Eledees (Wii) £26.99 Preorder from ChoicesUK
Eledees (Wii) £26.99 Preorder from ChoicesUK

Eledees (Wii) £26.99 Preorder from ChoicesUK

£29.99 before using BEST10 10% dicount
+ Quidco!

Preorder it whilst it's cheap and you can always cancel it if you change your mind!

Metacritic gives it 74%, Metacritic users give it 8/10.

"Its a revolutionary game of hide and seek as players search high and low for Elebits, mischievous little creatures that are the source of the worlds power. Use the unique functionality of the innovative Wii controller to push, pull, lift and throw anything in the environment as you attempt to track down these playful little creatures. As they capture Elebits, players will be able to further interact with the environment, using them to provide power to different implements that will help them in their search."

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Good price, well spotted:thumbsup:

I put this to over 7 degrees what happened lol
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