Elvira Box Of Horrors (3 DVDs / 6 movies) - £4.93 delivered !
Elvira Box Of Horrors (3 DVDs / 6 movies) - £4.93 delivered !

Elvira Box Of Horrors (3 DVDs / 6 movies) - £4.93 delivered !

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Dementia 13:
A sure way to fill the family plot is if you are a family plotting to do each other in. Meet the Halorans. In Dementia 13, Francis Ford Coppola's directional debut, there's a large inheritance to be had, a death by natural causes to sweep under the rug, and a host of meddlesome in laws who need to be tended to.

A Carnival Of Souls:
A drag race to death plunges a car with three people off a bridge and into the river below. Mary miraculously survives, but her efforts to carry on with life are foiled by a stalking phantom who forces her to face her horrific past. There's just no way to move on with your life when your being trailed by ghouls who will never, ever let you forget your lethal deeds.

The Little Shop Of Horrors:
Some house plants prefer indirect light, some need dry soil, and one in particular thieves on live human flesh. In this Roger Corman-directed horror/comedy, a timid florist's apprentice creates a strong-willed plant whose appetite requires a steady supply of victims. A youthful Jack Nicholson appears in the brief but memorable role of a man for whom too much agony is never enough.

The Brain That Wouldn't Die:
What's a brokenhearted man to do when his finance is struck down in a horrifying car crash?If you're one Dr. Bill Cortner, a demented surgeon, you keep your true love's head alive as you search for a replacement body. As his search drags on, there's nothing for his freakish finance to do with her days but descend deeper into madness.

House On Haunted Hill:
Who else but the great Vincent Price could play eccentric moneybags Frederick Loren, who invites several guest to stay overnight in a haunted house with the promise of $10,000 each if they make it to the next morning. Will our guests get rich, or will they take a dip in the vat of boiling acid?

Night Of The Living Dead:
In this George Romero classic, an ever-dwindling group of people ward off hordes of the undead. Risen from the grave due to radiation from a crashed satellite, the zombies are after our heroes and they are hungry for human flesh.


these are all the original 60s versions just in case somebody confuses any for the modern remakes But Elvira herself is hilarious enough to make it worth the fiver!!!

This is pretty good - although most of these films regularly turn up in pound shops, sometimes as double-features! They're always pretty cheap.

Elvira isn't IN them though, she's just on the box.

Thats a shame, no Elvira, Mistress of the dark. Good films especially at 80p each.
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