Elite Dangerous - Steam - PC and Mac OS for £4.99

Elite Dangerous - Steam - PC and Mac OS for £4.99

Found 16th Feb
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Not my kind of game... until I played it in VR! It's actually an incredible experience and well worth a go if you have a HMD to play with. Need a flight stick myself though, so that's nect on the list.
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Great game for a fiver, wow.
This seems to always be a fiver these days. Still not bought it to test my Thrustmaster..
Great game recommend you get the commander pack which includes horizons for the extra content. Beware there is a learning curve to new players make sure you play the tutorials.

Its the only only game I really play now. See you in the black o
My lad has put hours and hours in on this game in VR and for this price it’s a must !.
Fair price for the game, sadly it has no more depth than the original Elite games, which at the time where amazing but by modern standards it's not enough to keep me engaged, too much of a grind. Very pretty game tho. A £5 anyone should get good value out of this.
Shame its not as cheap on Xbox :-(
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