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£35 / £50 PSN Credit for £30.79 / £43.34  @ ElectronicFirst
Refreshed 2nd JanRefreshed 2nd Jan
Slightly cheaper than CDkeys for the £35 variant (by 10p) and the £50 variant (£1.65, or 30p when using their 3% - for that saving, just buy 2x£25) - after all, every little helps … Read more
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A rare situation that it would actually make more sense to buy digital. (y)


I buy online mainly because we have 2 PS4’s so can both play at the same time. Cost a little extra for the game vs the shop but better than buying 2 games and loosing double money.


voted down ...they are address proof when I am paying by paypal, personal details over email, don't like this seller. waste of time in exchaning emails and then getting refund.


I've heard this, but have been using both electronicfirst and cdkeys for a few years now and they've never asked me for any of this information. Seems to be pot luck whether they request it...


It would add 12 months on from when you sub finishes.

12 Months PlayStation Plus £37.99 at Electronic First
Found 11th Dec 2018Found 11th Dec 2018
On the weekly deal page PSN for 12 months is £37.99
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£40.99 now :/


Deal says 40.99 is there a code you type in


Website error on deal link “504 Bad Gateway”?


You're welcome


Thank you. Is easy when you know how lol. I was afraid to purchase codes then not know how to redeem them.

PS Plus 12 Month Membership UK @ Electronic First
Found 11th Dec 2018Found 11th Dec 2018
£1 cheaper than same as CD Keys...

Showing at £40.99. Expired


Wont go near them again. Bought a 12 month from them in June to use in Dec when current one ran out.Punched the code in and it came up saying its wallet credit. So didn't proceed.and contacted Electronic first. The wont give me a ps plus code or give me my money back until they have sold the code that they had given me, so i have given them £30+ and have no product. Blanking my emails and getting no-where with the chat facility. This has been going on for weeks.


OOS now :(


Same price with CDkeys if anyone missed this one out. Thanks for posting


I’ve ran out but I can’t allow myself to pay this much.

£35 PSN Credit £30.79 / £29.97 with FB code @ Electronic First
Found 1st Dec 2018Found 1st Dec 2018
If you're happy to use Facebook to get a 3% discount code: 1. Like the Electronic First Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/electronicfirst/ 2. The 3% discount code is email… Read more
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Code doesnt seem to work


tried to buy from these few weeks ago and they were asking for all kinds of ID (scans of passport, utility bills) before they would send the codes... just stuck with CDkeys in the end as never had an issue with them


I buy these every time they are on sale. I have loads in my PSN wallet because i have a problem and will never stop buying games! I'd be in denial if I skipped CDkeys and this deal. Shameful HEAT added :D


Me too. Contacted the customer service and was told that the code is not valid for the item.


I did everything and I received an invalid code from them even though I tried it right away before it's expiration .. dissapointed

Battlefield V PC [Origin Key] £31.99 @ Electronic First
Found 26th Nov 2018Found 26th Nov 2018
Best price in a little while on BFV for the PC. I've been playing it since just before the official standard release (10 Hour trial), although I did pre-order months ago and I real… Read more

Can be bought for £34.19 at CD Keys with 5% FaceBook discount or £35.99 without.


Ah, can’t believe I missed this ;(


Nah, its pretty good its just different from what people are used to with the tweaks to the support systems. They scored some pretty spectacular own goals in the run up to the launch etc which is completely on them. I'm a big fan of the series and have played pretty much all of them. It is a good game, a few minor things need to be tweaked and with the tides of war support coming in things should expand even more. Its worth buying.


I think you mean based on bad reviews? EA's marketing campaign is always better than their released product. I do agree with you though it will be good once they get it out of BETA stage - currently just sounds like a mess


Most authentic Battlefield since 2, been playing since the 10th and can't get enough of it. it is buggy but nothing is frustrating to be fair some of the bugs amuse me no end. when this is polished I'm convinced this is going to go down as one of the best in the series. Don't skip this based on the bad marketing campaign.

Fallout 76 PC Game £18.99 @ Electronic First
Found 26th Nov 2018Found 26th Nov 2018
Like the limbo... How low can you go? :D Well so far it's £18.99, it just keeps on dropping Hit get deal and scroll down a little and you'll see it (highfive) NOTE:

Will the xbox version stay at £40 on ms store or will that go back to the £59.99?


