eMachines D620 14'' laptop £200 (ASDA Instore)
eMachines D620 14'' laptop £200 (ASDA Instore)

eMachines D620 14'' laptop £200 (ASDA Instore)

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eMachies (Acer) D620-0100
1.60GHZ AMD Athlon 2650e
1GB RAM (2x slots = 1 free)
Vista Basic
Hitachi HTS543216L9A300 160GB HDD
14.1" WXGA (1280 x 800) / ATI Radeon X1250
Atheros AR5007EG Wireless Network Adapter
6 cell battery battery (I think -can't confirm. Picture img188.imageshack.us/img…jpg )

Instore £200 (was £287). Brand new boxed. Same machine £270 in Dixons dixons.co.uk/pro…730 (says 3 USB -could be an error or a slighlty different model). Tesco £300 (but 2GB RAM version) direct.tesco.com/q/R…spx £277 (1GB RAM) acerdirect.co.uk/eMa…asp

ASDA Livingston. Receipt code: 471284228503


Very nice feel, simple and basic layout.
Keyboard slightly arched -never seen that before, I like it.
Works very well with 1GB
ASDA warranty

2 USB sockets.

I went for this as I need a new laptop for a few months and found netbooks utter crap compared to a 'proper' laptop. This is vastly superior to any netbook I've tried because it's fast, it's got a better size screen 14.1" 1280x800) and it has a DVD-writer. Yes, I know it's not trying to be a netbook but it's darn close as it's super light (2.4kg approx) and small (335mm wide). When I see what I got for £200 I'm amazed at how much people are willing to give up buying a netbook.

This is a great impulse buy for me as I've just put Window7 on it and it's working great. Windows7 is free until March 2010 of course. There would be a free upgrade perhaps on this Vista had this machine been around at the end of the month (the start of the free upgrade in the USA anyway).

Review: devoracles.com/ema…016
emachines.com/pro…777 (US version)

So, budget laptop for sure but a very nice bit of kit for the cash. Very pleased with it.

And also I bought 30 (!) jars of these babies from Nescafe (Cap Colombie / Alta Rica): img197.imageshack.us/img…jpg 100 size £2. Lovely.


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Till receipt/labels img19.imageshack.us/img…jpg

For me it's all its money for £200 really but I think it's worth more for the convenience of popping into ASDA and of course if you're happy with the spec it's not available anywhere cheaper.

Just depends what you want. If you don't want to spend more than £200 and want a new laptop there's nothing out there to compare.

Hi Fujioka.

Which store did you get it from?


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Livingston -see receipt. None on display (apart from the display model) but the guy said they had plenty.


when i check on the asda website it shows up for GB 247.....is there anyway i can get it for 200 ? and how ? thanks

Any idea on battery life?

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It's instore. Dunno about online sorry.

Just installed Windows7 on it (took less than 30 mins from start to finish). Only missing driver was the VGA (graphics) which Windows Update found or you can get it from support.emachines.com/em/…tml (Vista version click on VGA_ATI(RS690MC)_v8.512_Vistax86x64).

Battery, well it's been chuntering away so far (including Win7 install) and that's been 2+ hours. Says 40% remaining. I'd ignore that as I've not fully tested things and the battery is brand new. Will need a few days before determining it's true force.

Windows7 free upto March 2010 [copy/paste and hit enter unless you want to register] wb.dlservice.microsoft.com/dl/…iso

On paper that sounds like a corking deal. My cousin will be winging her way up to Asdas when I email her I reckon, but I'll do some homework 1st. Any feedback would be appreciated and I'll post links to anything I find that might be of use!

]Emachines official link - I think!?!

8.4/10 on Revoo

Some complaints about battery but I'm always sceptical when the reviewers don't say what they were doing in the time it takes to run out.

Thanks OP, just picked one up from Oldham Elk Mill, only display model left now.

Not gonna set the world on fire but perfect for my needs :thumbsup:

Here's the review I have bookmarked for this machine (US version with a different number at the end).


For the technical minded the processor is a not to quick low power Athlon in a desktop AM2 socket. It's slower than the entry level Celerons. But this means it can be upgraded to a much quicker low power AMD processor such as the 4850e (about £40). Only these lower processors with an "e" at the end will work. Some people have successfully installed a 5050e.

I'd probably buy one at this price and give it a go (there are detailed instructions/photos out there). It's also £239 on the Argos site which I wouldn't pay due to the lack of usb or other inputs.

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Done more battery testing. Transfer from external SATA drive (100GB folder), wi-fi and usual surfing. I'd say 2½ hours easy with a bit to spare. That's fine for me. Most things I do are best done with mains anyway and I have a 'mains' mentality and the external power brick is the same from my Acer. Spot on.

Extra RAM [url]crucial.com/uk/…spx?mtbpoid=0FCD28C3A5CA7304[/url] but I don't think it needs it so far. Not sluggish at all (although Win7 is definitely overall better (not difficult!) than Vista) but I might pop a module in. Unlike netbooks it's not a necessity and of course you have the pleasure of Windows7. Worth setting things to 'best performance' in System and I use Windows Classic theme added to that. Saves on RAM :-D

This is the first 'bargain' I've posted here and I see it doesn't appear on the main page hotukdeals.com That's a shame, not cos I think it should but because I'd of missed the opportunity. I assumed everything featured there and dropped off the radar if crap -so I must be linking to HUK wrongly? I must be missing loads of things.

Anyway, for me I'm very happy with this and as someone who buys at least 10 laptops a year for other people and maybe 2-3 for myself, this is my favourite so far this year. I think the keyboard, speed, screen, plainness and price-point does it for me. Definitely not for everyone but if you want a new £200 laptop this is the one to get.

i had this notebook it ran ok but i took it back to asda because of the fan noise when it came on the noise was really loud.
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