Elite hard anodised four piece set - Debenhams was £200 now £80 delivered (use codes) + Quidco

Elite hard anodised four piece set - Debenhams was £200 now £80 delivered (use codes) + Quidco

Found 25th Sep 2009
Steel Elite Circulon hard anodised four piece set

Circulon Elite hard anodised four piece set

The circulon elite set is made from hard anodized metal which is twice as strong as stainless steel. This product was on sale at the higher price in six debenhams stores.

* Set includes: 3 x saucepans and 1 x frypan
* Non-stick easy clean exterior
* Close fitting stainless steel and glass lids
* Hard anodized
* Dimensions: 1 x 16 cm saucepan, 18 cm saucepan, 1x 20 cm saucepan and 1x 20 cm frypan
* Capacities: 1.9 litre, 2.8 litre and 3.8 litres
* Not suitable for induction hobs
i know it was only 6 weeks ago that these were posted - even cheaper then!!
still one of the best priced - quality anodised pan sets you can get
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Was £220 now £100???
I really like Circulon pans; I have a large casserole and a frying pan and they are excellent.
Worth every penny as they are less likely to burn as the heat is distributed evenly/ easier to clean

Worth every penny, just do not put them into the dishwasher, like what my Wife done with ours
I bought the same set a couple of years ago for around this price with Debenhams offer codes and it was the best purchase ever because they still look like new. Fantastic pans - I particularly like the way things cook really quickly and without much oil/butter with the lid closed because it's such a good fit, must keep the steam in well.

Just don't put them in the dishwasher as someone has already said and obviously don't use metal utensils with them.

I found the frying pan quite small in my set but not sure if it's the same size as this - am guessing it is because the lid of the largest pan fits my frying pan too. Ok if there are only a couple of you, just don't be expecting to fry more than 2 or 3 eggs at a time :-D

Oh actually, just noticed that this set has glass lids, even better because mine are just steel so definitely worth some heat! :thumbsup:
You don't anodize steel.
I can't get them at this price :-(

Code won't work....
Working now...my fault...doh
voted hot thanks op !
To be honest, I never believe the retailers "was" prices on these kind of items. So, ill not vote hot or cold either way. They look good pans though.
"twice as strong as stainless steel" - yeah maybe.........but its never the stainless steel part that breaks is it?
4% Quidco too

Decisions, decisions..... are these REALLY worth £80?

4% Quidco tooDecisions, decisions..... are these REALLY worth £80?

I'd say they are. At £20 each they compare very favourably with Tefal pans of which many are now not much less than £20 either. The materials are far superior than the steel used in Tefal non stick pans. In fact, I have found Meyer is a name I can trust almost with my eyes closed. Whether it be Anolon, Circulon or Prestige, everything Meyer I have bought has been reliable, tough and has always provided great results.
I have had a set of these for 3 years and they still look like new. Was looking for another set so will buy these. Cracking deal!
Ordered Saturday, arrived this morn (Monday) for £80 with free delivery. Bargain. Thanks!

I can't get them at this price :-( Code won't work....

Which code do you use?:?
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