I agree with everyone & no one. you can’t win on hotukdeals when it comes to comments :D


Re Which one? the F76 Reddit circlejerk or Fallout Reddit hate train


But it won't get any more expensive will it. I've merely replied people who have slated others for having an opinion based on watching several reviews / hours of twitch footage. What we're talking about is your illogical choice to buy something "hoping it gets better" when you may as well buy it when it is ACTUALLY better and will most likely be cheaper. Literally makes no sense.


The Bethesda launcher and account system is young and still, quite frankly, crap. You can only redeem coupons through the website at the moment and game keys need to be redeemed through the client. That's the reason behind the warning.

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Football Manager 2019 @ ElectronicFirst (Black Friday Sale) £19.99
Found 21st Nov 2018Found 21st Nov 2018
Cheapest (I think) I've seen for new Football Manager (y)

Showing as out of stock now, shame cause it's a great price as well


Does this just give you a steam code


out of stock :(


How legit is this site?


It's £18 on GamesDeal (activation code) now: https://www.gamesdeal.com/football-manager-2019-pc-cloud-activation.html?

Fallout 76 PC Game £23.99 @ Electronics First
Found 21st Nov 2018Found 21st Nov 2018
Cheapest yet?! It's certainly dropping nicely Been interested in this but not had the time as of yet. No idea how long it's this price for but it's beating everywhere else ATM Hit… Read more

I played the beta and could not get into it but decided to give it another go and £23.99 Is a good price.


There have been announcements. There will be updates (as there has been with Elder Scrolls Online) in the forthcoming months. Content updates before the end of the year, and new content in 2019. https://bethesda.net/en/article/48zcUmxp7O2se0CIMMwmGg/fallout-76-upcoming-features-and-fixes-november-2018 There has already been two maintenance patches. Yes the game has bugs, and yes they have been frustrating at times, but they are making it better with each update. It's better to form your own opinions having played the game extensively and read valued information, and not just by reading negative reviews on the Internet. I'm out. I won't waste time commenting again.


What are you talking about? There is absolutely zero guarantee that they will do that. Nothing has been announced. This is just absurd. It’s easily one of the worst retail games released this year and people are still clutching onto absolutely nothing but blind fanboy hope that they’re gonna make this game into what they were promised. It’s not going to happen.


£23.99 for a game that with content updates for the next few years. The game doesn't need defending.


EXACTLY!!! Another person talking sense. :) (highfive)

£35 PSN Credit £29.26 @ Electronic First / £29.96 @ CDKeys  (With Facebook like)
Found 17th Nov 2018Found 17th Nov 2018
Was looking for a birthday present and this was the cheapest price I could find! CDKeys PSN credit link: https://www.cdkeys.com/playstation-network-psn/psn-cards/playstation-netw… Read more
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I reckon 12 month code straight up. You are saving over a tenner already. Leave the discounted wallet codes for game purchases.


Is this the cheapest way to get PS+ now? Or is it better to buy a 12 month code from CD Keys straight up? I'm not familiar with deals or what's the standard prices since the price increase. Thanks


Electronic First now OOS


CDKEYS code not working for me (maybe because I've used the code before?). Are you guys creating a new account every time you use these codes? EDIT: Never mind, yes you DO need to create a new account every time these days. How tiresome... (annoyed)


Just purchased from cdkeys with the discount. Now waiting for the code to arrive. Just in time for the Black Friday sale!

Playstation Plus 12 Month Membership £36.13 w/code @ Electronic First
Refreshed 1st Nov 2018Refreshed 1st Nov 2018
Grab a code here PlayStation Plus 1 Year UK Membership This 12 month PlayStation Plus membership will allow you to play multi player and single player games online.If one of yo… Read more
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whats the code????


Grab a code link doesn't work




For what it's worth cdkeys do 15 months for £46.99

£50 PSN PlayStation Network Card UK £42.99/ £25 PSN card £21.67 @ Electronic First
Found 17th Oct 2018Found 17th Oct 2018
Note: This code will only work on UK registered PSN accounts. Get your instant download of a £50 PlayStation Network (PSN) Card on PS4/PS3/PS Vita PlayStation Network (PSN) Card … Read more
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Here you go (y) https://www.cdkeyscode.com


can anyone get me a 3% off code please on fb?


