Electrolux Neocal Anti-Limescale Device only £12.94 delivered eSpares

Electrolux Neocal Anti-Limescale Device only £12.94 delivered eSpares

Found 11th Aug 2010
Hello there,
If you buying a new washing machine or dishwasher that might be useful. Anywhere else £19.99 (Currys, Dixons) but here only £12.94 delivered! I think is a really good deal if you need anti lime scale device...
I have ordered one and I am really happy to pay £7 less...

Description below:

Electrolux Neocal Anti-Limescale Device

Helps prevent limescale reducing the need to use chemical descalers; gives a softer touch to laundry and brilliantly cleans crockery.

It gives a prolonged life to your domestic appliance and helps save energy.

This device has permanent neodymium magnets that create a powerful magnetic field that breaks down Calcium Carbonate crystals and transforms them into Aragonite, that are then easily dispersed in the discharged water. It is ecological, with the water going through a process, that does not change the water’s organoleptic structure.

5 year life span.

ps. If you generous enough and like the deal while buying type 7K32W5AQ in recommend a friend window and I will get some discount voucher yeah

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These don't actually do anything by the way. It's a myth. Google it.
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