Electrolux Z2256A Powerlite 1800w Bagged Upright Vacuum Cleaner - £44.99 @ Amazon

Electrolux Z2256A Powerlite 1800w Bagged Upright Vacuum Cleaner - £44.99 @ Amazon

Found 17th Oct 2008
RRP: £89.99
Price: £44.99
You Save: £45.00 (50%)

Technical Details
* Bagged upright cleaner
* Lightweight and easy to manoeuvre, 6m cord length
* 4 litre synthetic dustbag, HEPA filtration
* Turbo nozzle with Riser Visor for pet hair, additional 3 to 1 stretch hose, long tube including crevice nozzle
* Dusting & upholstery brush, floor type selector

Product Description
Manufacturer's Description
The Electrolux Powerlite Stairmaster bagged upright features an additional 3 to 1 stretch hose to reach a full flight of stairs and a new integrated turbo nozzle with unique Riser Visor for cleaning on both horizontal and vertical surfaces Ideal for pet hair.

It offers an HEPA filtration system which ensures that only clean air leaves the cleaner. The Powerlist vacuum cleaner uses synthetic dustbags which last up to 50% longer than ordinary dustbags.

Box Contents
# 1x upright cleaner
# 1x additonal 3 to 1 stretch hose
# 1 x turbo Nozzle with Riser Visor
# 1 x combination dusting & upholstery brush
# 1x long tube including crevice Nozzle
# 1 x synthetic dustbag
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There is a very good review which I copied from amazon:
I ordered this vacuum to replace a 10-year old Panasonic upright on which the drive belt to the rotating brushes was slipping so that the brushes rarely rotated. With a house cat who joyfully and liberally distributes her fur wherever she walks, a powerful suction and best quality filter were vital. As I am an asthma sufferer I'd decided against one of the popular bagless vacuums, preferring to be able to detach and dispose of a bag of dust without the risk of being engulfed by clouds of the stuff!

The Electrolux Z2256A appealed to me at first glance on three counts: at 1800w it was even more powerful than my existing variable 1400w cleaner (which, when it worked well, was very efficient), it had a HEPA filter, and a large capacity disposable bag. What finally swayed my decision to go for it though was the additional 'turbo brush' that fits on the hose - at last my stair carpet could be fur-free too - and something referred to in the specification as a 3-to-1 hose, a 'super stretchy' hose - no more being biffed on the back by the vacuum as it topples backwards each time I reach away from it with the hose!

The vacuum arrives with the handle dismantled, but it is only a moment's simple work to attach it. I puzzled for a little while over how to attach the hose and the turbo brush holder, but all in all it was pretty simple, and not many minutes to put it all together ready to use. The tools - a flat ended tube to attach to the hose for getting into those crevices and corners, with a small upholstery brush to attach to the end of it - are stored on board (some seem a little clumsily attached but they haven't fallen off yet). I was disappointed to find that there is no additional extension tube for the flat ended tube - something I found useful with my old cleaner to save having to stoop. The turbo brush unit snaps neatly into a little plastic trough that itself clips firmly onto the front of the handle. When it's all put together the cleaner bears a remarkable resemblance to the villain from Star Wars, but it lives its life stored out of sight, so this isn't an issue (it has meant that from the first moment it will ever after be referred to in this house as Darth Vader!).

On the negative side, so far as the components goes, something that did disappoint as it was contrary to the indications of the written spec was that the super stretchy 3-to-1 is an additional hose - the one attached to the vacuum is of standard construction and, oh ouch, getting biffed on the back is sadly not consigned to the past. Also there doesn't appear to be anywhere for it to be hooked on the cleaner, so if you need to use it you must remember to carry it from the cupboard when you get the cleaner out to start. It is possible to hook it over the stored upholstery brush when putting the cleaner away, but I just find this irritating - the super stretchy hose is made much of by Electrolux as a selling point, and yet it gives every appearance of an after thought when you actually get the cleaner.

So far as cleaning - it does the job superbly. It is quite noisy - but then it's very powerful so that is to be expected. It fair flies across the carpet almost as if it can't wait to clean! There is an easy adjustment dial on the front for different heights of carpet pile to ensure it moves easily even on thick pile, and brushes deep on shallow pile. The turbo brush is amazing, but it is rather frightening! My cat was out of the door like a shot, and even I found the screaming sound it emitted unnerving. Once again though it is very powerful, which is what I wanted, so I'm happy to get use to the noise.

The one final small negative is the very 'thin plasticky' foot pedal that you press to release the handle in order to start vacuuming. I just fear this is going to break as it needs quite a hard pressure to release and yet it feels very fragile.

All in all the cleaner 'does what it says on the box' extremely well, but the slightly disappointing selection and attachment of the tools prevents me from giving it five stars.

ADDENDA: After using this vacuum for a few months now I have to make two more observations, both sadly negative, and because of them I would reduce to 3 stars, but I don't seem able to do this. Regarding the noise level, the 'screaming' noise is seriously unsettling and uncomfortable when using the machine upright in any small room, and is near to unbearable if your ears get close to it when bending down using the tools on the hose. I'm certain if it were a tool used in a workplace Health & Safety requirements would dictate the use of ear protectors. I really have found it unpleasant to the point that I'm considering replacing the cleaner already because of it.

The other disappointment is the lack of any variable speed, or suck. There is a simple on/off rocker switch, and the suck is so powerful (a plus in many situations of course) that I'm doubtful it's suitable for furnishings as it sucks fabric into the hose quite ferociously, and the power head particularly shouldn't be used as it can damage fabric. In my haste one day I made the mistake of lifting the cleaner over a bed whilst it was still running, lowered it a second too early with the result that the quilt edge was dragged into the brushes. Despite immediately switching off, the quilt cover was mangled and permanently scarred with thick black stripes which actually appear to be deep burn marks. This was my error of course, but again the ferocity of the machine unnerved me, and I think in future I will choose one where the power can be made available when required and reduced when not.

I ordered the Bissell cleaner for £49.99 (also on Hotuk) two days ago. The attached hose IS actually 4 meters long which will fit my stairs nicely. I hope the noise level is lower than the Electrolux.
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