

There are shop display models available at Anniesland and other Glasgow stores. :thumbsup:
Just got the one at Airdrie £249.97. Fantastic find. Thanks very much!
There wasnt any in the silverlink, newcastle. Very disappointed!
Just got the display model in Sheffield City Centre store for £224.97.

Great deal - Heat added!
just got the display model in dewsbury same price
heat hot added
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