Elonex ONEt+ Notebook Bundle - Black/White  £89.99  @ Bargain Crazy

Elonex ONEt+ Notebook Bundle - Black/White £89.99 @ Bargain Crazy

Found 15th May 2009
Just found this:


* 400MHz Processor
* 2GB Storage
* 128MB Ram
* Full QWERTY keyboard, mousepad and mouse
* 7" Widescreen LCD Display
* 3x USB 2.0 Ports
* 1x SD Card Slot
* 1x RJ45 Network Port

In the box you'll find:

* Elonex ONEt+
* User Manual
* Retractable USB Mouse
* 1GB USB Wrist Vault
* Earphones / Mic
* Neoprene Slip Case
* USB Multi-Memory Card Reader

Price comes up at £99.99 - use the voucher code WAA1 to get a further £10 off


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Oh poops - it never showed up when I entered Bargain Crazy

are these any good

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are these any good

Haven't a clue - seen a lot of people slating them because they arent all singing and dancing.

I just want one to connect to the net wirelessly and browse and check emails (then there doesnt have to be a big fight over whose using the PC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Anyway - deal is still on

Short answer, no they're not.

Long answer, the processor is appalingly bad, the mouse control device (it's not a trackpad, not entirely sure what to call it, kinda a thumb joystick thingy) is terrible, it's Linux only as far as I know, memory and storage are very low and it's only got a 7 inch screen. A few months ago it would have been a bargain at this price but with full-blown Atom netbooks starting for about £50 more with good processors, better battery life, bigger screens, far more storage and memory and better looks it's massively outclassed nowadays.

thanks think will keep looking

Unfortunately these are only able to run a custom, cut down, version of Linux and so don't carry as much software as other small computers. Atom net-books are a much better alternative so spend the extra.

Not so sure about this though (from the website):-

Non-returnable under our Approval Guarantee once installed or connected. … Non-returnable under our Approval Guarantee once installed or connected. Your statutory rights are not affected. Please refer to the FAQ'S for further details on returns.

If I connect this to my network and the network card in the machine doesn't work, this implies that I can't return it as faulty. Plus, "installed" can mean so many things, when you plug a computer into the power, it's installed.
I always get nervous when I see "Your statutory rights are not affected." It usually means "Legally, we can't do what we just said but we can get away with it if you don't know your statutory rights."
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