Emergency Xbox £1 @ Poundland

Emergency Xbox £1 @ Poundland

Found 1st Mar 2010
emergency xbox for the ring of death! at least you wont have to send it to Germany!


So what is this then?

WTF?!?!? So hows this work then??


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its as soft as the real thing!

I would buy this for my daughters room its cute

looks fun, hot for a £1


are they in al the poundworlds?


lol thats awesome! None in Brighton when I went earlier otherwise I'd already own one.

An artist going by the excellent screen name Kickass-Peanut created this soft, plush Xbox 360 console, which is certain to be unable to play those evil “M”-rated games. She even created a matching controller and memory stick for the soft, smiling system.

As an added bonus, the plush console is incapable of overheating and is guaranteed to never get a case of the dreaded Red Rings of Death. And even if the console was able to freeze, you could throw it at the wall without risk of injury.

Why don't I believe it's in Poundland? lol



I'm heading to Poundland tomorrow.....That shop is getting better by the day!

Cherry Airwaves 3 pack for a £1
Optical Digital Audio cable for a £1
Rustlers Zinger Chicken burger for a £1
Lucozade 500ML for a £1
HDMI cable for a £1

Now a Xbox 360 for a £1?......Awesome
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