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It's knackered. Accept it. It looks 2nd hand from a chav family. .


Someone said is grade C in his post. The tv is working not with major damage: example : software damage, screen not clear , parts missing or any other defects.


The same at any items? You contradict your self. Is an item. Don't matter what. English dictionary : broken definition: 1. past participle of break2. damaged, no longer able to work: This tv is in perfect working order with 12 months guarantee. They don't sell a broken tv " not working tv" they sell a tv in perfect working order but damage. Is a big difference.


A TV is not a smartphone. Smartphones move a lot so marks, small cracks etc are expected. A large TV is 99.99% of the time stationary and so should have no damage. If it's got a cracked part it's broke.


Part of casing is broken. If you sell your smartphone and the back case is broken, you can't say in your description, "broken smartphone for sale" because I will think is a broken item and I don't wanted. On other part you can say broken back case and I will replace it. Right?


£120 cheaper from a brand new one with 6 year's warranty. That's up to the consumers to make the decision. I have voted it hot.


Go on somebody buy the stupid thing


Don't forget the completely different stand it's supplied with. This is a stupid deal


I hope this goes freezing cold. Just for the cheek of putting such a mis leading title


Less hits though if you mention its damaged...


But if companies are producing 2160i instead of 2160p then we should be advised of this. Interlaced display is a thing of the past and shouldnt be introduced now.


Unless you’re wearing glasses that magnify the image x100 you won’t tell any difference, if anything it allows them to enhance the picture in other ways. so Mr Magoo is the only one who need worry about this


This is massively exaggerated - people don't watch TV through a microscope.


Fake 4K TVs, really? I didn't know there was such a thing. That's pretty sneaky. Thanks for the heads up


Is sony 4k real? Because i dont want to go hisense


Look here's the thing, all things being equal (and not comparing a high-end Sony with budget range Techwood) anyone buying a 4k screen is likely to be very disappointed in the move from a full HD screen because the reality is unless you are sitting unnaturally close to the screen you will not see any benefit. In fact, with standard definition output (i.e. the majority of what's on TV) the picture could actually be worse than your old HD telly. It's only with genuine 4k output, a huge OLED screen with a 10/12 bit panel and true HDR (costing ££££s) that you're likely to start seeing something of an improvement and even then it's unlikely to be the resolution that's made the difference. It's colour and processing rates. To be arguing the toss over the imperceptible difference between 2.8k vs 4k is a nonsense. It's like the playground thing of saying infinity plus 1 beats infinity or having an amp that goes to 11. Resolution wise we could go to 16k and you won't notice any improvement in picture because the human eye just isn't good enough to process it. I'd go as far to say that the whole "4k experience" is totally wasted on 99% of the population based on the fact that hardly anyone sits close enough to the screen to appreciate it and the lack of 4k programming. Yes, you're future proofing your TV in one sense, but by the time shows and films catch up there'll be better alternatives out there in terms of your budget. My advice to most people thinking that they're missing out on the "4k revolution" would be to do nothing, save up and wait for the price of OLED screens to come down.


You said you could see the difference between the LG screen (a mere 2.8k) and 4k from more than 6 foot. I, along with science, says you can't.


Science can prove that 350hp is less than 500bhp, it can't prove that your eyesight is beyond that of an eagle.


I don't recall saying I could see each pixel? However I did say I can along with a lot of people see the "difference" between 4k and full hd. Can't see any good advice in recommending an LG ips faux 4k TV if you want an actual 4k screen it should at least have the required pixels, you wouldn't buy a 500hp car and accept it coming with 350hp. Or would you?


Thanks for the info might hold on and see if I can a decent Samsung


only their low end TVs are Vestel. their mid range and high end ones are real Panasonic. this is a midrange.


​As far as i know, Sony aren't doing this.... Yet! I was just saying that back in the day Sony and panasonic churned out the best tvs


whats this, about Sony as well? when did this start happening!


Agreed. What's the general consensus on who makes the best TVs nowadays, does anyone know?


Are these actually made by Panasonic or are they rebranded. Annoyed that panasonic went down this route. Along with Sony, They used to make the best TVs

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No 4k and being priced at £799 it doesn't seem like a very decent deal.


The linked review is dated June 2015, so it is relatively old for this price point.


These tvs are unlikely to be surplus or end of line. Not even available second hand on Amazon yet. First reviewed What Hi Fi in June 2016 so not that old. I have a similar Sony tv . Fantastic picture but takes ages to get the picture just right. Came with a 5 year warranty. Would I chance a graded set even if it was £200 cheaper. I dont think so.