Yep got mine about an hr after. Not ideal, but nothing that would stop me using them again.


In the same boat, when i ordered it said in stock, It says OOS now. They shouldn't be selling them if they're not in stock. Its needed for my RDR2 preorder, getting annoyed right now. Just received mine.

Forza Horizon 4 (digital) Xbox One/PC Play Anywhere £38.99 @ Electronic First
Found 15th Oct 2018Found 15th Oct 2018
Dynamic seasons change everything at the world’s greatest automotive festival. Go it alone or team up with others to explore beautiful and historic Britain in a shared open world. … Read more
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Nope, asked for a refund as they didn't seem to know when it would be back in strock. Kept saying it'll be tomorrow two days in a row.


Have you got your code yet?


Absolutely love Forza Horizon 4, it is an excellent game in my honest opinion. I find my game time limited but have got on most nights lately for this masterpiece. Already got 520/1000G and hoping to scoop the lot. The seasons are a brilliant idea, the only small criticisms I have is the seasons are locked (You can get around it if you have disc copy or console set as home if a digital/Game Pass owner and you turn the Xbox offline and change the clock) however traditionally the season lock lasts 1 week. Currently its Winter and I have about 4 or 5 Drift zones which I can't complete because despite having every decent drift setup under the sun, I can't get the 3 star scores because of snow on the floor, think it’s Spring in about 3 days so should finish these off then. Also I do like (again) the auction house, I do have some small criticisms for this which were similar to Forza Horizon 3, the timer saying ENDING SOON doesn't give enough warning and it can be impossible for you to win an auction despite wanting to pay more than the winner, unless its changed I used to prefer Fifa Ultimate Teams auction house in which the time reset for each successive bid allowing the highest paying person to win, also its slow in the auction house and having no relist option for cars that didn't sell (have to reclaim) and having to manually collect credits for unsuccessful auctions seems quite a chore, these could be done automatically I think. Other than that, I think this is a sterling open world racer with glorious graphics. In the past I was mainly a PlayStation owner/player but no racer on PS4 comes close in my opinion to the Forza Horizon series. I eagerly await the expansions, like FH3 I hear this will be around the December mark. An excellent decision to include this on Game Pass, I went and purchased the Ultimate Bundle add-ons and see a lot of VIP badges in online races, this to me strikes that people are happy with this game. Would have happily paid the going rate of this had I not benefitted from the Wuntu Game Pass subscription which allows me GP until 2021. Have some heat.


Bit the bullet and paid for it using 'Skrill' which I was reluctant with. Payment gone through buy guy on support said it is out of stock and they are waiting another batch to come through within the next day...so will see what happens there....

Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 PC Download £37.99 @ Electronic First
Found 12th Oct 2018Found 12th Oct 2018
Seems to be the current cheapest price for the PC digital download. This is a Battlenet EU / UK Version key. Key will be sent via email after purchase. Call of Duty®: Black Ops … Read more

No it's not £49.98 lol and self promotion is not allowed.


Not though is it.


Current cheapest price is now on CJS CD Keys


Is their a discount code?


Possibly still here with the 3% discount.

Resident Evil 2 Remake PC Steam Key £30.67 @ Electronic First
Found 25th Sep 2018Found 25th Sep 2018
Resident Evil 2 Remake PC Steam Key £30.67 @ Electronic First
A deadly virus engulfs the residents of Raccoon City in September of 1998, plunging the city into chaos as flesh eating zombies roam the streets for survivors. An unparalleled adr… Read more
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I've shopped with them quite a few times and had no issues. I can't imagine by what possible reasoning HRK aren't allowed but the key marketplace kinguin and VPN Switch deals are! If you want to stick to authorised resellers though, Voidu beat the OP's price by 8p using their current discount code. :D


I remember buying the original from HMV in the late 1990s for £49.99. My most expensive purchase.




I asked the mods about that site because I did see quite a few bargains, but unfortunately they're banned (annoyed)


HRK Game Have it pre-order for £27.31

PS Plus 12 Month Membership UK - £34.99 @ Electronic First
Found 25th Sep 2018Found 25th Sep 2018
PS Plus 12 Month Membership UK - £34.99 @ Electronic First
£34.99£49.9930%Electronic First Deals
In Stock, https://uk.trustpilot.com/review/www.electronicfirst.com Rating: 8.9/10
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I also got 3 months free, worth nearly 24 quid. Are you saying I’m lying as well?




