Elonex 700EB eBook Reader – 7" Colour Screen – Play Movies & Music £70 @ Asda Direct
Elonex 700EB eBook Reader – 7" Colour Screen – Play Movies & Music £70 @ Asda Direct

Elonex 700EB eBook Reader – 7" Colour Screen – Play Movies & Music £70 @ Asda Direct

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This was submitted by whizzkid just over a month ago but has been out of stock ever since. It has just come back in stock tonight so I thought I would submit it again as it is such a bargain for a 7" Colour eBook reader.

Note that this is not a e-ink reader but a colour TFT screen. However, there are pros and cons to each format. If you want the ability to read at night without having a light on, I believe this to be better. If you need an ebook reader for outdoor daylight reading, then a Kindle or similar e-ink device would be better. The ability to play music and videos seems an added bonus too! You pays your money....

I've decided to get one for myself as it seems ideal for my purposes and at this price I can't see anything that comes close at the moment! I will update this post with a review when it arrives. There are only 4 reviews so far on the Asda website, although they are all 5 stars, so it must be doing something right I suppose.

Edit: Standard delivery is £4.95.


Comes with access to over 1 million FREE eBooks, the Elonex 700EB eReader allows you to discover new and read your favourite books, which can be stored on its 2GB (up to 2000 books) internal memory or on additional storage via an SD card. You can view videos and photos on its 7ins LCD Colour Screen and also listen to music through either the 2.5mm headphone jack or its internal speakers with a minimum of 7 hours rechargeable battery life.

7ins LCD Colour Screen
800 * 480 Resolution (16:9)
Books / Movies / Music / Photos
PDF & ePub
AVI, XVID, MPEG-1, H.264 video Playback
MP3, WMA, WAV audio playback
2.5mm headphone Jack & External Speakers
2GB Built in Storage
Additional Storage via SD
Min 7 –8 hours battery life
Includes access to website with over 1 Million FREE eBooks

Screen Size (inch) 7 Inches
Memory Card Slot SD/MMC (supports up to 16GB Card)
Battery Life (hrs) Audio 10hrs via headphone, Video 4 hrs, Book reading 8 hrs
Weight 350g
Software Included DRM eBooks and freeBooksePub& PDR with reflow Contains Reader� Mobile technology
Dimensions (WxDxH in cm) 134 x 208x 13mm
Speakers Included Integrated Speaker

Remember aslo Quidco cashback , currently 8% for asda direct purchases
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Has this got wifi built into it?

Original Poster

No, unfortunately it doesn't have WiFi. Anything you want to put on it either has to be done via USB cable from your PC or by putting it onto a memory card.


Has this got wifi built into it?


thats a bit of shame, it would have been good if it had wifi. Well it would have been ebtter for my use. Seems a good deal on the whole anyway so heat added.

Can this read .txt files? this better or sovos ereader on play.com for £69? can anyone help?

This looks good. Any ideas on where to browse some example book titles?

Why does the title say £70 when it's £79.99?

Also doesn't include postage in the final price so it's actually £83.95 delivered.


Can this read .txt files? this better or sovos ereader on play.com for … Can this read .txt files? this better or sovos ereader on play.com for £69? can anyone help?

Yes it plays TXT very well and Epub & PDF

Interesting company - got the elonex tv digital photo screen a while back dirt cheap, good it is

I bought one of these last time it was posted.... you can get them delivered to your local store for free delivery so £79.99 is the price you pay. I have used mine virtually every day since I had it - Doesn't need to be wifi as very straightforward to copy your books from a PC using the cable.
Have tested it with the memory card for films and it seems to play them fine - can use the earpiece provided, though the reader does have a small speaker inside it! I particulary like the fact you can turn the brightness right down at night and read in bed without disturbing your wife / husband!

@ errolevans

Any chance you can get some clolseup pics so we can see how it looks. Thanks

Original Poster

Well, I've been using mine for a few days so I thought I would post and let you know how it's going.

The first surprise was not having a mains charger in the box! To be fair, it didn't state that there was one but it still didn't really occur to me that there wouldn't actually be one included! So charging is done by plugging the device into the PC by the included USB cable. Great if you are out and about with access to a PC! Failing that, I do have one of those mains plugs with a USB socket on it so I can charge it that way myself.

