Ellie Goulding - Bright Lights CD £5.99 @ amazon

Ellie Goulding - Bright Lights CD £5.99 @ amazon

Found 24th Dec 2010
'Bright Lights' is a re-release of English singer-songwriter Ellie Goulding's debut album 'Lights', although it includes seven new tracks. 'Lights' was initially well received by many critics, and reached the top of the UK Album Charts. However, Goulding's cover of Elton John classic 'Your Song', which is only featured on the 'Bright Lights' release, was her best performing single from either edition of the album.

1. Guns And Horses
2. Starry Eyed
3. This Love (Will Be Your Downfall)
4. Under The Sheets
5. Writer, The
6. Every Time You Go
7. Wish I Stayed
8. Your Biggest Mistake
9. I'll Hold My Breath
10. Salt Skin
11. Lights
12. Human
13. Little Dreams
14. Home
15. Animal
16. Believe Me
17. Your Song [bonus track]

amazon review:
I have the original, but felt the need to buy this too. Ellie has one of the most distintive voices in music today and is a fantastic song writer. Usually albums have around three good tracks and the rest just fades into obsurity. Not this one.

This is about as good an album in the genre as you will find. How 'This Love' (will be your downfall) never ended up being released as a stand alone single is beyond me. I think it's the best song I have heard in 2010.

Her cover of 'Your Song' has earnt her even more plaudits and rightfully so. I have also had the delight of seeing Ellie perform live. 'Lights' 'The Writer' 'Starry Eyed' and 'Guns and Horses' all stand out and the latter really set the tone of the album, before you are taken on a real musical rollacoaster of heart felt emotion, musical sounds and voice inflection.

This album is 10/10 and the sound of 2010. I can't wait for her next offering in March 2011


Does anyone else find her so annoying you just want to scream everytime you see or hear her?

Just me then?

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LOL must be mate, i love her 2 bits
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