Because the price of Xbox Live is £10 Cheaper than PS Plus.


Out of stock for most of the offers


I think that's just a coincidence of timing, They gave 3 months to "loyal members", you can check if you qualify by entering your PSN email here.

Electonic First - £25 PSN top up for £21.94 - Perfect for AC:O @ Electronic First
Found 24th Sep 2018Found 24th Sep 2018
Electonic First - £25 PSN top up for £21.94 - Perfect for AC:O @ Electronic First
Exactly what it says in the title. Just got one myself to buy Assassin's Creed Origins which is on sale right now on PSN.

£349 for PS4 Pro with Fifa 19.Same for Xbox One X.


Eh, not really small though. 450 up front for the console, 50+ for the games, another 60 on the subscription. I would say the average gamer must buy between 5 and 10 games a year. That's a grand total of like £800-£1000 on the first year and then like £310-£560 every year after that! That's daylight robbery! I've spent 1.3k in about 8 years on my PC and still play games in better quality than consoles can handle ;( . I'm not turning this into a PC vs Console thread - I just think it's sad the way gaming companies rip people off so easily. It makes me sick to think about how much you guys would spend if you bought as many games as PC gamers do. My steam library has over 2000 games in it and I don't think i've ever paid more than £20 for a game. (except spiderman on my PS4 which cost me £49!!!!)


Depends. If only buying one or two games a year you get 4k gaming for a small outlay in hardware


Console gaming is so expensive!


The 50 one was out of stock. Anyhow i took the plunge and have preordered fifa 19 for 52 quid

£50 PSN PlayStation Network Card UK. £42.99 @ electronic first
Refreshed 3rd Sep 2018Refreshed 3rd Sep 2018
£50 PSN PlayStation Network Card UK. £42.99 @ electronic first
Top up your PSN wallet to buy great new games and content for PS4. PS4 Voucher Redemption Instructions Make sure logged in to your PSN and/or create an account Select the … Read more
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Anyone else having problems paying with paypal?


Used them plenty of times. Same as cd keys - no problems with them


I miss my younger days of watching SUPERTED (annoyed) (highfive)


Yeah, twas me :D No worries at all, ace deal -keep them coming!


That’s very kind of you. I hope he was grateful.

UK PSN Top-up Cards 14% discount £35 for £30.16 @ Electronic First
Refreshed 3rd Sep 2018Refreshed 3rd Sep 2018
UK PSN Top-up Cards 14% discount £35 for £30.16 @ Electronic First
£25 PlayStation PSN Card UK - £21.67 £35 PlayStation PSN Card UK - £30.16 £50 PlayStation PSN Card UK - £42.99 Now back in stock

I did but only first time I ordered, they are pretty good tho


Quidco from cdkeys too


Thanks. Better than messing about setting up an account and trying to get latest discount code from cdkeys.


still shows £30.16 to me


The £35.00 card was £30.16 this afternoon at work but has gone up to £30.97 this evening. The cards have reduced in value from a 14% discount to a 12% discount across the board, it seems. :'(

PSN Top Ups £21.94 for £25.00, £30.97 for £35.00 and £43.99 for £50.00 @ Electronic First
Found 30th Jul 2018Found 30th Jul 2018
PSN Top Ups £21.94 for £25.00, £30.97 for £35.00 and £43.99 for £50.00 @ Electronic First
The "get deal" link will take you to the main PSN page. All cards showing in stock at time of posting. Might be useful for those making use of the summer sale or just wanting to … Read more
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It varies. For me within 10-20 mins.


How long does it take to get the code?


Lazy is a bit extreme, when it comes to paying or using paypal, some people, including me, don't want to use their paypal with a throwaway accounts. For whatever reasons they have is their business, but my reason is I like to keep track of everything incase anything happens, and using throwaway accounts "could" lead to being a pain, especially just for a mere 5%. So yes for many people it is simple as just creating more accounts in 10 seconds, but not everyone will do this or want to.


Why not. It takes literally 10 seconds to create an account. If you are using that as an excuse it means you just plain lazy.


You only get 2 uses per cdkeys account, Not everyone wants to keep creating accounts and using paypal for each one.