Elements Rake - was £15 now just £5 @ Tesco Direct (free C&C)

Elements Rake - was £15 now just £5 @ Tesco Direct (free C&C)

Found 9th Aug 2015
Not a bad price for a seemingly good quality rake.
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Good find
tescos are raking it in
Ordered. Thanks OP
good price
It's now £5 on Amazon too.
Cheers op.
Everyone loves a cheap hoe ...oops sorry wrong post PeachiePie321
That reminds me of my mate who couldn't find the rake last week, and his misses was about to take a shower, and yelled up to her where's the rake, and she couldn't make out what he was saying, so he points to his eye, then points to his knee, and makes a raking motion, his misses is like what so he repeats it again "Eye-Knee-The-Rake"
His misses finally gets what he's saying, and signals back by pointing at her eye, then her left breast then her bum and finally her crotch.
Well, he thought there's no way he could even come close to that one, exasperated, he runs upstairs and said what the hell was that???
Cheers; just got one now.... low stock.
my girl friend seen this and said can you get this rake for us so I said I'll get it just leaf it up to me ...

just kidding I don't have a girlfriend
Ordered Sunday, should of been delivered to store Monday , said despatched, still no delivery Thursday , told to ring customer service, they said no deal and refunded , this is the second time this has happened with tesco direct .
Ditto wilky67 but the third time for me. Don't know why I bother really.
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