Elex [PS4/XO] £20.39 @ Base

Elex [PS4/XO] £20.39 @ Base

Found 14th Mar
Decent price drop on this game. Under £20 for PS4 and XBox now.

Edit - price £20.39 (15/03 @ 8:52am)
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heat well worth picking up at this price and being base you know you will get a game unlike the other deal
Coming down nicely. £10 for Easter I say.
Waiting for this to be £15 or thereabouts. In the meantime I'll work my way through the back catalogue.
Westwoodo1 h, 59 m ago

Coming down nicely. £10 for Easter I say.

Yeah, I'll wait until it is down to 10 quid.
£10 I’d bite
Not touching this out of principle. The promised patch for Pro and Xbox One X never materialised and any questions about it on official forum or FB are completely ignored as though the customers don't even exist. Not giving these guys a penny of my money.
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