ELVIS PRESLEY: A LISTENER'S GUIDE Kindle Edition -  Free Download @ Amazon

ELVIS PRESLEY: A LISTENER'S GUIDE Kindle Edition - Free Download @ Amazon

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Paperback is £11.99 - Quite A Good Guide To The Kings 700 plus recordings!!!

An essential guide to the music of Elvis Presley, for general music lovers and hardcore fans alike.

In the sixty years since his first recording session, hundreds of books have been written about Elvis Presley, but very few have concentrated on the important thing: the music.

"Elvis Presley: A Listener's Guide" is ONLY about the music. Session by session, song by song, the author takes the reader on a journey through Elvis's legacy, from the first demo disc he recorded in 1953 to the final concerts in 1977. Along with providing a fresh perspective on these 700+ recordings, the book also takes a look back at how critics reacted to the material when it was first released, with reference to over 170 contemporary reviews and articles.

Shane Brown was born in 1974 and has a PhD in Film, Television and Media. He had written on horror stars Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi (with Mark Jancovich), and silent film star Jack Pickford. Forthcoming publications include an essay on the first African-American film director, Oscar Micheaux, and another on the teen sci-fi TV series "Kyle XY." He is also the author of "Breaking Point," a novel for young adults.


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Also Free & Really Good

Bobby Darin made over 500 recordings during his short life. This book examines all of them.

Session by session, song by song, Bobby Darin: A Listener's Guide takes the reader on a journey from Darin's first recordings for the Decca label in 1956 to his last released performances from 1973. At the same time as providing a new commentary on Bobby's vast and varied body of work, the book also examines how he, and his recordings and performances were discussed in newspapers, magazines and trade journals of the time, referencing over 200 articles and reviews. Also included is a discography, filmography, and the most complete list published to date of Darin's TV appearances.

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excellent stuff thanks for this

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Says £3.50 now :o(

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