Emmi-dent 6 - Ultrasound Toothbrush £83 Down From £105 With Voucher! at currentbody.com

Emmi-dent 6 - Ultrasound Toothbrush £83 Down From £105 With Voucher! at currentbody.com

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Emmi-dent 6 Worlds First 100% Ultrasonic Toothbrush this is the only toothbrush like this in the world. Good if prone to gum disease or troublesome teeth or gums in general plus also recommended for dentures.

The manufacturers recommend using as a normal toothbrush then holding it against your teeth for 10 seconds (without moving or brushing etc) its to let the ultrasonic do its work. Personally I use my old toothbrush to brush as normal for 2 minutes - then use the Emmident hold it against the teeth then go all around again and hold it to my gums 10 seconds or more each section. The video on the website demonstrates how to use it.
My dentist has reduced my hygienists appointments already due to the Emmident, it's saved me £50 so far and taken my gums from a score of 3 to 1's and 2's! It will make its money back within a year if you need 2 hygienist appointments a year like I used to.

If you have sensitive teeth or gums, brushing with a manual or electronic toothbrush will irritate them, sometimes causing bleeding

Emmi-dent cleans with ultrasound where no bristle or floss can reach. Its ultrasonic properties protect your teeth and implants by killing bacteria outside and deep inside the tissue. Ultrasound kills bacteria and activates the self-healing process. Special tooth paste with millions of nano-bubbles and oscillations destroy plaque (RDA = 0; no abrasive particles).

£105 but with weekend 20% discount code showing in a banner at the top of the website its CB20. I have guessed the discount to make the end price £83.00 but feel free to correct if wrong! A tube of the special toothpaste is included with it. Free 2 year warranty on all products on this website.

Ultrasonic technology cleans gently without brushing and with a maximum of 84 million oscillations per minute.

Emmi-dent features:

Destroys plaque and tartar
Destroys bacteria and germs throughout the mouth
Reduces gum disease, bleeding and inflamed gums and mouth ulcers
Can be used for cleaning teeth with braces
Ultrasonically maintained teeth appear close to the original color and restore healthy gums
For gleaming white teeth
Counteracts bad breath
Activates blood flow in the gums to promote the healing process
Ideal for implants and braces
Nano-bubble toothpaste penetrating into every crevice when it nano-implodes triggered by the ultrasonic impulse
Bacteria are killed by ultrasonic technology up to 12 mm under the gums where no bristles can reach
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I'm interested, but can any users confirm that the item does what it claims? Thanks
I saw the feew reviews but unsure if real feedbacks or not.

No add to basket option. OOS?
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