Elf on the shelf dvd - £2.99 @ Argos

Elf on the shelf dvd - £2.99 @ Argos

Found 18th Oct 2013
This seems the best price delivered. For the dvd, next best price was £5+ also bought the Elf with the book cheapest price I found was the Book depository

And the adults book I got on play for £2.08 delevered from the USA.
All have got great reviews.

Sorry don't know how to add a pic
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Thank you
Is it a good film? Age suitability? Thanks x
Gets great reviews on Amazon - will be lovely to watch in the run up to Christmas. had an email today: only 10 Saturdays to go!!!!! Thanks OP.
The book is so expensive - love the idea of it though. Is it worth the money for a 6yo boy?
Hoping its worth the money for the book. My kids are 5 & 2. It depends on how long you want the magic of Xmas to go on for. I did think of just buying an elf and moving it about. But it comes with the story. And I think you can register it and do things on their on line site.

I guessing if you start now the kid may still like it even when they don't believe. But when they don't believe they won't get presents

The video is rated U.
Christoper Pop-in-kins are a little cheaper
Love the idea of this had never even heard of elf on a shelf until I seen this post, my children are 7 & 8 so wondering whether they are a little old for this now? Very tempted to order though as they do still believe thanks OP heat added
Ordered!! Thanks I have the book and have been moving the elf around every christmas for 3yrs and my son loves it!!!! Well worth the money in my opinion. The child is not allowed to touch the elf in the story as (if i remember rightly??) the elf loses its powers if he/she does. But every morning in the lead up to christmas my son is excited about coming downstairs to see where the elf has seated himself that night on his return from the North Pole. I think it just makes christmas more magical in the run up and a nice change from all the commercial junk around.

ps..my son is 9yrs old now and has already mentioned the elf and looking forward to him returning ;-)

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This will be a great gift for our elf to bring this year, thanks OP
Thanks op...ordered
does it come with the elf?
Ordered, cheers op!
Nope just DVD.

Ordered, pound stretcher also has them for 2.99 in store.
Lol shifting then in the uk after the US backlash where they creeped kids out.....
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