The device looks good and solid in terms of build quality and the screen is nice and clear. Ebooks can be placed onto the device itself, there is approx 1.7GB of free space on it. Alternatively, you can also put them onto an SD Card and the device automatically updates the library with any added books. The books I have tried so far are just EPUB and TXT, I haven't got any other formats to test at this time, but all books displayed perfectly without having to convert any with Calibre etc.

Movies play perfectly! Or rather, I have watched 3 movies so far and they all play great when they are stored on the device itself. However, 1 of the movies played with stutter when I played it from the SD Card. Once I copied it to the device it played fine. It could just be a size issue as the movie was about 1.5GB in size, although I suspect that the speed of the SD Card was the problem. Get a Class 6 speed or better and it may well do the trick, but I haven't got anything other than my cheapo SD Card to try. The most surprising news regarding the movies is the fact that subtitles work! I put a .srt file with the same name as the movie name onto the device alongside the movie file and they just automatically show up. I can't find any way to turn them off if you don't want to show them other than not putting the .srt file on in the first place.

Music plays fine, as you would expect I suppose. It does show album art too, which was a bonus and forward/rewind seeking is also available. I've only tried mp3 files so far.

The only bad point I can really make is with regards to the display of the books in the library. I would've preferred to be able to sort into folders, say authors, then just display books by that author. Instead it will display every single book on the device or card. It will sort by author, but that is alphabetically so if you want a book by Yeats, you could have a lot of scrolling before you get there!

Having said that, the device is quick and responsive and is a pleasure to use. If all you need is an ebook reader especially suited to reading indoors or at night without disturbing others and a device that also happens to play movies and music too, then this is a very good product to own.

Note: This is all just my opinion of course!

Out of stock!

Original Poster

Back in stock again!

Can someone please say if it will display any Microsoft file formats such as:
Powerpoint (.ppt)
Word (.doc)
Excel (.xls)
and DJVU files?


got one from asda 2 days ago and wow what a great peice of kit for the price.

Ok I've got an Ipod and Ipad and yes it's not one of them and it doesn't pretend to be.

It's just longer than a DVD case and about as wide.

Got a usb charger for my phones/ipods etc so no big issue there. Will charge and play when connected to the pc if you click disconnect hardware in windows and leave it connected.

OK GOOD NEWS well this is now a 4GB unit, yup says 2 on website and 4GB on the box big plus for me.

I don't use ebooks but it had a few installed oliver twist etc.

I wanted it for PDF,emags, Video, Music and photos.

PDF's work fine, not as slick as the Ipad but a fith of the price. A big pdf with pics can take time to load / render but txt or black and white files are fast. Zoom is by clicking and you need to be back to 100% to turn the pages but again I can live with that for the price.

VIDEO, well it plays all I threw at it including 1080p mov files, yes 1080p, it was an Imax demo too.
flv, mkv, avi (xvid), wmv, mov, VOB, mp4, mpeg, mpg, m4v (ipod). great for youtube downloads or dvd rip.
Must have vlc under the bonnet? all sound etc ok no lag.

Music is fine with MP3, show album, artist etc and you can listen and read.

Photos were very good, the screen is not the best but it does what it says on the tin. Thumbnails and slide show, rotation etc.

Can't comment on msoffice files not tried them and no app to read them as I can see.

This is a stand alone unit and for the price this is a great piece of kit. Don't expect an ipad speed but be patient and it will do what you want. No apps to download etc it only uses adobe digital edition for buying books and transfering to the device. Plug it in the pc and it's like a flash drive for drag and drop. I made folders for video, photo, music, pdf and it finds them all.

16GB max SD slot, crap headphones included just bin them and get a good set, works great with my Bose set. 3.5mm jack.

EBOOKS work great if thats what you want bright and clear.

The 1080p video looks as good as the Ipad I got my son. Would I rather have the Ipad then yes for power, net and apps etc but no for the 10inch size. I find the 7inch screen much more portable.

This is not a crapy netbook, it's a fantastic piece of kit for the price that works.

