Eltax CR-550 MP3 Tuner with SD & USB Ports - Black + 300w 6x9"s -£67.59

Eltax CR-550 MP3 Tuner with SD & USB Ports - Black + 300w 6x9"s -£67.59

Found 1st Mar 2007
Eltax CR-550 - Black
The Eltax CR-550 is simply a fantastic stereo at a fantastic price. It has all the features you would expect from a standard stereo such as MP3 CD playback, 30 tuner presets, a really clear display and it is very good looking. This stereo also has the added funcationality of being able to read from a USB stick, USB MP3 player and an SD/MMC card making it so easy to get your music into you car without the cost of blank CD's.

Included in this package is a set of Eltax RC-300 6x9" speakers.

Rated at 300watts max output power, they will improve the sound quality of your in car listening.
Usually mounted on the rear parcel shelf, but the sky is the limit for custom installation.
These can also be powered by a seperate amplifier.



Looks like a good deal, though I'd personally sell the 6x9's on eBay and just keep the stereo. Any reviews on how good the mp3 playback functionality is?

Wouldn't go near this at all. Can pick it up here ]http//ww…0f6 for £55 without the 6x9s (which aren't really worth anything to anyone who wants to have decent sounds in their car).

Not worth buying for any reason other than it having a sd/usb reader, they don't sell as cheaply as that if it's a good player, many other better deals kicking around.

Thanks for the info phoenix_af, I wouldn't want the 6x9's but would like to know if the stereo is up to much.

yep. be really really careful with your headunit purchase if you're splashing out to get USB/SD functionality.

its a minefield.

some only read FAT devices ( not FAT32 ) which limits you to a few GB's i think. Some wont power 2.5" hard disks but will power 1.8" hard disks. some work with certain card readers but not others.

basically look at all the reviews you can to find one that someone has tested with a media that you think you may use. its the only way.

kenwood USB units seem to be pretty good ( i..e. read FAT32 + most 1.8" hard disks, usb cable comes out the back of the thing so it can be pushed into your glove compartment ) but they are a twice the price of this one.
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