Ellert Roasted Peanut Puffs 140g £1.46 BOGOF @ Tesco

Ellert Roasted Peanut Puffs 140g £1.46 BOGOF @ Tesco

Found 12th Dec 2008
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im off to tesco tomorrow 2 get some, buy one get one free.
Taste like peanut butter not nutella!

Taste like peanut butter not nutella!

nicked the deal off ur thread . . .
Sold out in my Tesco. :x

They're really good as well...you will eat the whole bag and then feel sick :roll: About a zillion calories as well...feel your arteries furring up with every crunch!

Always buy these when in the Canaries....I guess they sell them there for zee Germanz, as they seem to be a German thing!
I remembering buying something very similar to this many years ago when I was in Germany, and they were fantastic:)
I could never find anything similar here in the UK.
I'm off to Tesco tomorrow to get some.
Out of curiosity does anybody remember pubs selling curried peanuts
they were sold on those cardboard holders and there were soooo nice.

One of the big peanut companies knocked them out - but I never see them
anymore which is a damn shame !!

ps. they were not chilli peanuts or any of those types sold in Tesco etc.
these are really good!...
I brought a few bags from Portugal in November as my kids love them...
Well worth a try...
The Peanutty-Wotsit!!...
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