Eminem: Angry Blonde - £2.91 delivered (USED) @ Abebooks + 8% Quidco = £2.68 + Some money goes to charity.

Eminem: Angry Blonde - £2.91 delivered (USED) @ Abebooks + 8% Quidco = £2.68 + Some money goes to charity.

Found 22nd Jan 2011
IF you're an Eminem fan and you're interested on how and why he wrote the lyrics to his songs and want to know a little more about him, this is one of the best books out there.

Amazon.co.uk - £6.49
Play.co.uk - £7.49
Pickabook - £9.99
Waterstones - £10.49

Amazon.co.uk - £3.29
Biblio - £3.98

"A glimpse at the REAL Slim Shady: Enigmatic rap superstar Eminem offers up his uncensored lyrics in this international bestseller. (72,000 sold of the hardback edition in the UK). Eminem's dominance in current American popular culture cannot be denied. His controversial songs and personal dramas have been the subject of headlines in just about every major international music magazine and newspaper. His refusal to pander to the press and his often flippant statements during interviews have only added to his appeal for the millions of young fans who worship him. Whether it's his nasty divorce with his wife Kim, his ongoing battle with gay rights organisations, the extraodinarily violent content of his songs, or his rumoured affair with superstar Mariah Carey, Eminem and his exploits cannot avoid the media spotlight. But despite the staggering album sales, the sold-out concerts, and the complete, breathless attention of legions of fans and an insatiable media, Eminem himself manages to remain an incorrigible enigma. This book, featuring official lyrics, personal commentary, and many never-before-seen photos, begins to illuminate this elusive star. Angry Blonde offers an unprecedented look into the mind of a modern musical genius."


Cold or what. I bought this ages ago for a £1. Cant remember where from and it was new!

Original Poster

Well thats no use to anyone if you have no idea where you got it from. Anyone can say what you have just said.

I'm comparing this price to places who sell the book that I know of.

Its still cold. If I paid £1 new why would nearly £3 for a used one be any good to anyone?

Original Poster

Because you have no idea where you got it from. So how does anyone know where they can get it for £1 if you aren't telling them. As far as i can see 2.90 is cheaper than anywhere else I have checked.

Lol. Ok. You pay me £2.50 and I will send you my copy.
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