I am thinking of buying one too, have been toying between this and the kindle 3.

ok quick update

tried a few other file format for documents.

msword doc, excel, powerpoint ppt, don't work as i expected

Djvu and CBR don't work

txt files look good

** no delivery charge if collected from a selected store**

Getting use to it now and still very pleased :-)

You have just convinced me to get one

I have just ordered one to using quico to get cashback, am looking forward to using it and I want to use the digital library to get books. Coffee man, you seem very savvy with all of this, is it better than you expected?

I toyed with getting the kindle 3, my mum in law got one and the screen looked amazing, but the web browsing was very dark. If only kindle did drm protected rpubs, then I may have got one. Mind you, I only read at night in bed for a few hours so think the elonex will be the better buy.

Anyone managed to find a case to fit this?

Nope, but they do show one on the elonex website at the bottom of all the specs. You could always email them to see where to get it from.

Many thanks to you the coffee man for answering the question.
I have been waiting for a colour ebook reader to appear on the market which will also read powerpoint slide presentations. This looked like a suitable device to do all that. Apple ipad is outside my budget. It is probably better suited to business professionals and alike.
If anyone know of a similar product with support for additional file formats, it will be of help to me as well as many students in universities as more and more taught courses are moving away from lecture handouts to electronic formats.
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a couple of answers for those who posted.

With regard to the case I was given an old car documents folder the other day and it works a treat, the one you get the manual in when you buy a car. I',m going to add a stand to it as well.

I've seen a video on the net where you can take an old hardbacked book and rip the pages out from the spine then add a bit of elastic and Bling it up as you please... I may still have a go at that.

Do I think it was better than expected then the simple answer is YES, I stuck a (720p)HD clip of the Boss and Glastenbury on a cheap 4GB micro sd card (with an sd adapter) and it plays great. it was rocking through my car speakers as I sat waiting to pick my son up tonight.

AIYE - what you need is a netbook. All the Ipad alternatives have issues (Iped etc) emachines had an xp netbook in asda for £150 before xmas. As soon as you mention the word "office" i would forget e-readers. A windows 7 mobile phone mey be too expensive for you but some smart phones do offer office viewing apps and you may get one second hand??

This reader is not built like a tank, it will need looking after, the buttons are plastic etc it still feels ok though, and you get a great spec for the price.

just orderd a couple of 8GB SD cards from 7dayshop too

Thanks coffee man, I have an old ford car manual holder so may give that a go. Have you got the link for the video of the hardback book thingy? I am looking forward to using it for not only ebooks from the library and also the odd movie and music. I have heard that it is good at night to turn the text to white and the background to black and turn brightness down to 10%. Still can read but willl not affect the missus sleep!

Once I have got mine, I will write a review on here. How much were the 8gb sd cards from 7dayshop?

Cheers for all of your input and great help.


Hi Cat

One cover guide was here ***instructables.com/id/…se/ just move your mouse over the pics and you'll get the idea.

I paid about £10 for the 8gb sd card you don't need a fast read/write one but the faster the better as it will help the reader. It does support new type SD cards as well (sdhc i think it's called).

Another good thing I found out today was that you can copy from the e-readers HD to the SD card.
So if you have a document/video/book/MP3 you want to share with a friend with an e-book (my mate has the 5" model) then just pop there SD card in your book, use file browser and select copy and then paste it to the card. (_;)

For info the 500EB is the same spec but smaller screen and different button layout.

Pushed it a bit with a 160mb pdf with lots of picture in it. It worked ok but you need to be patient with it and zooming will take longer. A smaller pdf of about 35mb change page with a click.


Cheers Tom

Maybe worthwhile keeping in touch as I could always email you some epubs and pdfs etc. and vice versa. I have had a play with the 500eb and it seem ok, havent even seen the 700eb, mind you it would have been good if they had released the 710eb (as on youttube) that had touch screen wifi and web browser. I will check out the link you said about. I also am looking into cracking drm epubs as well to use. I am going to get a 16 gig or 2 8's so that I can keep 8gb of music and 8 gig of movies with me at all times. You never know when you may need it! The 4gb on the reader will be dedicated mostly to books.

Was the 160mb pdf a comic or something?



Hi Cat

it was the 2D Artist magazine,the HQ version so a very large image content.

