Electronic Arts Official Rock Band Drums : Xbox 360 - now just £7.99 delivered @ Price Minister (gzoop) using code

Electronic Arts Official Rock Band Drums : Xbox 360 - now just £7.99 delivered @ Price Minister (gzoop) using code

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Found 14th May 2010
* * Shows as £12.99, to get it for £7.99 use code: PRICE1045

Drum kit controller for use with Rock Band. Play like a real drummer on a drum kit with four pads, a kick pedal, and real drum sticks.


I am being threatened with eviction by my parents due to overcrowding the house with Rockband, Guitar hero etc drums and guitars. Very tempted at this price - is it worth the ear ache I wonder......

Just bought....but shows 12.99 on credit card bill......mmmmmm

Nice find but a bit more research needed. The code will only work if you spend over £15 and as the drums are only 12.99 it won't apply! So the gent was billed 12.99 explains that! I think they have sold out too as I have searched everywhere and I can't find them?:oops:

Cant find it! BAD DEAL! :(( ICE COLD!

any chnace of adding link in thread, just been searching priceminister and no joy

definitely cannot find it, ran searches for rock band, drums, drum kit. Only 4 products when searching keywords Rock Band, nothing avaiable that meets deal

Very cold deal

lol i remeber people dieing to buy these for like 60 quid hahahahahahahaha

I found it with a search for drums. Code worked without needing to use £15 and took £5 off with total coming up at £7.99. Will check credit card transaction amount when it shows online. But :thumbsup: from me so far.

The code should work, as shown on Topcashback:
Save £5 Off Your First Purchase over £10
Enter discount code PRICE1045 at the checkout to receive £5 off your first purchase over £10.

The transaction was successful!
Date: 15/05/2010

Amount to pay: £7.99 Authorisation number (xxxxxxx)

+ TopCashBack give you £2 meaning £5.99 will let you know if its real

do the drums work with guitar hero as well??

never used these guys before, I take it it's all legit, rating hot because its a great deal and im probably being neurotic

I can confirm,

my drum kit arrived today, £7.99 out my bank. and £2.00 appeared in my TopCashBack account taking the total price to £5.99


Thanks millarcat! Bring on Green Day: Rock Band
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