Elizabeth Arden Eight 8 hour cream £2.99 @ Savers

Elizabeth Arden Eight 8 hour cream £2.99 @ Savers

Found 20th Apr 2015
I found this 30ml bottle of Eight hour cream by Elizabeth Arden in Savers in Stourbridge, it's just different packaging to the one I am used to but the same product. I normally pay £14.99 for a 50ml so this was a steal. I regret only buying 2 now though!

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Thanks for sharing this deal, its hot. X)
go back & raid the shelves op :-)
Well done for not being greedy like some on here
Saw this tonight in Redcar Savers so this might be nationwide.
HEAT, brilliant product, fantastic price.

Might be in superdrug at this price if you have no savers near you
was this on the shelves or at the perfume counter please? need to send the other half to look as I'm not well!
What do you use ths for please
What do you use ths for please
This offer is also available in Luton, they also have the hand cream.
I generally use it for my lips and as a heavy duty nigh cream for when my skin is dry. It is basically a high quality universal cream
I just bought one of these today but I'm not sure... Is it always this greasy and smelly or have I stumbled across a fake?! oO
It is potent and is very greasy. For me it is a great night time cream for face, elbows, knees and hands. The trade off os that you do need to change sheets every other day. On a daytime.basis, it is a great lip balm. Personally i think it is worth it. It is definitely a heavy duty cream, it is an u market petroleum jelly but should.smell a bit more fragrant.
Found some in the Savers branch in Hamilton.
but there are 24 hours in a day... would i have to use this three times day?
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