Ember (PC) ... *** Hidden Gem on Steam *** - £2.79

Ember (PC) ... *** Hidden Gem on Steam *** - £2.79

Found 29th Dec 2016
A passion project 10 years in the making, Ember is a homage to classic role-playing games (RPG). Enter the world of Ember as a resurrected “Lightbringer” summoned to protect the dying Embers as the world is on the brink of collapse. Beginning in the Deep Barrows, traverse vast environments divided between above ground and underground realms – ranging from lush forests to dry deserts and dark abysses – to reach the City of Light. See how the story unfolds through encounters with strangers by making pivotal decisions about your own destiny.

Key features

- Classic-style RPG with 30+ hours of epic adventure
- Epic storytelling filled with fascinating characters, lore, adventure, and humor
- Over 70 quests with diverse gameplay enabling players to choose their path
- Engaging party-based real-time combat system with tactical pause
- Over 65 combat skills for the player to use in customized battle party strategy
- Encounter hundreds of NPCs with their own tales to tell
- In-depth crafting system, from baking bread to forging magic weapons
- A seamless world with over 20 handcrafted environments and dark dungeons that are fully interactive and feature movable objects, weather changes and day / night cycles
- Adventure with different companions with their own backstory quests

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POSTED: 5 DECEMBERYes, i liked this game. Was it so great that your … POSTED: 5 DECEMBERYes, i liked this game. Was it so great that your gaming life is meaningless without it? No.I'd probably describe it as a dumbed-down Pillars of Eternity. You only get 3 characters (including the player character) in your party at a time, with a 4th character being able to be swapped out with 1 of the other 2 non-player characters in your party.Each character can only have 3 useable skills/ abilities at a time, so theres not much micro-managment going on. In fact the only time i paused during combat was to go through my inventory looking for potions to drink which i hadn't put in 1 of the 3 quick-slot's.The story was pretty cool (no spoilers here), & the Store page has a decent synopsis of it.The graphics were good, as were the character models once u zoomed-in, but i actually thought that the backgounds/ area were 1 of the graphical highlights.The music was nice although it did seem to get a bit repetative.All in all i did enjoy my time with the game. It lasted around 35hrs with a short re-load to chase an achievement for finishing a quest a different way.

POSTED: 28 DECEMBERWell done RPG with a streamlined skill system (3 … POSTED: 28 DECEMBERWell done RPG with a streamlined skill system (3 active ability and some gear with passives). Main questline was enjoyable, even if somewhat predictable. There were a good amount of side quests and a great crafting system for role play and useful stat boosts. - Combat was realtime with pause, worked fine. Max 2 companions in party- Plenty of loot to discover or craft-Stable only crashed a few times towards endgame-Open world, some encounters can be above your current skill level.Overall Fun game, more than worth the price.

POSTED: 28 DECEMBEROnly 7 hours in the so far, but I have alredady got … POSTED: 28 DECEMBEROnly 7 hours in the so far, but I have alredady got lots of value for this low price.Is it an awesome unforgettable game? Maybe not, but I'm having more fun than I have had with games 5 or even 10 times the cost of this. It seems solid and the unpleasant surprices I expected in a game this cheap has yet to show. Instead I keep getting pleasantly surprised about the content. Out of the latest 10-15 purchases I've made on steam, this is the one I'm most pleased with. And for 4 euros! I'm happy. And it is still a little bit christmas! I think I'll go get some hot cocoa and some cookies and play some more Ember.

Looks great, will definitely give a try at this price! Cheers

nice, i totally needed another game to play...

Looks good, purchased!
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