ELONEX 2GB,320GB Desktop PC inc 20" TFT monitor - £206.74 delivered @ ASDA !

ELONEX 2GB,320GB Desktop PC inc 20" TFT monitor - £206.74 delivered @ ASDA !

Found 12th Apr 2008Made hot 12th Apr 2008
Looks a good spec for the price, esp with the 20" monitor :

AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+ Dual Core Processor Processor
2024MB DDR 2 667Mhz RAM Memory
320GB Hard Disk Hard drive
256mb Nvidia 6100 PCI Express Graphics (SMA) Graphics
20inch Flat Widescreen TFT display (1440*900) + In Screen Size
Microsoft Windows XP Home OS Provided
18x DVD Rewriter Multiformat (+/-) Drive & DVD Disc Drive
Multi Format Card Reader / Writer (13 in 1) Card Reader
Surround sound
Microsoft Keyboard & Optical Mouse Included Accessories


£11.75 delivery charge... nevertheless, looks good deal to me !

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Thanks, will include delivery cost in future!

Has to be a misprice. If not then its a great deal.

You mean ASDA be a misprice surely?
I have absolutely no need for yet another pc (2pc's htpc and laptop are more than enough!) but i'm still tempted to order! Even comes with 3 year warranty!

Good find - just ordered one

Brilliant deal - must absolutely fly with a AMD 6000+ and Win Xp !

£206 in total, right?

Isnt this one hell of a deal or is it just me??

that processor alone is worth 100 pounds, just google it!
20 inch TFT screens with a decent resolution are easily worth over 100 pounds right?

Ace deal, even better than the HP £50 cashback one from Dec last year - faster CPU and comes with a moniter too!

Hot hot hot

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Looks like this may be a misprice, you could not buy the parts to build that PC for that money.., sorry for posting this if it is a misprice, I thought it was genuine


only trouble is these are made to order by Elonex so if it's a misprice which it is you wont get them:whistling:

just orderd one. seems a bargain.
intersting though, if you google it, there are other sellers offering it for about the same price.
MAy be an Elonex clean out, or error.
We will see.

It says "ordered on request", does that mean they are now sold out?


Cracking deal that is.. Trying to order one but cant get to the payment page on the site.


only trouble is these are made to order by Elonex so if it's a misprice … only trouble is these are made to order by Elonex so if it's a misprice which it is you wont get them:whistling:

really? how come its also available here:



Cracking deal that is.. Trying to order one but cant get to the payment … Cracking deal that is.. Trying to order one but cant get to the payment page on the site.

You must be using firefox then try IE works with that

jammed O_O

Same offer and price here. Miller have free delivery but all in price the same. Are Miller part of Asda?


Will this play call of duty?

Will this easily handle Adobe Photoshop/Premier etc etc?

How good is this graphics card? Etc.


Looks like a misprice but I'll order one anyway, more in hope than expectation though. Wonderful deal if it happens to be real.

I'd consider changing the case, its gastly!

Gotta be a pricing mistake.

Asda's electricals is run by QED and you search for "ELONEX" on the site both the intel one wil show up at £499


Go through miller and get quidco cash too!!

Worthwhile buying it through Miller Bros instead? 4% QuidCo cashback compared to the 2.5% (I believe) offered through ASDA.

EDIT: Too late

Its official: the Asda website has crashed lol

Can't seem to get in lol

anyone know how good the monitor is? I mean what's its response time?

Not working here either lol, looked like a fab deal worth buying even if just stripping for parts.


has to be bargain of the year.

You could buy this, strip it and sell the parts for at least £100 profit on fleabay.

site seems like it's working again now.

EDIT: No it's not!

Interesting because an almost identical Intel processor'd one is selling on Asda's site for almost £500!!

Type 'elonex' in search bar, sorry cant post link sit seems to be 'stuck'!

And like someone already stated the AMD ones are not in stock whereas the Intel ones are.....little hope I would guess, but good luck to those that try, I picked up the HP one before Christmas and thought that was a misprice.....excellent machine


well my 12 are on order

well i have dug a little and found this review:

"I bought this system back in August from ASDA electricals (on behalf of Elonex) for £464.95 (+ £12 delivery charge) with standard 1 yr warranty. The system arrived 3 days later. Around that time only and at that price I got AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+ Dual Core Processor, integrated 256mb PCI Express Graphics card and 7.1 Surround Sound, 2GB DDR2 667Mhz RAM, 320GB Maxtor DiamondMax 21 SATA-II Hard Disk, 18x Samsung DVD-Rewriter Multiformat inc. dual layer, 20" LCD monitor with speakers, Multi-Card Reader, Microsoft Keyboard & Optical Mouse. The Operating system (OS) is XP Home (XP Pro would be nice, XP Pro 64-bit even better). All software and drivers are pre-installed. The system is ready to run and doing well until one day I wanted to install some foreign fonts for my web browsers. It asked for the system CD-ROM and it is missing! So I contacted ASDA to get one that I am entitled to. By law, any pre-installed OS should come with a CD-ROM (either original or OEM back up copy from supplier). To cut this bit short (please see my other review of ASDA Electricals for more interesting details), it took me 54 days to get this CD-ROM. ASDA staff are helpful however Elonex support failed 3 times (yet claimed that they have, eventually got found out) to send out the CD-ROM. The CD-ROM is an OEM back up copy with the Elonex logo on it.
This system is fast (image dual core + 2GB RAM + 256MB video ram), good for high end graphics and gaming. I stored a lot of my family photos and videos in this machine and it is much much faster than my older one (Pentium 3 with 1.5GB RAM + 128MB vRAM). The SATA -II hard drive is reasonable fast as well. For wireless connection it has got a D-link 802.11G wireless network card for your wireless router.
Also, it has built-in fast ethernet 10/100 network card for cable connections (router or other PC). 6 USB 2.0 port (2 at the front for easy access and others for printer, scanner, webcam etc). Also, it has a firewire port as well (for some camcorder, external hard disk etc). The MCP61PM2MA motherboard only got 2 PCI slots and one is occupied by the D-link card. Only one left for either a PCI modem (dialup back up) for others e.g. more USB ports + firewire ports, more powerful PCI graphics cards. There is however AGP slot for extra graphics cards. For the fan noise, it is quieter and lower pitch than my old one and only cool air is pumping out from the back and the side, not hot air that will cause problem to your painted wall for a long period.
Back to the price, ASDA had taken the system off for a while since I complained to them about the missing OS CD-ROM. Perhaps there are too many customers complaining about missing CD-ROM from this batch. Then a few weeks later after I bought the sytem, ASDA put it back on their website but @ the current price of £648.98 with 3 years warranty (special offer at that time). Now the 3 yrs warranty is gone and the price is still @ £648.98. I am very glad that I bought it early even though it took me 54 days to retrieve a CD-ROM. For 464.95 you can now get the lower spec: Intel Core 2 Duo E4400 Processor (slower than the AMD 6000+), 512MB RAM and
250GB Hard Disk, 128mb PCI Express Graphics, 19inch LCD monitor. Well, watch its price in January and you may see another bargain. The system is so far so good. "

So we now know that it is a SATAII h/drive and the motherboard is a foxconn. saying that if you look at the motherboard, its a PCI-E, not AGP as stated above, which is better.

Now hoping its not just a wait for dissapointment and usual email about missprice. (damn you amazon fishing rods)


miller is painfully slow

both websites are not responding..

Come on miller get to the checkout page

At least MSE aren't onto it aswell.. then it would be a looot slower.

Miller simply will not add to basket

Got asdas website page open and millers but no response.

Mine in Miller basket but can't get to payment .Tick tick tick
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