Elvis At The Movies DVD only £1.96 delivered @ uWish + 6% Quid-Co

Elvis At The Movies DVD only £1.96 delivered @ uWish + 6% Quid-Co

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Found 9th Jun 2008
Description for Elvis Presley - Elvis At The Movies (DVD)

Elvis Presley...when most people hear the name they immediately think of either the swivel-hipped rock n'roller of the 1950's or the jump-suited dynamo of the Las Vegas years...

But Elvis Presley was far more than just the King of Rock n'Roll; he was a full fledged movie star who did more than 30 pictures in his long career,each one of them a box office success. He was also the first star in history to make over one million dollars a picture,and even saved an entire studio from bankruptcy with one movie.

We will always remember Elvis the rebellious rock superstar, but we must also remember Elvis the Hollywood megastar, who continues to entertain his legions of fans to this day with his film roles.

ELVIS AT THE MOVIES is a look back at the man, the star,and the films that made Elvis Presley one of the biggest names in movie history.

Includes extracts from trailers for Elvis' greatest films.

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