Wifi and Web would be a big plus towards the ipad but eveything I've read is bad news for the cheaper versions regards to reliability. Not just Elonex but every other sub £200 device.
For £200 you could get a good netbook with xp.

Windows 7 devices are emerging but the software price is inflating the costs.

Microsoft have stopped supplying XP for netbooks so supply will dry up soon.

DRM for ebooks lol the cheaper version is the local library and a scanner (_;)

Using printscreen on the pc 300 times my be pushing it but it will work lol

You can print documents/web pages etc to pdf for free with Bullzip pdf printer
if the ebook allows you to print then you're cooking on gas.

Converting video and audio can be done with winFF for free too.

let me know how you get on


As a device this sounds quite amazing, but it is not really an ebook reader. It uses normal screen tech rather than e-ink, meaning that you will still get headaches and eye strain from reading books on it, like you do with a computer screen.

Onlineo..... It all depends on your usage of a e reader... you are right it hasn't got e ink but I only read at night for about an hour maximum. We all sit on here and the web for more than that with a backlit screen! I looked at the kindle 3 (loved the screen) but don't want to fork out another £50 for light, and it is not that good as a web browser.

To re-clarify this "is" an e reader, it supports the right formats but also has the added bonus of being able to play videos, pictures and music!

Tom, thanks for your responses I will send you my private email addy on here to keep in touch, I pick mine up tomorrow!


Oops OP have some heat I forgot in all the excitement!

Picked mine up from ASDA this evening, impressed so far. I am reading at medium letter size and I do not need to reduce it to normal when changing pages. I have tried a couple of music tracks and videos and it is excellent with headphones, not so good with the built in speakers but I kinda expected that. I have put some photos on it as well. The biggest complement is from my wife who thinks it was a good buy

Cool Jayok

I got mine and stupidly tried to upload the firmware....

Picture this...

Took i out it of its box and thought wow, looks good. Read a few pages of the books already installed on it, thought ... impressive.

Then hooked it up to computer, it recognised the device ... no problems.

Then thought I would download the firmware update from elonex, and followed the instructions, there was no Elonex-700EB-FW1217.img file but another img file, so just thought that this must be the updated version. Did everything that I should have, only to find that the software then froze and wouldnt allow me to do anything else! My computer then stated that it did not recognise the drivers and the hardware, so then could not proceed with upload! This resulted in me ringing elonex support (pathetic) who then proceeded to send me links to the 500eb to sort it out, then links to the 700 firmware. When I finally went back to them to say that this had all not worked, they said send it back, the firmware update is dodgy! So my ereader that I got this morning had to go back this afternoon as faulty! That has resulted in 4 x trips (each way) to eastleigh so covered approx 52 miles and they wouldnt exchange it, saying that because it was over £50 I would need to send it back myself! I kicked up a fuss and they refunded me the money. Now have to re-order again from Asda... but the refund may take 7 days to hit my bank.

Am gutted, was looking forward to this and it crashed, oh well will get another and elonex said to me on the phone, avoid doing the firmware update, ring them before to see if it is ok!

I would be damn annoyed. I never even thought of updating the firmware and I will avoid it

I wish I hadn't of updated mine too, it would have still been here! I cannot believe that Elonex have stated to me NOT to run the firmware.

Let me know Jayok how you get on with it, I am going to wait for the refund before re-ordering.
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Hi Cat

Have been away a couple of days.

I saw the update on the site before I bought it but to be honest forgot about it at first.
It was when I was sat with my friend who has the 500 and discussed how good they were both working I mentioned I'd forgot.
We both paused and said

's*d that, not updating until it won't do something' having been through many microsoft etc pains.

so from your probs it looks like we did the right thing.

Elonex customer service is zero which was the right thing to do by going back to the shop.
I did know this before I bought and you've confirmed it.

7 day refund?? shocking that is.


Yes Tom

Totally gutted by the lack of service from Elonex, and you were right not to update! I am going to wait until refund back then order one again. So will let you know what I think of it, once I get my head round not doing the firmware update!

Have a good weekend, did you get my PM message to you?


pm? oh will need to locate that lol

Hi Tom

Sent you private message in your inbox on here, so we can keep in touch about the elonex, I have just ordered another one.... better luck with this one I hope! I have also written some reviews on Asda, as the specifications on there were wrong.


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