Review http://www.whathifi.com/sony/kdl-65w855c/review Verdict The Sony KDL-65W855C is a tempting proposition. It’s not class-leading stuff, but we’re impressed with its blend of quality, features and price. If you’re not fussed about the latest bells and whistles, or you’re happy to wait until the dust settles on the latest format war, this is a great way to get a 65in screen for less than you might expect Graded Stock "Graded" televisions are items that High Street retailers can't sell on for various reasons. This may be because the TVs are surplus stock, end of line/discontined models, 30 day customer returns, unwanted gifts, or items with damaged packaging. When the TVs come into us at Electronic World they are technically tested, processed, repackaged and offered for sale. Before sale, all televisions undergo a comprehensive quality control process by our engineers. In the majority of cases the item will be supplied with its original packaging and will be "as new" - the items we sell are not used. If the original packaging is not supplied we will supply other secure packaging to keep the TV well protected in transit. All TVs sold on this website carry a 12 month 'return to base' warranty provided by ourselves (unless otherwise stated). Our guarantee on all of our products demonstrates our confidence in each and every product we sell. Upon collection the TV is unwrapped and you are given a demonstration of the TV for your peace of mind. This really is an amazing way to save hundreds off "Brand New" prices without sacrificing any of the quality or performance!


Could someone explain the business behind fake branding. OK I understand a company say like Blaupunkt doing this because their real company has died, so they've nothing to lose by making some £££ off selling their name to add cachet and value to cheap foreign tat. But I thought JVC still operates in other electronic sectors, still making top quality stuff... so why on earth would they risk their reputation for easy money in the short term? Same with Panasonic, I really don't understand what's going on :(


Personally I would avoid. Had a look at this in Currys & it just looked really cheap in terms of build quality. You'd be better off going for the 43 " Blaupunkt posted today (Tesco) or the 43" Seiki (AO.com)




Apparently not a good company as the goods are returns & are difficult to deal with. https://uk.trustpilot.com/review/www.electronicworldtv.co.uk

Lg 65ef950v 4K oled HDR £2299 @ electronicworld
Found 20th May 2016Found 20th May 2016
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Get it and then claim on your insurance


it is one of the best tvs available in the market. I dont know why people are giving cold votes to this tv?


Graded: As New I'd hate to see their definition of 'Good Condition'.


are the screen marks from the chav who stole it?


Well, if the TV costs £2k more without a hopefully tiny mark...


I bought 1 of these from Argos last year for £300 it said 1 hdmi port but once I opened the box it had 3 ports.


Please go away and get a life. I hope the spelling in that statement is correct and understandable you sad fool.


Go away troll (a troll (/ˈtroʊl/) is a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting arguments or upsetting people, by posting off-topic messages in an online community with the deliberate intent of provoking readers into an emotional response[2] or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion,[3] often for their own amusement..) It was merely a light hearted dig at your pedantic comment about the ' in the wrong place and obviously the "Sentance?", "Gaol" reference went over your head. Have your fun but not at my expense, I am sure you will have the last word. So welcome to the Biggysilly Ignore list.


Has 3 hdmi ports I've got the same tv from currys and also said it had 1 hdmi so I was surprised when it had 3 also I payed £350 for it , cracking tv for the money sound is good too


Good morning biggsilly, I'm not sure what you mean by troll, I'm just trying to help with your writing in English; I understand how difficult it is if it is not your first language (I have similar problems when I write in German). I think you should have included a comma between the two clauses in your first sentence. Note it is sentence and not sentance. There was no need for a question mark at the end of your first sentence (it was a statement, not a question), self-appointed is hyphenated and there is no need for a capital letter in police (it is not a proper noun in the context you have used it). Best wishes, O :-)


tv is good but the company is like you buying used one, don't count for much help


This will be one of the Panasonics with a Vestel panel. Check the reviews before you buy.


Thanks for that :D


collection locations :- Birmingham , London , Warrington , West Yorkshire , Essex.

50 Inch Lg Full HD £289.99 @ ElectronicworldTV
Found 22nd Apr 2016Found 22nd Apr 2016

Wouldn't recommend buying from these guys, a friend of mine got a tv from them and it broke down in the first week. Apparently it was brand new but it wasn't because the tv was all setup when he turned it on Took it back to em and they said they've got no record of purchase from them even though he has a receipt which was very strange, thankfully his bank reversed the payment through credit card Better going to richer sounds




The TVs is awesome I have the same on loads of stuff built in Can't guarantee what it will be like if not as I got my to from currys




​Any good?


