Elle macpherson knickers, lots of styles available £2.30 brandalley

Elle macpherson knickers, lots of styles available £2.30 brandalley

Found 19th Oct 2016
Pretty knickers, lots of styles available
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Very nice indeed lol
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Just nice Xmas present that's all!!!!!!
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Lol, wishful thinking???
Won't she miss them?
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Yuk thought!
regulary oO


Try ebay - there is a flourishing market in secondhand clothing, including items similar to this, but no guarantee of celebrity use, only some old sl*pper making a few bob.
Descriptions usually go along the lines of ' sent in unmarked packaging, vacuum sealed'...... just so there's no doubt about what has happened to them in the past or future - ebay tried clamping down on the blatantly obvious stuff, but as they need all the money they can get, turn a blind eye to it I suppose.
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oOoOoOoO that is not nice
getting into Elle McPherson's knickers..?
OH, YES!!!
Looks like comments are being censored and taken off...
Will this site end up like other review sites.... who only want 5 star postings and sod the rest of the comments
The deal has expired now, any left are £10.
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