RTB warranty on a 55" TV!!!!!!!!!!!


Is this a trustworthy site??


That review is for a different TV - this one unfortunately doesn't have WebOS.


Tech radar review: FOR It's seriously attractively designed Bright pictures look great webOS delivers brilliant smarts Magic remote works well AGAINST Below average native contrast Local dimming sometimes clumsy No ITVPlayer or 4OD High input lag That last one puts me right off!


Looks good! Seen it for £499 https://www.discountavdirect.co.uk/55-lg-55ub820v-4k-ultra-hd-freeview-hd-smart-led-tv-55ub820vclr


Closer to perfection is the Panasonic 65CZ950/952 but will set you back £8,000.


Just bear in mind that this range is not 'perfect' the picture demonstrates some issues as detailed below from a post on AVF Its one of those things that if you expect perfection you will likely be very disaapointed and paying £2-3.5k for a TV I am guessing most people expect damn near perfect viewing, just make sure before you buy you do your homework as some people have had 3-4 sets and sent them all back due to the issues they see on certain viewing (sports seems to be a problem too)


These should start to slowly drop in price now that the 2016 LG models have been announced. Article on HDTVTest here.


Really? The 65" for 2500? That's crazy. I saw it for 3699 in Currys/PC World/JL and thought that was a pretty good price. It's come down a lot!


out of stock


Been looking at this & another LG a good stretch of today. Still can't decide which one. But yes also saw this on Groupon... But unsure on warranties with them so may still order from Currys if I do.


Yeah 42" TVs have really gone down in price.


Yes, I have found also a deal on Groupon £279.00 for a new one.


op did mention as new in the titel, my bad.


I think because it is not brand new, something that should have been in the title, also the price is not great as brand new 42" lg was around 270 ish recently from argos plus a 10 pound voucher, that deal might still be on.


can you move the feet on the tv closer in


Anyone buy and receive ?


Be interesting to know if whoever ordered got there tv and delivery times, reading mixed reviews about the site


So has anyone ordered & received this tv?


I want this! I have a 46inch 1080p TV in my room at the moment but its getting old - the refresh rate is awfull. 4K looks fantastic!


I bought one of these.. so far all good.. picked it up from their Wembley depot..




Has anyone noticed that the companies Electronic World, Discount AV Direct and Cheap LED TV (there may be other ones too) all have the same address (208 Bromford Lane, Erdington, Birmingham) and phone number (0121 327 3273)? I get dubious when spending ~£700 that it is not all a big con? If you have bought stuff from them and have positive feedback, please feel free to share


Very interesting.Thanks for the info!


Love panasonic stuff


well what do you know a jervc lehcerder terv... gotta love fonejacker


"Why are our prices so low? We have a special place in the TV market because we buy LCD and Plasma TVs leading High Street Retailers can't sell. These TVs are classed as 'graded' and include end of line/discontinued TVs, TVs with damaged packaging, surplus stock and 30 day customer returns."


Price drop down to 899 £


TBH I don't have a cable/sat connection nor an antenna to test it. (don't wanna pay TV License -_-) BUT. If you wan't to watch split screen live TV and play HDMI 1/2/3/4 at the same time. Yes, that's possible. I use Skype and play PS3 at the same time. It's quite nice. "uh huh.. uh huh.. yeah mum; damn it ! who shot me?" lol, its fun!


Do you know if you can get picture and picture with the TV. (2 output on the same tv side by side (split screen))?


Unsurprisingly JL knocked back my price match request.


I was going to buy this but then read the reviews of the seller... They state, whether rightly or wrongly, that all items are returned to them under your own steam to one of their 6 branches. You then have to collect it from them when repaired. Most of their historical reviews on line are pretty scathing too, monies taken, no goods, ignored calls, false promises. Me? I would pay more and get better service. Or get a reputable retailer to look at their price as opposed to the refurbished one. Or look at the Sony refurbished store online. I ordered a 50" from them this afternoon with their 10% Valentine discount. Within 30 minutes I had an email stating thanks for the order and another email from the courier with a next day tracking number. As for AVForums, well... I've never met such a pious bunch of knobs. Especially their 'moderators'.